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    Alicia A.
    Edited: 08/16/2016

    Too Bad their drivers are more concerned with their haul time than the safety of other drivers. As of this morning I have been run into oncoming traffic for the THIRD time in a week at the SAME SPOT, the merge lane coming into Magnolia. This morning the driver hit the gas and sped up to try to merge between myself 9a Full Size bright RED pick-up) and a much smaller compact car about 2 car lengths in front of me. He opted to try to "merge" as soon as he was coming out of that curve instead of giving myself and the other driver (who were already past the curve & had the right away) time to continue on our route. Instead, your driver with license plate P25-??? (T25-???) succeeded in pushing both of us into on coming traffic. No wonder the Troopers sit and watch El Dorado HWY for your drivers, they're going to get someone killed!

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