By: darlene.robert
Saltgrass Steak House
I have never left an online review before because I never before been wowed by a business enough to do it. I don't leave bad reviews because I don't believe in leaving one persons story and not giving the orher one a chance to explain. That being said, today is a first! Saltgrass in Waco surpasses any of the other locations by far, and I have been to many of the locations since it's my favorite restaurant. The food was amazing, the service was impeccable and I will be back soon, and often.Keep up the great job!!
By: T mike M.
Saltgrass Steak House
Good service, good food, reasonable. Just another chain steak place, but it was good. If you're looking to get wow'd, NEXT
By: Sherry S.
Heitmiller Steakhouse
Good food, little pricey, but still good. Service was good and they delivered my food fast. They have very good help.

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