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By: Preston S.
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
A few weeks ago my wife’s 2004 Toyota Rav4 was in need of a brake/rotor inspection. Not knowing of any reliable technicians in the area that wouldn’t break the bank, I turned to Yelp. I wasn’t expecting much since this area isn’t too keen on leaving reviews, but surprisingly I found Lee Dudley’s. Several great reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and even Yellowpages urged me to make a call. The owner, Brian, was extremely polite and informative on the phone. He mentioned that he doesn’t advertise and all of his business comes from referrals. He also stated that he would like to take some time to properly introduce himself and what he plans on doing with the vehicle upon dropping it off. I decided that this was the place I would want to have our car looked at.Now my wife’s car has been hit from almost every side imaginable and came close to being totaled at one point. We’re planning on purchasing a new vehicle soon and for the last several months have pretty much neglected the car, simply because it’s paid off, we don’t expect to get much out of it when it’s time to sell, and we’re just limping along a few months until it’s time to purchase another car. We also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that we’d be getting rid of soon, but in the same sense we don’t want to drive something that’s unsafe or would leave us a foot.Brian called me after inspecting our car and gave his recommendations on what needed to be done and how much everything would be. After giving the ok he said it’ll be ready the following morning. When I went to pick up the car, Brian went over several other issues he found that weren’t even related to the brakes and thoroughly explained what should be done to remedy the situation. After driving the vehicle for several days another small issue came up, and myself being mechanically handicap, gave Brian a call. He advised me on what I should do and if I couldn’t fix it myself then to bring it back. So I did, just to have him double check my work, and he proceeded to inspect and fix the problem.Brian is an incredibly nice person and honestly cares, which is hard to find in most businesses. He treated our car as if it were his own and didn’t try to upsale anything we didn’t need. Prices were more than reasonable for the work that was done and for the quality of products used. What I liked most was that he operates Lee Dudley’s like how businesses used to be. What matters most is that customers, whether they be new or old, leave pleased with the experience and wouldn’t hesitate to return again.
By: Courtnie P.
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
EXCELLENT SERVICE! I have a 2011 Chevy Cruz and noticed my brakes making noise. I took it a couple of places, where they tried to sell me parts I didn't need for hundreds of dollars. Needless to say I was overwhelmed & upset, I don't know anything about cars or what was really wrong with mine. I found Lee Dudleys Brake and Front End by searching local brake services in Visalia. The reason I chose to go here was because of all the good reviews. He pulled everything apart, showed me what was wrong, why, and explained everything. Come to find out the reason for my front brake issues was due to my rear brakes not even working! Which the first 2 brake places never even found or mentioned. Brian's wife, Karen, was just as nice and even gave me a ride back to my house while my car was being worked on. When my car was finished, Karen drove my car to my house to pick me up. To my surprise Brian detailed my car including the rims, tires, and engine! He also cleaned my radiator because he noticed it was dirty, and replaced my air filter for my A/C because he noticed my air wasn't blowing well. All which he did with no charge. Not becasue he had to, but because he noticed little issues no one else had, and took the time to fix them. I'm thankful for people like Brian, he's beyond nice, honest, and went above and beyond all my expectations. I will never go anywhere else, and highly recommend them!
By: glamrockdoll
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
Getting automotive work done can be a little overwhelming, especially if your someone who doesn't know alot about mechanics. Brian the owner was absolutly great at walking me through what needed to be done, why it needed to be done, and would could wait. He's an old fashion kind of buisnessman who cares more about his reputation and making the customer happy than money. He's down to earth, honest and I completly trust that im getting a fair deal and getting the right work and nothing more. If your tired of going to mechanics and leaving full of regret and doubt that your getting work thats neccesaary then Brian is the guy to see. I will be talking all my issues to him and only him. Id recommend him to anyone who just wants to be treated with a little respect these days. I'm not the kind of person who raves about an establishment for no reason. He deffinitly deserves all the great reviews he has and thats why I went to see him to begin with and I'm glad I did.
By: Jae M.
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
BrakesI spent several hundred dollars at 2 different Auto Shops only to have my 2002 Dodge Dakota fixed improperly(Brakes wore out under 8 months both times) and being told that the skidding/jumping during braking was being caused by the ABS braking system.I had received a recommendation from 2 people to take my Truck to Lee Dudley's, and so I did. I met Brian the owner and he showed me step by step everything that had been done wrong at the previous shops and also the destroyed parts. He told me the skidding/jumping was being caused by the rear braking system that was installed improperly the last time it was done and told me that it had nothing to do with the ABS.Within One Day, Brian had my car back to me and braking on a Dime!!Thanks Brian for doing the Job right and giving me the Explanation of Everything that was being Done!!
