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    Mini M.

    One day I walked in to make a payment 2 days before it was due, all I had was my bank card, so the lady who was taking payments that day told me very nicely that they didn't take cards. That they only took cash or checks, and she informed me I could pay over the phone, all I needed was the routing number. so I said ok well if i cant come back with cash I will call and pay through the phone. But she didn't explain anything else. So then I called to make a payment, and gave them the routing number and my card number. Next thing you know they are calling me because they claimed I gave them the wrong information. i returned the call and the lady I spoke to was rude since the beginning, when i was explaining the reason of my call she very abruptly interrupts me to ask what my name is, then she said I needed to give them the check number associated with that routing number, so I said ok no problem, and that's were things went wrong. She asked if i could go in so they could verify that the check was real and accurate. I told her i couldn't, than she got really upset and told me to basically stop what I was doing so i could go and make that payment in person in a very rude loud voice. And well of course I got very upset, I told her that I couldn't and she started to yell at me and talk over me, I told her that what kind of customer service was that yelling at me the customer. Well anyway she basically told me to shut up and let her finish talking. So I didn't of course!! No one tells me to shut up!! Specially when I know I am right and I am contributing to their business. So I asked to speak to the manager and to my luck she said she was the manager. So I just decided to hang up on her because she wouldn't stop yelling at me through the phone over a her employees mistake, by not giving me the accurate information. So does anyone know how can i report this to bigger officials because I want something done about this mistreatment I received on 7/30/15.

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    Chapin U.

    Worst customer service ever....They threaten you saying they will sue you....even go knock on your door...idk if all of their employees act the same way but this unprofessional woman her name JENNIFER to be specific is so rude...used profanity when she called to collect payment. Said I didn't deserve respect because I wasn't consider a customer due to my payment being late. She's very advise..don't go there!!!!

  • Very bad business

    Bad business and very rude attitude
    Please do not go there because they rip y'all off !!!

  • Bad service

    CFS have been sued and have settled to pay many of thier customers for fraudulent loan and bad business practice. The customer service people thier are rude and very unprofessional. They mostly have hispanic customers that they are willing to help but if are of another race, than they are not willing to help you at all. RACISTS!!!!!!!!!


    I have been a customer at CFS for many years now. I will continue to return to them for my financial needs regardless of the higher interest rates. I have always been treated with prompt and friendly service. I have walked in and walked out within minutes with a loan when I have needed it. The ladies are all bilingual and go above and beyond their job duties by thoroughly explaining the contracts and letters to the Spanish speaking clientel. They also provide a free notary service to all current customers. It is not true that they call after one day of delinquency, but then again we are all adults and shouldn't need to be REMINDED when our payments are due. For those that DO need REMINDERS, well, lets just say there is a reason WHY you cannot find financing at a BANK. I think their rates are competitive considering the PAY DAY LOAN rates which make you repay + 400% of the initial loan. My experiences with CFS have never been sub par, always OUTSTANDING.


    I have to disagree, their interest rate are not that high compared to other loan offices in the area. Go to a bank if you have great credit lower interest rate. Do your homework go to Payday Loan Store, now they will charge you 100% or more on interest rate. You are never going to get anything for free!! Hello! If you don?t have the best credit you seek these offices for help. I always have a great experience with this office; I have seen on occasion when customers have come in and get very upset with these ladies. If you don?t understand then don?t sign the contract. Some advance to anyone in need of a loan, Great Place, the sooner you payoff the less interest you pay!!!


    I have had many loans with this company and every time I apply the experience only gets worse. Half of the women in there barely speak english and they act like you are bothering them. Do they not want the business?! I will no longer continue doing business with them.

  • bad customer service

    they are the worst, be carefull with the percentage etc, and double the loan that means they put more money in their pocket not to help u out, service is the worst you are late one day they are telling you they are taking you to court, now when you pay off your loan or very close to pay it off they want you to take more money to be deeper in the whole, be carefull do not sign your life away with them

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