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By: freddo
Vella Chiropractic
What a Relief! Finally a Solution!For over 2 years I have suffered with tremendous back and hip pain. I have been to see miriads of chriropractors both in France and in California, and no one was able to help relieve the pain for more than a couple of days. I first went to Dr. Vella just over 2 month's ago. I can tell you the treatment Dr. Vella has given me, has made a vast difference in my life, as I can now think, instead of being in constant insidious Pain! If you are in pain and pray to God for some kind of relief , I highly recomomend Dr. Vella. He is genuinely interested in the people, not in bilking money from them. His proven scientific approach is what made the difference for me. Merci Beaucoup Dr. Vella! Voila le Paul Bocuse (voted chef of the century) de Chiropractics!
By: heidi.tracy.3
Vella Chiropractic
A doctor that knows what he is doing! I had pain from my neck down my right arm and after only four visits I was pain free! He is now helping me to put the s curve back in my neck so I don’t have any future problems. My husband asked me to make him an appointment after all of my progress! He has had a muscle disease called Stiff Mans and pain for 13 years. Recently I had to take him to the ER for extreme pain in his left arm. They told him his neck was out and pinching his nerves, they sent him to a pain specialist that put a shot in his neck that did not help. After only one visit with Dr. Vella, my husband said the pain is starting to go away and he can use his arm again. I can’t wait to take him back again; I just know that Dr. Vella is the one that can finally help my husband....
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By: Gustavo O.
Vella Chiropractic
My name is Gustavo. I was recommended to go to Dr. Vella by a friend of mine. I had little to no motion of my left shoulder. I went to Dr. Vella and after performing some test, he stated that my problem was my neck and not my shoulder. After taking some x-rays, he explained and showed me what the problem (s) was. I was very surprised and satisfied that I had found a doctor who knew what he was doing. Dr. Vella is very knowledgeable and after the second day of treatment, I started gaining motion to my left shoulder. After the fifth day of treatment I had gain full motion of my left shoulder. I am able to fully move my left arm to any position now.I highly recommend Dr. Valla!
By: Javier G.
Vella Chiropractic
My name is Javier Gama and I'm auto mechanic back on 2001 my wife and I we were in a car accident we need it a Dr. that's how we met Dr. Vella a man who has a lot of knowledge he fix our bones back in place, on November of 2015 again my wife and I driving to LA passing Bakersfield we were in a car accident along with another 19 vehicles and thank God that we're alive so we needed a Dr. again and there was our good friend now in Visalia we'd visited him and he did what he does best fix and put those bones, nerves and muscles back were belong. I highly recommend him! Thanks Dr. Vella!
By: jamil.davis.758
Vella Chiropractic
My names is anthony carter. On christmas eve a couple friends were hit at speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hr. My back felt as if it had dislogged itself. I suffered serveir back damage as well as a contusion to my knee. Thats when i was recommended to dr. Vella!!! On my first visit i was amazed and fascinated by his care and knowledge. He brought me from a very discomfort bent back position to my normal upright posture. After two months of therapy i feel better than ever before!! What a great experience, thank you dr. Vella. I feel like a new person!!!! Thank you!!!!!
By: Erin M.
Vella Chiropractic
Dr. Vella has thirty years of experience and is extremely knowledgable in his craft. He was able to not only severely reduce my back pain in only three visits but educated me in the area of chiropractics so I was more in tune with the way my bones and nerves work in my body. Great experience. Highly recommended!
By: jennifer_umland
Shows Chiropractic
Great staff, great service, VERY BEST Chiropractor I've found. I have spent many years seeing many different chiropractors for sciatica. Dr. Shows was the first one who could identify what was causing it and give me relief. He genuinely cares about his patients. Check him out; you won't be disappointed.
By: velene
Community Chiropractic Group
He is the chiropractor to see when you have pain in your back. He is thorough, finding the cause of your problem. His treatment was so helpful. I was out of pain quickly. His office staff is warm and as caring as he is. I wish I had gone to see him years ago.
By: christina.magana.946
Spine Works Chiropractic Ctr
I was very pleased with finding this chiropractor. Doctor was very patient and thorough and explained everything to me. I would recommend going here if your are in search of a new chiropractor.
By: connie.l.ochoa
Spine Works Chiropractic Ctr
Wonderful service! I encourage anyone looking for a Chiropractor to go see Tern Yeng! He knows his job!And his staff is wonderful! if in need of a good Massage go see Samantha!

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