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By: Yasheeda G.
Park Naylor Apartments
The manager and her assistant is really rude for no reason. The property is not the same when my mom lived there many years ago.
By: The bixbydc residents B.
The Bixby
The Bixbydc apartment need to step up the security services because there are not enough security in the building and it is a huge apartment. There are only 1 security in the evening and the security do everything by himself. The security walk on every floor, the 2 garages, and give out packages to residents and no one at front desk when 1 security is a walking floors, etc. Any stranger can come in the building when I residents is leaving or coming in the building. That is how strangers get inSomeone need to at the front to see who is coming in the building at all times. The stranger can just wait for a resident leave or come in and the stranger can come in the building during those times too. The Bixbydc apartment need more than 1 security, they need 4-5 security. They need 1 monitor security to sit at the desk always, 1 security to pass out when packages for residents, 1 or 2 security walk floors and 2 security sitting in the garages. 1 security can't watch the front desk, go to a room and pass out packages, walk long and huge hallways on G1, G2, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. It is too much for 1 security.And for the garages, some residents hang in the garage at midnight smoking, where residents cars park at. A security desk need to be in each garages. With security sitting in it everyday especially on evenings and Midnight's.
By: kali.rose.39
Aventine Fort Totten Apartments
I had previously left a very positive review but now that I've met the staff it has taken a pretty steep nose dive. I wasn't in love with Aventine Fort Totten but it worked for me-I gave it 4 stars out of 5. I take it back. the management has ruined it for this property. I moved in two years ago and my roommate and I placed a $2,000 deposit down upon move in. When the end of our lease comes, they report they have no record of such deposit. They shrug their shoulders and say "You must not have put any money down?" No, we put quite a bit of money down. They refuse to give us our deposit back until we retrieve our own records from our banks for a check from 2 years ago. Their excuse: They were under different management at the time--so, "not my fault". Unfortunately it's your fault, you are the new representation of Aventine Fort Totten, the same Aventine Fort Totten that the check was made out to 2 years ago. When they transferred files into your hands why didn't you secure the receipt of my deposit. You're just as accountable as the guy I handed it to 2 years ago. Before I met the staff, I wanted to transfer to a new unit as this place is FAR from perfect but it's livable. I had complained about the noise of the construction, primarily concerning a lack of desire to listen to a hammer against my bedroom wall for another 4 weeks, their response was comedic "Anywhere you move in DC is going to be noisy, there's construction everywhere!" All i wanted was for you to empathize, take accountability and offer a solution. Nope, a generalization about DC and nothing more! So we tour a new unit, like it, and decide to sign a lease. Not to my surprise, the lease has major errors: --The rental amount for the unit was wrong, i pointed it out and again, no accountability, their response, "Well the unit's prices change daily so....." Maybe they do but renting an apartment isn't like I'm booking a flight! I toured this apartment that was listed at this price--I like the apartment and agreed to the price. But less than a week later it has gone up $80/month--I don't know about that. --The date the lease was to be put in action was WRONG, --We were verbally informed the transfer fee was $100 more than what it actually was. The worst of it was a week later, in the middle of going from branch to branch trying to get a record of my deposit check from two years ago, I get an e-mail from the assistant property manager asking for our security deposit money WHICH WE HAD ALREADY PAID! Did you conveniently misplace that record too? Should i bring you a copy of that receipt? I have voiced this to everyone in the leasing office, including the property manager, I have left voicemails for their superiors---it's a disaster. No one has gotten back to me and the situation, now almost a month old is still unresolved. My roommate has obtained a copy of her check but I have had no luck. Does this mean that I just lost $1000? NO ONE has shown any bit of remorse or followed up with me, or attempted to help me in anyway--except when asking for more money. Simply put, I no longer have the patience or energy to correct their consistent mistakes. It has really been a nightmare, wanted to share this with any potential renters and the staff downstairs. You took a completely satisfied "ready to renew my lease" CUSTOMER and created a very disgruntled TENANT.
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By: Angela H.
Dj is the best. As are Natasha and Travis. Very pleased with Parkway staff people. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
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By: Chris B.
The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The actual logistics the day of move-in were a bit scattered but it worked out fine in the end. Thank you!
By: Charlie S.
Leasing agent Shawntay was awesome to work with and very accommodating. Thank you! Highly recommend!!
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By: Harris R.
Greg gave me an advance notice of when he would be coming to my apartment. This was appreciated. As always, he was very professional.
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By: Judy G.
I was very pleased with how quickly the service call was dealt with. The workers I have met are nice and seem very trustworthy. I am very appreciative of the work as it seems like this is a longer-term solution than a simple mouse trap. The work was done wonderful, and I have absolutely zero qualms about that.
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By: Gordon G.
Gregory is awesome. I appreciate the fact that he realizes that my apartment is my home and not his work space, which I have not experienced in any other building.
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By: Latoya L.
Douglas F Garden Apartments
I really dont know about it just finding out about it .frim wut was told to me they are very specious and newly renovated.

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