By: Davis D.
Papa John's Pizza
I ordered a 'Premium' pizza (John's Favorite) for carryout. When I arrived 30 minutes later, it wasn't started at all. The clerk said, "I see it being cut up. It'll be a minute." 11 minutes later, he called out my name. When I arrived home, the pizza sauce was cold, there were very little ingredients, sections of the pizza not covered in cheese, the cheese on it was paper thin, and some of the meat was still cold.I added cheese and put it in the toaster oven for another 7 minutes before it was done. I like their sauce, but it's too sour when not cooked right.I have filled out a Feedback Form on their website, but it has no affect. So I'm posting it on my Facebook account so others will spread the word. FYI, this is a college town with a lot of consumers.
By: S J.
Shorty's Pizza Shack
The pizza here is really good and they run some sort of special each day. Gave four stars because the service could've been better :(
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By: Jennifer R.
Poppa Rollos
Friendly Service.. Love the Old Films They Show. It's Comfortable. And Its just the best pizza in town.
By: heather.sanchez.5
Poppa Rollos
One of my family's favorite places to eat and hang out!! Great food & great service!!

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