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By: Lejoi B.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I was recommend to go to Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy can be a real bear to deal with when you have to go couple of times a week. My doctor referred me to Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy. I was not looking forward to coming and thought it would be a waste of time. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of Professionalism and knowledge that Dr. Martin displayed during my evaluation. He was able to accurately diagnose my condition as Rotator Cuff Tendinitis. Whereas my personal doctor and the Urgent care doctor brushed it off . I was a little biased that Physical therapy would not help and I viewed it as a useless exercise. I was very surprised that my should did recover and I was able to resume some of the exercises since my shoulder was healing. The exercises, the deep tissue massages and the Ultrasound therapies were great. I will miss the Ultrasound Therapy and the Deep tissue massage the most. The staff is very friendly and easy to work with. The Office Manager Catherine was always available to answer any questions that I had. The front desk receptionist Noel was always efficient in calling me for my reminder appointments. Erica, Irene and Doug helped to make physical therapy bearable with their pleasant demeanor and easy going manner. They also work very well with children who were there for services or the kids that tagged along with their parents. They also had very convenient hours so I didn't have to miss time from work for my appointments. Dr. Martin had the option to either extend my PT or discharge me. I asked him what his recommendation would be. He suggested that I be discharged since I was about 85 percent healed. I was impressed because some doctors would just keep adding in visits to get more money out of the insurance. After 2 months of visits I was happy to be leaving with a stronger shoulder and less pain. I would recommend Absolute Physical Therapy to anyone who needs a reputable physical therapy practice.
By: Rose B.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I've been coming to Absolute Physical Therapy for about 6 weeks. I was involved in an automobile accident in June 2014. Since then, I had been in so much pain that at times it was unbearable. My body was so tight and constricted to the point where it was hard for me to be mobile at times. Upon completion of my therapy, what a difference and an amazing outcome. I am not pain free, but compared to when I first came here up until now, it is truly a major difference. I would highly recommend them to anybody. The staff compares to no other and this really is the place to come for any type of therapy or rehabilitation. Hats off to them and may GOD continue to bless them as they have so many others!
By: Mario B.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I have been a patient here for a few weeks and I am looking at Ricardo's review for a template for this review xD but I LOVE it, the environment is unique and honestly it was an amazing experience! Since the beginning Noel is very nice, then the doctors and everyone who works here add something to this environment that makes it perfect for recovery. I would have thought cold and unreceptive but it was the complete opposite! Irene and Mo are perfecto to keep you smiling while Rochelle is patient and very observant, I think that's an important trait for a doctor! I wouldn't have chosen any other place, and I actually mean that lol Not just copying Ricardos
By: Robert M.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I have been a patience of Absolute Physical Therapy, since January 2015 as a result from a vehicle accident. What, I have experience from day one is a caring and professional staff that cares about their patients. My aide Irene was exceptional in working with me and keeping me in line with my exercises. All I can say, if you are looking for physical therapy this is the place to get great results, after an injury. I have recovered from my pain and feeling back to normal, Thanks Dr. Martin and his staff, job well done. Absolute Physical Therapy will be my choice for physical therapy and you should make it yours.
By: inkcosmetics
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I injured my left hand in a sports accident few months back and when I arrived at Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy (ART) I couldn't make a fist. After sessions with Dr. Derrick Martin, I feel like myself again! His staff was extremely helpful and professional, which assisted in making my treatments much more enjoyable. I loved that Dr. Martin worked and understands the military, this allowed his staff to become more knowledgable when dealing with Tricare insurance claims. I highly recommend checking him out before going to anyone else in town! Your body will thank you!!! Wishing ART much continued success! V/r A/C
By: Joanna A.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I've started here after my surgery in May, of last year. I have just graduated from here today 03/02/2015. The staff here is Awesome, They meet your needs when You need it, Always friendly, Head's up when you have a question or concern. They always know what to do and how to help you feel better. I love coming here. I would recommend Dr. Martin & His Staff., Before My Surgery on my Shoulder I was going to Rehab while you work, and I gotten worse, Since I started with Dr. Martin Iv'e been doing so much better and I have full motion in my shoulder I love it!!! Thank you :)
By: Birshona L.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
What can I say about my experience here at Absolute Physical Therapy of Waldorf Maryland. Not only did I get treatment for my rush injury but I also received great customer services from the very first phone call to set up the initial appointment. The staff is absolutely samazing and the really care about their patients well being. I really appreciate all that everyone did to make sure I did all my exercises fully to get the best result. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that needs physical therapy. Thanks for all that you do.
By: jerome l.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I know I am late writing my review but, I just want thank everyone at Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy for absolutely being the greatest group of people you'll ever meet. They are a great team and I (if needed) would love to go back to them anytime, they really help you heel. I came in limping with a brace on the ankle that I sprained and walked out on my last day with a little hop in my step. I feel that I am back to being as active as before. Thank you all for your help!I definitely recommend to give them a try.
By: Rusty B.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
I came to Absolute Physical Therapy with a back pain I had for over 30 yrs. On my first visit, Dr. Martin performed a procedure called "Dry Needling. Immediately I felt a relief. That was over a month ago, and I've had zero pain in my back since. I am a true believer in "Dry Needling". To add to this great medical procedure, the Staff at Absolute is nothing shy of "Absolute Professional"!!! I would highly recommend Absolute Physical Therapy and Dry Needling. Thank you Dr. Martin and your caring staff.
By: Aeriale J.
Absolute Rehabilitative Therapy
OMG!!! The staff here is the best!! Everyone is so pleasant and caring, they made me and my daughter feel welcomed! I am a single mother of a 6 year old. I had no one to watch her will I was being treated. They understood and never turned us away. They showed me that they truly care about my health and wellbeing!! Doc put me on a in office and at home plan that WORKED!! If I ever injury myself again, Absolute Fitness will be the first and only place I call for help!
Tips & Advices
At the first appointment with a physical therapist, Expect an overall assessment of your condition, which may include exercises to understand your range of motion, balance, and strength. Based on that information, the therapist can then design a regimen.
Physical therapists can work in a variety of environments. While many choose to work in a physical therapy clinic, others will operate out of hospitals and are also able to make house calls to help patients who need in-home assistance and rehabilitation.
Physical therapists can specialize in sports medicine, women's health, geriatric, neurologic, orthopedic​, pediatric, and cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, among others.
See a physical therapist following a serious muscle or bone injury, especially if pain doesn't go away within a few days, is recurring and dull, or is frequent and sharp. Book an appointment if medication is not helping or if your doctor recommends it.
The majority of health insurance plans do include physical therapy treatment, but the amount covered and the co-pay for patients varies person-to-person. Medicare and workers’ compensation both cover physical therapy.

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