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By: yoshihara
LA Fitness
Your location on Azusa St., in West Covina, CA is finally started getting there act together. The swimming pool is decently warm, the steam room is FINALLY maintainted at a temperature where it should be for awhile (Who knows for how long ?). The men's dressing room has finally been cleaned. Things are starting to look up. I sure hope it'll be maintained consistently & professionally, not just when there a whole lots of complaints. I sure know a couple of facts, that several old members refused to renew their membership with you. Even at the old membership prices. That how bad things been with this location. This is only the 4th time a mentioned it,3 times in person and that your company is up for a potential law suit, it one or more of your members fall off unstable benches in front of locker #410 - 416 & the bench next to it. You should hire a management team that are really concerned & is willing to work & follow up on their orders & promises. Not just a bunch important acting, professing know it all, talkers.
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By: Jade K.
The Camp
On 2/27/17 I started my first challenge. I weighted in at 146.4lbs. My first week I was sore for 3 days and then after my body got use to it. The workouts were so hard for me at first then I got use to it and now I like the workouts and all the different stations we have to do.The trainers are wonderful and awesome. They help and teach u how to lift weights the rite way and exercise and cheer u on to do the workout and I really like that cuz I don't like working out by myself. On 4/10/17 I did my final weigh in and I lost 20.3lbs And now I'm 126.1lbs. I'm so happy that I lost that much. I thought I wasn't going to make it because my week 6 I was in arizona and they didn't have the camp where I was at. But I did finish my 30days check in before I left. On week 3 I saw the difference in my body like when I sit I can see my c-section scar and before I couldn't. So I knew the camp is working for me and I like it there.
By: bbposada
Gold's Gym
great place to work out but sales team are crooks. they say anything to get you in and sign you. in my case, I knew I was signing up for a 1 year contract. When i inquired about "adding a member" special they had I was advised no contract was necessary. I agreed to sign up someone for the going rate. Of course 3-4 months later when I went to cancel, they said there was a contract. Low and behold they had one on file with my signautre. I had to tell the manager this would be going to small claims, because they never gave me a copy at the time of sign up and falsified some of the parts on it (info that I did not give). Sales crook of course was no longer with the company so they had to cancel after weeks of fighting with them. Would I suggest my friends to sign up with a company like this? No.
By: Christina Y.
First! Good fast food. Can't really go wrong with anything that you order here. Friendly staff as well. My favorites are the chicken joy, spaghetti, and burger. The chicken joy isn't as good as in the Philippines but it will do.
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By: Tess R.
We went here because we thought they have the breakfast in there website they have pancakes and bangus but when we are ordering they don't have it they should change there menu on the website...very disappointed ..
By: Cat E.
Bakmi Parahyangan
Great place for authentic Indonesian food! I love their bakmi and batagor. I highly recommend this place
By: angelicc1
Elephant Bar
always great customer service,delicious food and drinks.a little pricey but worth it.
By: victoria c.
Best for filipino chain food best chicken.
By: yolanda.leal.7927
Elephant Bar
Michael is nice good person
By: victoria c.
Chow King
Best of filipino food ever

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