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By: Erik D.
Alterra Pest Control
Agent Greg from Alterra showed up at my door and his timing couldn't have been better because I was currently under contract with Terminix and VERY unsatisfied (sorry Terminix, but the truth). Greg helpede set up an appointment the next morning and gave me a great deal for switching over from the other company. Thaddeus and Michael arrived 15 minutes early before the scheduled 10am-12pm window, which is impressive. I had to apologize because I wasn't quite ready for them amd still on the phone canceli g the other company, lol. I explained our pedt problem to them and gave them the quick version of why I was so unsatisfied with the other guys (won't bore you with that). They were courteous, professional, took their time and actually did their job thoroughly and didn't rush through it. Have had a major carpenter bee problem and this is our major concern. They just left and I already feel better about the carpenter bee problem just from the product that they used which is a powder that they dust along all of the holes in wood where the bees nest. The other company used a water-based and then an oil-based product that did not work at all. I know the Powder Works because I had another company do it two years ago and the bees didn't return for 2 years. Not only did they just for the carpenter bees, but they sprayed all along the outside of the house for spiders and other bugs and also dusted and removed cobwebs. They also offered to spray inside the house but I told them we didn't have much of a problem inside at the moment so they didn't have to. These two gentlemen did an excellent job and I hope to see both of them again on future services. Thank you guys and thank you Greg for helping me make the switch to your company!Erik. D
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By: Timothy W.
Alterra Pest Control
Tim W. 0716/2015 Shorewood, ILEdmin Rossy was very helpful explaining the entire process of the control system and the habits of the pests we've been seeing. Ants, Earwigs, Carpenter Bees, Yard Mice, Spiders, Beetles, etc. Edmin did an extensive spraying, dusting, cleaning, etc. of all spider webs, eaves, bushes and home entrance ports along all borders and edging of our yard and house. Excellent attention to detail and careful approach around our valuables also. I asked him to thoroughly inspect for bed bugs and explain details concerning many kinds of insects. He didn't miss a beat. Pulled the coverings off and showed me how to inspect. Yah, no bugs.He was a little surprised by the many earwigs we had outside. That's good because that was one of the ( harmless, but ugly ) critters I was concerned about. I hope he will be our technician next time. Let's see how it all pans out. I'd also like to comment on Hunter Bench. Hunter was our sales associate. Thanks very much for your patience and calm demeanor. (Both Hunter and Edmin) Your knowledge of the system was exactly what Edmin revealed to us. Same page stuff. I'm looking forward to working with Alterra based on my experience with both Hunter Bench and Edmin Rossy! Excellent work, and approach from both of you, Thanks again! Tim W
By: grace.ligreci
EcoShield Pest Control [Chicago]
I would highly recommend Eco Shield Pest Control to anyone who has bugs in or outside of their homes. The representative who came to our house was a very nice young man by the name of Matt. Matt was very informative of the product that he was selling and what their company can do for our bug problem. The most important factor other than to have the bugs gone, was that he was not a pushy Sales Representative. The product they use is very effective and does not harm pets or has any type of odor. Just in the first application in July, we saw results immediately. This company also sends you reminders of when they will be coming out to spray again. Eco Shield Pest Control has awesome and friendly technicians. I would like to acknowledge Chris who was our technician for the second spray yesterday. Chris came to the door to let me know that he was going to spray, he was very courtesy and professional. Thank You, Eco Shield Pest Control you all are great!!!
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By: Ken D.
Aptive Environmental
I just signed up with Aptive and was very impressed with the personnel on their team. My service technician, Sariah, was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. I pointed out where I have been having problems with sugar ants, wasps and carpenter bees. She explained the treatment being applied in each case and reported back that she had found two additional wasp nests beyond the two I had identified. She removed all my of the nests and treated the areas. Carpenter bees were boring into my cedar gazebo attached to my deck and she treated all of the areas where the bees haves been seen. She provided treatment for the sugar ants both outside and inside at all of the entry points I had identified as well as the full house perimeter. Its too early yet to rate the effectiveness of these treatments, but so far I am impressed. Kudos to Aptive management for hiring smart and courteous employees like Sariah!
By: Matt T.
Alterra Pest Control
Matt T.Austin on his initial visit explained in detail the steps he was going to perform today to start the process of debugging the bug infestation on the outside of our home.. He focused on the spider infestation since that was my reason for hiring Alterra. He removed the food source for the spiders, removed the spider webs before applying the barrier protection along side my foundation and a secondary barrier along my property line. When finished he explained what he completed today and expectations on what I should see over the next few weeks before Alterra arrives again in 30 days to clean out any infestation that the initial application might have missed. Overall I was impressed with Austin's professionalism and his ability to communicate effectively all the steps in the Alterra process through the payment cycle. Now that is customer service.
