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By: Summer O.
Eagle Crest Apartments
Amanda, the Manager 9/2017, is awesome. Clean Property. Deep Pool. Across from La Vega HS and on the bus line....TY.
By: Summer O.
Villa Victoria Apartments
HUD has them listed as a Section 8 property, but they want a voucher.....The second time, I was referred by my black sister who said they had openings alway. As a white baby momma, I was told they are full. Do they rent to white people? I'm a victim of domestic violence living in a shelter looking for a place tooooooo.......
By: Megan J.
Valley Mills Apartments
The Manager was nice. The men that did the maintenance were unprofessional and they all appeared to be just somebody that walked in off the street. Take pictures of the apartment before you move in and after you move all your stuff out if you want your full deposit returned after you move. Before I moved out I cleaned the apartment from front to back, I even steam cleaned the carpet. When my deposit was returned the scam running owner sent me a letter telling me that she had to deduct $200.00 for cleaning the apartment. I called her several times, but she never returned my calls. I finally just stop calling
By: None of Y.
Villa Victoria Apartments
They put fake light bill's on you it's supposed to be all bills paid it is not I was promised a 2 bed room 2 years ago and I didn't get it and the manager is never there in the office
By: E R.
Fleetwood Square Apartments
I have lived here for about a year most of the time was good BUT the property was sold on DEC 30, 2016. the new people fired everyone that knew what they were doing I was one of them. In Dec 2016 I moved to a downstairs apt with a new lease in Jan 2017 the new manager refused to take my rent. Now I am being evicted for not paying rent. go figure. On another note I was talking to the old maintenance man and he mentioned that the hot water heaters are joined so that the upstairs and downstairs share hot water. So it is right neighborly of everyone to help pay for your neighbors hot water usage.
By: Molly G.
Baxter Crossing Leasing
I would give them half a star if I could. WORST place to live EVER.First of all, there are 2 women that work in the office. One of them is very sweet, the other however once you sign the lease is a NIGHTMARE. We moved in during May and did not having a working A/C until mid July. Temps hit upper 90s and triple digits. We made CONTINUAL maintenance requests,mult a week. Only 1 of our air vents put out any air at all (kitchen). The 2 brms, 2 btrms, living rm, and dining rm put out no air. Each and every time we made a request, maintenance men blew us off come in, check the output temperature of the ONE working vent for the entire apt and say “well it’s blowing cold” yet ignore that though the AC was set on 75 it was 85+ in the apt.After WEEKS of them coming in, doing nothing, and marking each and every maintenance request as “complete”. I personally had an independent AC guy come look at our apt. He said there is absolutely no reason the AC shouldn’t be flowing into every room, but the maintenance men would have to crawl into the attic space to fix it.So, being a month by now with no AC I called and (not very nicely) demanded the maintenance crew come and actually fix the AC. I quoted what they say in their lease which calls any AC in high heat issue an “emergency” although they do not treat it as such. FINALLY, after a month of hassle, they fixed it in a day. Also, the place is INFESTED with roaches. They tell you they have someone come spray multiple times but there was only one time that the bug guy came, and he didn’t spray… just looked around although we told him we had roaches. The neighborhood is terrible and very loud at night. Although the office will tell you about these policies that they enforce, they do not.Also, they won’t tell you this, but they will charge you $150 minimum from your deposit for “carpet cleaning and general cleaning”.We wish we NEVER would have leased here! They will tell you 10 days to get your deposit it will take all 30.
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By: Irene R.
Eagle Crest Apartments
their are so many different places that you can get more for your money. Living here has been nothing but a nightmare. To get Maintenance or the Exterminator to come to your apartment you have to ask the office At least three times and we have yet seen the exterminator come. The water bill is based on how many people live in your apartment, not how much you use (dumb but ok). the water has gone up five to seven dollars every single month. But yet they say it's a flat rate of forty five dollars for two people when you first move in , that was a bold face lie. Their is always garbage all over the apartment complex . You can not down size to a smaller apartment, you can only upgrade to a larger apartment.
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By: Sarita Y.
K & S Properties
They rip people off! Lived for one year. 6 month without AC. They never fixed it. End of the year when moved out, cleaned everything better than what we got. Cleaned carpet, restrooms, refrigerators, etc. Still charged $846 dollars as cleaning charges to suck my deposit of 800 and that still need me to pay them $46 to contribute to their account. HELPLESS me. I simply hate it.
user avatar
By: Nunya B.
University Club Apartments
Roaches. Everywhere. Maintenance will NOT come unless something explodes and is flooding. Even that takes hours for them to come. So far our fridge, garbage disposal, lights, and air-conditioning has gone out. They turn sh!t off you need without notice (gas and water, you know, the stuff you need). You might as well live under a bridge with the quality of life given to you here.
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By: Justin R.
Cash America
Very, VERY high interest rates, as all pawn shops have, but I can't get my stuff outta here because to get it all out would be about $2000+ & I have to pay the interest on it all. It's nice, important stuff, too. Like our wedding rings, two iPads, a 60" LED TV, a digital camera, waterproof, a nice, expensive Citizen watch, my iPhone 6 - the most expensive one and other stuff, too that I can't let go of! :(
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Yes, most custom cabinet makers can also provide countertops, but the price of cabinets does not automatically include the countertops.
Yes, custom cabinets are available for basically any room in the house: bathrooms, bedroom, breakfast room, den, home office, library, and even laundry room.
Custom cabinets are priced by the linear foot. When building out a quote, the cabinet maker will factor in material cost, additional cost for special features, molding and trim, and the labor cost, including installation.
The time window for making custom cabinets varies according to how many workers are on the job. An efficient two-person shop should be able to build five or six cabinets per day. Some will outsource certain components, such as doors or rails, for greater speed. Regardless, woodworkers or cabinet-makers who know what they’re doing aim to finish build and installation within nine to 12 days. That said, many cabinet makers will give a four- to six-week time estimate because they’re also working on other projects, or they want to give themselves a cushion to complete the job. This timeframe does not account for the time needed to design, build the quote, and order any special materials.
Custom-cabinet finish types include stain, varnish, paint, and glaze. Stain and paint are both options for base coats. Varnish and glaze are options to use as topcoats over paint or stain. Acrylic and laminate finishes are used to create a glossy, shiny contemporary look atop engineered wood cabinets.

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