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By: Jared J.
Heritage Motor Company
******UPDATE*********Since my last review I have been to heritage to finish the deal I had started. All though I stand behind my previous review. I am happy to say that once I arrived at Heritage it did change my mind about the professionalism of the staff and care they have for there reputation and customers. I found myself treated with respect and in a courtesy manner. James was professional and handled the entire deal with a personal effort to keep the deal. The dealership manager ensured that we were compensated for our time and ensured that we would be treated will and given a fair deal. I ended up with a 2007 Ford f150 with low mileage at a good price. The dealership bent over backwards to get the vehicle financed even with my credit and already having two car loans. I recommend Heritage to anyone needs that extra help when other dealers tell them NO. Ask for James he will help you out.************************************************************Failure to follow thru on promised availability of sales staff and vehicle. I applied for financing thru Heritage Motor Company. I was contacted by James stating that I had been approved and what day would I like to come and take delivery of the vehicle. I coach a lot of youth sports on the weekend so Sunday was the only day I was available to take a 4 hour trip to Virginia beach. The night before I was supposed to leave I told James that my wife was having second thoughts about traveling so far for a company that seemed a little shady. I reassured here that the company had an A+ BBB rating and could be trusted to follow thru with there promises. So I told James we would be arriving between 12-1 pm that following day. He told me he would be there and open the shop up but that if I was not going to make it please call so not to "Waste his Time". I did not charge my phone the night prior due to falling asleep. I woke up with no notification that anything had changed with our plans. So I loaded my family into the van and left for Virginia Beach. 2 hours into the trip I decided to call James to let him now that we would be arriving at 1pm. He then informed me that he had a family emergency and had been trying to get ahold of me since 8am to inform me he would not be there. I appreciate his intentions his effort was half hearted. Once he did not receive a confirmation from me or me not returning his call to reschedule I feel he should have contacted my wife's phone as he had done when he was trying to close the deal. Instead he did not follow thru and I was 2 hrs. down the road before we were notified he would not be there. There was no offer in having another salesman there to assist us or working some kind of of deal to were out time "was not wasted" The company stated that they will either come pick you up or refund you the gas money to drive to Virginia Beach. So I put $50 in gas to drive there now I am out my time and a good chuck of gas. I texted James back and said I was off tomorrow and would be willing to come to the dealership then if he arranged transportation as the company stated they would. Also reimburse me the $50 in gas I spent today with a discount on the vehicle I choose. I felt this was a fair compromise and as of right now I have heard nothing back from them other than they would reimburse my gas charge not that they will pick me up or discount the price of a vehicle. James I feel my time is just as valuable as yours.
By: Selena M.
Shore Drive Auto World
these guys at shore drive auto world hooked me up. The salesperson Rob was attentive and answered all my questions. Even though I told him my credit was bad they let me test drive vehicles first and find something I was comfortable with. they had a huge selection of all types of vehicles. I had been turned down at many places even some of the "in house financing dealers"... One dealer got me approved but at 21%....SHORE DRIVE not only go me approved the same day but got me done at a credit union at a rate below 10%!!!! I also got a nice car with low miles and fully reconditioned! Their warranty is also a lot better than other used dealers I've shopped. They cover engine, transmission, electrical & even check engine lights. They told me if the car is to "hickup" to call them immediately. So about 20 days later, I did have a small issue. I notified them & they. told me to bring my Jeep in immediately. Their service department is for their vehicles for sale & customers only so they were able to get my Jeep in and out within a few days. I haven't had a problem since. But I'm sure if or when I do; they will be there to take care of it... They didn't stop there, they are also helping me with credit repair and in 30 days my credit score has gone up by 30 points! I recommend these guys to anyone looking for any kind of vehicle. Rob was my salesperson but really I would recommend any of the employees there. They are all like family there and treat their customers as such. I never fill out reviews. To be honest I'm like a cave man and hate computers but I felt like after everything they have done for me this is the least I could do. Thanks Shore Dr!
By: Daphne S.
Shore Drive Auto World
I had been shopping for a car for like 2 months before a friend referred me to shore drive. These guys are by far the most honest. They gave me the best price up front. When I told they I'd be back the next day after thinking about it and having my command review the paperwork all they said was "no problem". They made sure to give me all the info I would need. Even my credit union recommended them to me along with like 7 other people on my ship who bought cars there. If something goes wrong with your car, they actually fix it. They don't tell you it is not a covered item like places ive purchased from in the past. They are real stand up guys here. I had a few problems with my car but IT IS a used car. They took care of it immediately a nothing ever cost me a dime. They even covered diagnostics. I know when my mom bought her brand new Suburban, her check engine light came on and she had to pay out of pocket! and her Suburban was brand new!! Apparently these guys have a better warranty on USED cars than these new car dealers. Not to mention like 7 people in my command bought their cars here. I'm glad I went there and you will be too!! IF YOU NEED a car DEF GO TO SHORE DR AUTO WORLD. Tell them bm2 Marshall sent you!