By: Stephanie C.
Aptive Environmental
Andrew R. was our technician yesterday. He was fabulous; he knocked on the door rather than ringing the bell (he could tell we had kids and didn't want to risk waking anyone up from a nap), he introduced himself, and explained what he was going to do and how long it would take. When my husband came home a few minutes later, Andrew stopped and greeted him by name - my husband was very impressed! At the end of the service, Andrew came back and let me know how it went and how many wasp nests and spider webs he'd knocked down and what treatments he had used around the property. He was as friendly, courteous and professional as he could be. As for the pests, this was the first year we didn't have an ant problem this summer and we are thrilled that all of the wasp nets are gone. Thank you Andrew and Aptive!
By: Beth T.
Alterra Pest Control
Leo has been out to our house 3 times now because I was concerned we had brown recluse spiders. All 3 visits were worthy of a 5 star review! During his first visit he was very knowledgeable and I trusted him to do the job at it's best. His second visit he came out to inspect a spider that had been captured and he, again, knew the markings and eye formation to look for in order to decipher the species of spider. His 3rd visit was a routine outdoor visit, which he carefully took care of. Being that I was home he offered to check our spider glue traps in which we found one and he, again, reassured me it was not a brown recluse! Thank you for the knowledge and support! It gives me peace of mind to know that we can rely on this company and the awesome people like Leo who work for them!
By: Richard S.
Aptive Environmental
Aaron Houillon was the technician that visited me. Going into this visit, I was switching providers and nervous about the change.Aaron was very polite and reviewed in detail what the services involved in detail. When I asked if the services being done in this visit will be done in future visits, he went through an explanation. As I was concerned about licensing and certification, he was able to show a reference to his certification (I already saw the state licensing on line). He also showed me that he was aware and had access to the MSDS sheets for the chemicals he was using. When we were going inside to look and an issue in the basement, he did get his shoe protectors and put them on. For what he said that he would be doing, he did a thorough job and gave me confidence.Rich S
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By: Jessica K.
Aptive Environmental
Jessie Rodriguez did our first visit and we were VERY happy with his service. He was very friendly, informative, professional, and he spoke very highly of Aptive. He was able to knock off the wasp nests at the highest peaks of our house, the pole barely reached but he kept trying until he finally got it. He had great customer service and work ethic. It was very reassuring knowing that they guarantee their work so at any time we can all them out and it is all covered under the contract. They did not treat for mice but it is also a relief to know if we have a problems when winter gets here that all we have to do is give them a call and they will be out to take care of it. Riley was the guy who sold us on the service and he was informative and professional too.
By: Randy D.
Aptive Environmental
After just recently firing Orkin pest control, I was actually glad Aptive showed up at my front door. Kennedy was very well spoken and knowledgeable. He was able to answer my questions with ease and made me feel comfortable right away. They scheduled a next day startup service for a very reasonable price. Caiden actually showed up early but gave me a call he was there before time. He was personable and spent plenty of time making sure our house will soon to be pest free. Definitely a different feel from my last pest control company. I personally like that he went over the terms again that Kennedy described the day before. It makes the company very transparent and trustworthy. Coming from a sales backround, they impressed me so far. Thanks guys.
Tips & Advices
Certain key differences separate bees from wasps and hornets. Hornets are usually 1 to 1.5 inches in length, and they may be black and white or brownish-reddish in color. They can can become very hostile if their nest is disturbed. Wasps are usually under an inch in length, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Yellow jacket wasps can be hostile, but paper wasps aren't likely to sting unless they perceive a threat.
Both live bee removal and extermination work quite successfully to get rid of bees. However, with extermination, the pesticides used may contaminate other beehives in the community, and this may wipe out local colonies. With live bee removal, bees are trapped and relocated without the use of harmful pesticides. This type of bee removal can be a lot kinder to the local ecology.
Yes, there are several steps you can take to keep bees away from your property. Bees will be attracted to structures that can house their nests, so it's a good idea to minimize outdoor clutter by removing items such as unused appliances and lawn equipment from your yard. If you have previously had a bee problem, make sure the hive and all traces of honeycomb are completely removed, since these bear pheromones that might attract new colonies.
The bee removal process can be handled very swiftly if it is tackled by professionals. If you have a hive on your property, bee removal experts can locate it and remove it within an hour or two. Bee removal professionals have the resources and training to ensure that the process is handled both quickly and safely.
Unlike other types of bee removal, live bee removal does not kill bees. Instead, this type of bee removal relocates bees to an agricultural locale or bee apiary where their pollination abilities can provide maximum value. Live bee removal is available to both commercial and residential customers, and it works to support and preserve the dwindling bee population.

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