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By: Ml H.
Sonic Drive-In
Usually get a large diet Dr Pepper very heavy on the ice, but sometimes the girls do not put enough ice in the cup so they give me a little cup of ice. They are very nice and friendly. Today was a whole different story. "John" was in the DT and my cup wasn't full of ice, so I asked for a small cup of ice. He told me he would have to charge me. I was like no one has ever charged me for a small cup of ice. He told me that they should have been. I really don't care on what they should have been doing, I just know what they have been doing. This guy poured out half my drink and packed the cup with ice. You couldn't even see the drink. All I wanted was the cup filled up to the top with ice and then the drink added.
By: orchid1203
I don't understand why two dollar-menu items and a small iced coffee costs just over four dollars at other McDonald's locations, but here, they charge almost six dollars for the exact same thing (this happens every time; it is not just one employee's mistake). One time, while I was still paying for a drink, the employee at the next window just stuck her arm out the window and dangled the drink in the air, before I even approached. It looked ridiculous.
By: Debo L.
I went to Subway on Meeting Street today (sat)...they have special Sat and Sun and after 4 mon thru fri. I ordered a sub and it was fantastic! I was very impressed by Dev....he was so helpful and kind. It made for a great experience. I want to post this because it was definitely a place I would go back to. And I am extremely picky about where I eat. Enjoy! I gave it a 5...well deserved.
By: crazyzombierachie
Eggroll Station
BEST EGGROLLS EVER!!!! Hands down, this is the best Chinese place to eat. So delicious you could eat it for the rest of your life. No joke. Cash only. But don't worry they don't take a chuck out of your wallet. My mouth is watering just thinking about it....
By: brian.leslie.7
Calloway's Bar & Grill
CHEERS meets "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" The Muse brothers might be two of the nicest people I've meetanywhere! The food is amazing, the staff is easy on the eyes, and if you like to've found your new home
By: orchid1203
La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
It's a little dirty most of the time, but you always get your food quickly and it's pretty good. Now that the San Jose restaurants have gone downhill, I prefer eating here if I'm going to be in the West Columbia area.
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By: Ariel M.
San Jose Restaurant
This San joes is owned by different people that owns the others locally, but it's fresher food, and taste better, it's a little more price wise here but, for good quality food! Any time I'm near here I eat !
By: Heather M.
Sonic Drive-In
I love going to this Sonic! The employees are friendly and the food is great! The manager Eddie is just so wonderful! He really lets you know that he appreciates your business! I always go to this location!
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By: Larry M.
Firehouse Subs
Ordered a steak and cheese a steak sub. I mean there are only 2 items. How do you forget 1 of them? Called and they apologized offering me a replacement on my next visit.
By: Kelly S.
Eggroll Station
Best egg rolls in Columbia by far.... The rest of the menu is yummy too! Their prices are low and the service is quick.

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