By: Nonn A.
Shore Drive Auto World
I love this place. They have been like family to me. When I was young E-2. They helped work on a budget to keep finances great. I have bought 3 cars from them. Dodge Stratus was my first car. Had it for a year so I can establish credit. Trading it in for 40th anniversary mustang gt I love that car. Had it for 5 years and he drove like a champ any problems the repair shop helped get fix even when my warranty was expired. Last year I traded it in for a Bmw 535i. That's what I'm driving now. My water pump broke and they replaced for free. You already bmw repairs are expensive, but their mechanic Rick is the best repair man in tidewater. My fuel pump got messed up and bmw said it would cost $5k to repair. I went to rick and they only charge $600 dollars. I was amazed every day how good they treat their customers. Every Saturday they have a Bbq for customers appreciation. I highly recommend this place. The next time I wanna get a car I'm going to shore drive auto world.
By: chrisspurlin
Heritage Motor Company
I've never been happier. Rodney Nelson had me in my dream truck within 1 hour. I visited 7 different dealerships in Virginia Beach and Hampton area and none of them could get me in the car I wanted. I finally ran across heritage motor sports. I knew I would never get approved for an F-350 with 50,000 miles and I told Rodney my experiences with other dealerships and how they denied me because my credit is very poor. He promised me that before I left, I would be in the truck that I wanted. Sure enough he talked to the manger and the bank and got me approved in 30 minutes. 30 minutes after my approval and signing papers, he handed me the keys. I've visited Heritage Motor Company 2 months prior to this and talked with a different salesman and got denied, but somehow Rodney was able to get me in truck truck of my dreams. So if you have bad credit and you need a car, ask for Rodney Nelson. He shows a great amount of experience and is the only honest dealer I've met.
By: Ti S.
Shore Drive Auto World
I want to pass along to you my appreciation on behalf of two of your employees. I was on your lot a few different times and I even brought my wife and daughter on a subsequent trip and we all came away with the same impression. From the first time I met Frank Smith I was impressed with his "honesty" and customer service. I have to tell you using honesty when referring to salesman of any types is somewhat new to me, but in this case absolutely true. Every dealing I had with Frank I felt I was dealing with a straight shooter. Every time he told me he was going to do something he did. When he referred me to Rob Wilson the same service was rendered. You have two guys you need to keep. Being a mid aged man I had my fair share of purchasing cars from dealerships new/used and private sector. Please pass along my sincere appreciation to them both. I have nothing but good things to say about your dealership and will pass it along.
By: Luci C.
Shore Drive Auto World
This was the easiest time I had getting approved for a car. I had bad credit and had been to different dealers who gave me the run around about getting financed. I was referred to Ocean Auto Brokers through a friend who's credit was as bad, if not worse than mine, and he was approved for a very nice pick-up truck. Usually if you have bad credit you have few choices on getting a newer nicer car. I was very impressed with the quality of their cars. There was no haggling, or disappointment. I drove off the lot within an hour I might say, in a very nice Ford Explorer. Their staff was awesome, and didn't make me feel like I had to just take what I could get because of my credit. I highly recommend them!!!!!
By: Jacob S.
Diamond Motorcars
My wife and I were looking for a used car. Ernie helped us through the entire experience. He was very patient and easy to contact when we had questions, even after leaving the dealership and had to email him. He truly went above and beyond. We didn't feel like we were just being sold a car and once the car left the lot, we were on our own. There were a couple of items we missed to check or confirm as we had our infant baby with us and had to leave. Ernie was very understanding and made sure all our needs and requests were met. A truly great experience and would totally recommend them and will likely go back to him once we're ready for another vehicle.
By: Joanna D.
Driver's World
I went here not knowing what to expect. Jeff greeted me when I walked in and listened to all of the things I wanted in a car. I was able to check everything off my list. They were able to get me an interest rate that was HALF what my bank offered. Low payments with a 6 year warrantee. I'm so happy with my purchase. Jeff really made my experience the least stressful car buying experience ever. I feel like o got a good and fair deal, and I loved the haggle free process. I felt like I met most of the people who worked there and they all seemed happy to be at work, which is really saying something at a car dealership.
By: Helyn P.
Car Direct
I recently bought a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta from Car Direct on Shore Dr and the experience could not have been better. I have owned Jettas in the past so knew what I was looking for. I saw the car online and set up an appointment. I test drove the car and within a couple hours I was driven away in the car I came to see. The car was exactly how they described it online. My salesman, Ron Jones, and the manager, Patrick Verigan, took care of every concern I had without hesitation. I buy more cars from this lot and have and will recommend Car Direct and Ron Jones to my friends. Thanks for the great experience.

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