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By: Steve V.
All States Van Lines
I heard a lot about All states van lines from several sources and also saw many great reviews about them but still I was confused. I wanted to check by myself before I hire them. So, I called at their office and discussed with their sales guy. But once I spoke with him, I was almost sure that this company surely is one of the most professional around. They never pushed me to hire them, did not ask for huge advance and did not also try to impress me by making big commitments. So, I booked them while moving to Guyana from New York. They did really well. Movers arrived on time, packed and loaded all our belongings on trucks flawlessly, completed the move and deliver the goods before the schedule and made sure that all our requirements get fulfilled. After checking the inventory I had to appreciate the movers. All went smooth as silk and perfectly. There was nothing at all more which could be asked for.
By: Nuru M.
All States Van Lines
I am always ready to pay a good amount for the better service. That was the reason I hired all states van lines though I had cheaper offers from other movers. I knew about this company and I was depending on them in a great deal. They did not disappoint me at all. It was an international move all the way from Washington to Rome, Italy where the team of all states van lines had to deal with my fragile furniture. I knew that they were up against a huge task. But when I saw them managing my move so nicely I was happy like anything. They were too much careful during the packing but that did not cause any delay. They completed the task within the schedule and delivered all my stuffs in perfect condition. I thank the sales rep and his team of all states van lines for such top class service.
By: jamil34
All States Van Lines
All states van lines is not a company which had flashy ads to attract customers. But they do have the quality to serve their customers. Few days ago I had the opportunity to use this company. When I was talking to their sales rep I noticed that he never pushed me to hire them or never asked for any big amount as advance. That impressed me a lot and I actually hired All states van lines for my move to Delhi, India from Washington DC. Their movers arrived on time and they had all necessary tools and packing materials with them. They packed everything with great care and moved all my belongings within the allotted time. I checked the inventory I did not notice anything to bother me. It was a very neat, stress free, timely and cost effective move in the end.
By: Don S.
All States Van Lines
I have no words to thank All states van lines for what they have done for me. When I hired them for a move to Belgium from Washington DC, I was very concerned about their service because I heard many horrible stories about the so called professional movers but these movers were different. They were very careful while lifting and moving my belongings. There was not a single spot at anything. They did a flawless job for me. The way they lifted the heavy furniture and other stuffs using the narrow stairways was simply teat to watch. I have to admit that the movers were highly trained and they knew what they were doing. As a result I got the best possible service ever. I am more than happy with their service and I strongly recommend All states van lines.
By: Ideic P.
Johnson Moving and Storage
Johnson moving and storage provided a tremendous Service for us by Participating in moving 35 residential families to and from they?re original units. Last year we started in-place moderate renovation of 35 units. Johnson moving and storage assisted by moving tenants and their belongings to and from, a temporary unit, some of the families were house on site, and others were house offsite at a different locations. Johnson moving and storage was very accommodating with scheduling and understood the unexpected issues. Due to their professionalism and willingness they were very instrumental in helping us to maintain a very tight schedule. I would certainly recommend them and use them again in the future.
By: kiron.pollard
All States Van Lines
When I called All states van lines I talked with their sales rep. He took very little time to set up an appointment and also submitted the quote within few hours. All seemed to be great of All states van lines. Their asking price was better than other movers; they did not ask for a big amount as advance, sales rep looked to be real professional. All these facts encouraged me to hire them. However, they actually performed a lot better than what I thought. Movers showed up on time and did wonderful to complete the entire move without any errors and within the given time. Most importantly they moved us to Albany, Western Australia from Washington DC without a hitch.
By: corbitt
All States Van Lines
I never knew that all states van lines is such a great moving company. When my friend Jacob told me about them I was quite confused to use them or not. However, I checked their ratings in the net and called at their office. After a long discussion with their sales rep I finally booked all states van lines for my move to Manila from NY. It proved to be a great decision in the end. They moved us safely and timely to the destination and also managed to deliver all my goods in one piece and without any damage. I am happy with their service and price as well. I recommend all states van lines for such international moves.
By: Joe G.
All States Van Lines
I am sure that the movers of all states van lines have all the necessary tricks for a perfect move. Few days ago I moved to Toronto from Washington DC with my family and I used all states van lines for the move. They were asked to wrap, box and move all our belongings to Toronto which they did flawlessly. The team of all states van lines was never running short of innovative ideas and they have the bag full of very effective tricks. They never looked to be in hurry but still completed the move a lot earlier than the schedule and also managed to deliver everything in perfect condition and did not cost us much!
By: Andrew P.
All States Van Lines
After using them while moving to New Delhi from Washington DC I had no other options but to recommend All States Van Lines. This is such a company which should be treated as the role model for any other moving companies. Their sales guy was more than just keen to achieve the excellence. He sent the movers on time. They were skilled and very committed. They successfully tackled the odds and managed to pack and move everything within the deadline and without any damage. They also charged less than the quoted amount. I guess I have more than enough reasons to recommend All States Van Lines.
By: j.mehta
All States Van Lines
I know that quality never comes at a cheap price. If you want the quality then you have to pay the proper price. So, when I saw their quote, it was clear to me that they were not the cheapest but I did hire them because when I talked with their sales person I felt that they are extremely professional. I was right. Movers were very efficient, motivated and professionals. They did everything possible to complete the move perfectly and eventually they were successful doing that. I am very happy with their service and I would like to recommend them for any kind of moves.
Tips & Advices
Yes, it’s best to empty drawers, wardrobes and chests before a move. Items always get knocked around a bit, and doors can fly open even if they’ve been taped. In fact, more often than not, movers will want to remove the drawers from a dresser--or disassemble the wardrobe to be more space-efficient.
Yes, it is customary to tip movers, but the amount varies widely. For full-service moves, a 5 percent tip is suggested, although, for extra service, some people go up to 10 percent . For small local movers, you can give each mover $10 for a few-hour job, or $20-$40 for jobs that take longer.
A bill of lading is the legal contract for the move. It provides a detailed receipt, in addition to a contract between the client and the mover. It authorizes the mover to transport the goods from one specific point to another, and it outlines the exact scope of services, with cost breakdown for those services. It also provides an itemized list of the inventory, and carrier liability protection for each declared item. Finally, it specifies the payment arrangement. Make sure to go over your itemized list extremely carefully before finalizing the paperwork--and get a copy of the full document. A good mover will go over everything on the bill of lading with the customer.
There are several items that moving companies will not move – those items will be listed on a document as “non-allowables.” These items typically fall in three categories: perishables, sentimental/personal items, and hazardous material. Perishables are food and plants. Sentimental/personal value is up to the client to decide, but usually includes jewelry, medical and dental records, personal paperwork, valuables and collectibles. Hazardous material is the tricky category, since it includes a lot of everyday items found in the garage, garden or kitchen. For example, cleaning liquids and pesticides both are considered non-allowable by many companies. Some go so far as to disallow nail polish and batteries.
A binding estimate means that the moving company cannot charge more than the stated amount, though they can lower the final bill if the scope of the job was smaller than expected. A non-binding moving estimate is more likely to wind up costing more than expected, since the movers can increase their rates for unforeseen variables like stairs, “long carry” and materials.

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