By: haywood.jablowmee.3
Ciao Italian Bistro
I worked there before and after they changed names and menu. The same people still own it, they just changed the name not the management. FYI. All the noodles come in bags, all the stuffed pasta and deserts all come to them frozen. Not much is made fresh. Most of the recipes are actually very good, however, the General Manager/Executive chef went back home to Ft Myers are after we re-opened and now the quality of work and dedication of the other cooks dropped considerably. Most of the other cooks barely speak English. So after months of frustration dealing with incompetent, petty, small minded managers, I basically told them how bad of a job they were doing so the manager Brian Deruzzo fired me for my big mouth..LOL...but it was worth it....I know this sounds like sour grapes, but eff it. They are also highly priced for casual Italian cuisine, so for your money you are better off going to Carrabbas or Romano Macaroni grill (both of which I have friends that work at locations in Tampa Bay). Hell, even Olive Garden would provide better service.If you do go there sit at the bar and ask for Josh or Nick, both will make you feel welcome.
By: Ivette R.
New York New York Pizza
This is the best Pizza restaurant by FAR! I have lived in Wesley chapel for 10 years and finally have found a pizza place that is amazing! DO NOT be influenced by the comment below as you can obviously see that she is the only one with a negative comment! Staff is amazing, Devin, Josh and Lexi! and the Manager Klarence is kind friendly and to say the least very humorous! If you haven't been in today please make some time to stop in! pizza is delish, pasta dishes are delish as are the salads and subs!
By: avery...
New York New York Pizza
Had the opportunity to check this place out over the weekend. It's OK better than the chains at least. The selection seems almost to big for such a small location, maybe they are planning on expansion....I went online to see if there was online ordering and didn't see any. There are some issues on their menu online, unless they intend to charge $595.00 for fried mushrroms and for a 6" sub. Obviosly a typo otherwise I'll sugest skipping ordering those.
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By: Elizabeth J.
New York New York Pizza
We've been eating here since it opened 2 years ago. We've never had a bad experience. The pizza is out of this world! It does not make me miss my hometown NY. My kids love their chicken wings, they truly are delicious. The staff is great. Clarence, the owner, is very friendly. Always comes to our table to talk to us. He gave us free deserts for my son's birthday (the canolis are amazing). This is mine and my family's favorite pizza/restaurant in Tampa.
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By: Natali M.
Chuck E. Cheese's
You would think this Wesley Chapel location being New , they would want to make sure their community customers are happy. This is the only location that Chucky decides if he is going to do the Chucky dance with the kids. The only thing Chucky does is walk around for 2 min very fast, can't even get a picture with him and then just throws up tickets and takes off. Also several of their game machines don't work. I will never go to this location again.
By: Kathy G.
New York New York Pizza
My family and I (6 total) went there on Christmas Eve. The place was packed, the phones didn't stop ringing but we got the best customer service and the food was amazing! We ordered 2 large pizzas cooked to perfection! The crust, the sauce, the toppings, everything was so fresh. My kids got chicken wings and loved them. My family and I cannot wait to go back. This is the best food I've had in my 20 yrs in Wesley chapel
By: Klarenc N.
New York New York Pizza
That plate was a gift , and the kindness of kings to accept them , when I got the job little did I know that I had to explain my self about history , am Albanian and that plate has nothing to do with any organization or party once so ever.NYTimes.com: Casting Light on Little-Known Story of Albania Rescuing Jews From Nazis
By: Maggie H.
Marco's Pizza
Love it, love it, love it, etc. it is THE BEST EVER. Watch out Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Dominos and anyone else you have better get your act together if you intend on even coming close to Marco's. Good luck other "so called" competitors you will need it. AWESOME JOB MARCO'S DONT CHANGE PLEASE!!!!!!!!
By: giamaria
New York New York Pizza
My family owns a pizzeria in up state NY. I grew up making pizzas. Being full fledged Italian I can say that this is the best pizza I've had. I've tried many places but this one tops it. By far the best in Tampa bay. The place is very clean and the guys working there were very welcoming and friendly.
By: Adri N.
New York New York Pizza
I can not brag about this place enough. I have been going there since the day they opened and they have the best pizza in all of Tampa....hands down! There is no comparison to any others out there! I will travel out of my way a few times a week, just to get their pizza. It is true NY pizza!

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