By: alyssa.jones.503
Dann's Discount Auto Sales
I bought a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. I love my car. I purchased this car a month ago. Since I am only 20 years old and my credit was okay but not a very long credit history I was willing to pay a higher interest rate. Since whoever was willing to fiance me would be taking a risk. Dann personally greeted me and my fiancé like a friend. He had me try different places and I got a low interest rate. He gave me good advice and was very nice. This was not the first time I bought a car but the first time I am paying payments toward owning the car. I was scared and unsure. Dann made me feel comfortable he explained things to me. Never was pushy. I found a great car that I like. I am writing this review because I want everyone to know if you need to buy a car here's where to go. Thanks Dann
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By: Nathan T.
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
Visiting from Australia, driving to Sequoia National Park, my now fiance and I came across some car trouble, which turned out to be quite serious, had we continued. Luckily for us this wonderful man and his wife came to our rescue on a Sunday when everyone else was closed, they opened up shop for us. They both went above and beyond, to say the very least, to get us back on the road. My fiance and I were absolutely blown away with their expertise, hospitality, and willingness to help out a pair of strangers. Repairs to the car = VERY FairOverall experience = PRICELESSAn unforgettable experience & truly an answer to our prayers, as God sent these wonderfully kind people to our aid. Thankyou from the bottom of our heart.
By: Shawn M.
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
My car hasn't ran this well since the day I bought it. I can't believe the quality of care and service given to me by Brian. He made sure my car was tuned up and smogged in time to register my car with the DMV (which is quite conveniently located directly across the street). Brian is an honest, trustworthy man who has gained my confidence in a world filled with swindelling, money hungry mechanics who prey on those who don't understand engines. Put your trust in him and you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Honest work at an honest price. I would recommend him over anyone I've ever worked with.
By: tiffany.musoor
Dave's Automotive
Charges 100$ to diagnose everything, even if you already know whats wrong and tell them. Does not waive that diagnosis fee even if you have them do the work. Might be a good way to make money but not attract customers. If you have a transmission problem do not take it to them because if you go in and say "Hey Ive got something wrong with my transmission" they will charge 100$ to diagnose and tell you its a transmission problem but not what exactly is wrong with the transmission, for that they will refer you to a transmission shop.
By: tma_happy
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
A++++ Service! I had just bought a new (used) car and 2 days off the lot it started having problems. I took it to my regular mechanic and they could not figure out the problem so my friend referred me to Brian at Lee Dudley's. Brian went above and beyond spending 3 whole days figuring out the problem with the car. His pricing was fair, his service was friendly, and he is now the only mechanic I will ever take my car to. I've already referred all of my friends and family to Brian Hulse and you should too!
By: Jason R.
Lee Dudley's Brake & Front End Service
I actually used yelp to direct me to a good mechanic. Brian did not disappoint. His service was truly the best I've ever experienced by any mechanic. As soon as I walked into his shop, he warmly welcomed me and went to work. He was knowledgeable with his craft, friendly and extremely efficient. He went the extra mile in dropping me off and picking me up from work WITH MY VEHICLE WASHED! I was truly pleased by the level of customer service and will definitely be back for my family's vehicle repair needs.
Tips & Advices
Among the common scams pulled are needless repairs, where a garage charges you for work that isn't necessary. Another popular one is attracting customers through a cheap oil change or tire pressure check. Then, when you your car is being repaired, they give you a long list of other corrections they'd like to make, therefore boosting the total cost of your bill. The best way to combat these types of problems is getting a written estimate before work is done so you can see how much repairs are expected to cost. If the final bill is higher than the estimate projected, ask to specifically see the work. Make sure information is put in writing as well. If a problem remains, you can have proof that work was not done to your satisfaction.
For winter driving, features such as the defroster, heater and exhaust system are paramount. Look in your owner's manual for specific directions on how features should be checked and repaired. Many newer cars have a cabin air filter that can be replaced when needed, allowing warm air to continue to flow in. Also, check tires before winter driving, as they need to be at the proper pressure to perform well on snow and ice.
In the spring and summer, you want to be sure your air conditioner and cooling systems work correctly. Given the high temperatures, overheating is a common problem. Look over the system by ensuring there is enough coolant available. If it needs to be refilled, it is best to open the hood and add more to the car before it gets too warm out. Also, clean out fan ducts and other ventilation sources necessary for summertime driving.
Some fixes to your car can be done without paying a specialist. Issues like replacing oil and air filters are relatively simple, with instructions provided in the owner's manual on how to make these changes. The same goes for replacing broken windshield wipers or burnt-out headlights. Such issues should be repaired quickly to guarantee safety, but don't require a visit to a garage.
Yes. Not every type of auto repair work needs to be done by a certified mechanic. You can fix some of a vehicle's issues just by paying attention to how the automobile is running and having a basic understanding of auto repair. Look over the ways weather may impact your car and what preventative measures you can take to avoid having to take it into the shop.

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