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By: alliethomas
River's Edge Apartments
I've been here for about 2 years and I'd recommend others to live here. It's very affordable, quaint, nice staff, nice area, and I have good neighbors. We are all considerate of each other and know each others schedule so we keep an eye out for one another. It's just me and my cat so having attentive neighbors makes me much more comfortable with living alone. I moved here from a different apartment a couple years ago when I learned how much money I could save! I was paying a gas bill plus $80 more a month for rent before I moved. Yes, it was a nice place but so is this. Just smaller. But no gas bill! I think they should have bigger trash dumpsters since the one at the building where I live tends to get full fast. Carports would be nice especially in the winter but overall, I'm very happy here.
By: Ella C.
Briarwood Apartments
I was looking to move to Michigan from Iowa last May and I looked online for what felt like forever until I came across the Lautrec properties website. The pictures of the floor plans were very helpful, and I like that there's a list of the ammenities. In visiting the property, I found that while some of the photos were shopped, the majority of them deemed true to life. My leasing consultant was very nice and understanding that I would need some time to think about how to move all of my Iowa life to MI, and we set up storage for some of my things. Very good customer service. I signed my lease, got my keys, and have been happy ever since!
By: rafaelmcginn
Briarwood Apartments
I like being able to have a neighborhood setting with the people in Briarwood. Even though we don't have our own yards, or typical things that come with a home, we do have the opportunity for interaction which most people don't get in an apartment setting. It's also convenient that it's pet friendly. I felt like I was searching and would never find anywhere I could have my dog with me until I found this place. Granted, she's a small dog, but a lot of places won't allow them because of barking and noise. My neighbor didn't know I had a dog!
By: Eric G.
Briarwood Apartments
The staff are really accommodating here. I had some problems with my ceiling fan and they came out to check what was wrong but they also got me a new one because it was broken. They didn't charge me or anything. I also like that I can rent a carport spot. Sometimes people park in the street and it causes back ups, but they've put in a couple of stop signs and so far, it seems to help.
By: Sarah P.
River's Edge Apartments
My sister lives at Rivers Edge and I think I'm going to be moving in with her this summer so we can both save money. She's been there for just over a year and her apartment is super cute! I loved using the pool there last summer and I'm sure I will be this year too! It seems like a nice place. I'm probably moving in, so I hope so!!
By: mandyz
Briarwood Apartments
It's great being able to have a dog. I know a lot of apartment complexes are worried about pets tearing things up, but this place is pretty leanient. I like the landscaping, lots of open spaces. Really big pool and a tennis court. It's like living in a high-end subdivision for a college kid dorm price.
By: Harvey W.
Briarwood Apartments
My two bedroom apartment is wonderful. I have plenty of storage space on my balcony, making up for the lack of closets. I like that I have a washer and dryer too. I wish my kitchen was a little bigger, but the space in the living room makes up for it.
By: Renee S.
Briarwood Apartments
Looking at the one bedroom layouts, I really like the access to the bathroom through the closet. It's useful when you're getting ready and can't figure out what to wear! It also makes a good second entry/exit to the bedroom.

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