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By: twiztidone
Mr. Transmission
I bought my car from the tidewater auction and as soon as I drove it away from the auction it started slipping gears. I was so upset I didn't know what to do. So I pulled over to the side of the road to check my fluid. The fluid was full but was really brown and stunk bad. By the look and smell I knew something was messed up. My first thought though was to try and get it home. But then I decided to look up a transmission place on my phone and start calling them the first couple I called said it would be around $100 to diagnose. Then I called Mr. Transmission and they told me if I could get it to them they would diagnose it for free. But suggested I might not want to drive it cause it could mess it up even worse and asked if I had roadside assistance maybe through my insurance company or phone provider. I explained I didn't know so they suggested to call them and inquire but if I didn't they could have me towed at no cost as long as they did the work. So I called my insurance company and sure enough they did. So I called Mr.transmission back and told them I was having it towed in they said as soon as it arrived they would check it out. They then called me as soon as it arrived and then called me after they diagnosed it and said it need to be rebuilt. So I signed off on the pull and they said they would have it out that day and have the builder open it up on Monday since it was Saturday and he didn't work the weekend I was like OK. Then Monday about 1030 they called me and told me what had malfunctioned and gave me the price which was in the ball park of what a few other place I had called said so I authorized the work. They said it would be done and ready for pick up Tuesday by close. Then I received a call Tuesday morning and they said the installer had stayed a little late Monday night to finish and I could come pick it up ....and its been running perfectly since!!!!!!!
By: sundance0620
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
I heard about all the complaints from you so called honest people..I was hesitant to have my transmission flushed because of most of the negative reviews..I went anyway..I met Chris..He assured me that I had nothing to fear.He was absolutely correct..I am sorry I did not get the name of the specialist who went over with me..Everything he was going to do..And did..He was fantastic..I watched this man go over everything..The flush was performed..and I am very Happy..Pleased..and 100% a very appreciative AAMCO customer..and Satisfied..My suv is just like my wife..and she was treated like the lady she is.For all you other complainers and whinners..I think you had transmission problems before you went to the shop and lied..Stating You had no problems with your tranny..Yes we all make mistakes.But I depend on these Pro's to keep my lady in shape..They did so..Above and Beyond..And when your lady is Happy..Im sure you are too..Im glad I didnt listen to most of you idiots who try and blame others when you know there was a problem prior to a specialist work.Then blame him or her for something they didnt do.And you call yourselves Christians..I have another name for most of you..ArseHoles...Hope your offended by my review..If the shoe fits..Wear it..If not.Your probably as Happy with your lady.As I am..Thank you Chris and Staff.For taking care of her.Daniel J.Stehm
By: Ricky K.
Alpha Transmissions & Auto Care
It was years ago but my Brother in law told me about Jason's Transmission place, Alpha Transmission, and I took my Transmission up there and he rebuilt it for me, I re-installed it, took it back up to his shop so he could make adjustments... The Transmission has not had a single problem even after 20 years! I use my 1980 Chevy Pick up everywhere and I just love my Truck, I would not hesitate to recommend Alpha Transmissions to anyone and Actually he is the only guy I trust to do this type of work. Our Company now uses him to do All of our Transmission work for us, Thanks to Jason and his experienced men and women for All they do! Ricky Keating
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By: Dempsey S.
Rory & Son Transmission and Driveline
Needed a simple repair that I simply didn't have the tools for: driveline center support bearing.Chevy dealer quoted $1000 for a bearing and three u-joints using OEM, non-serviceable parts.Rory & Son did the job while I was at work for $400 and some change using top of the line, serviceable parts.Five stars for the quality work and affordable price alone. I just wish I could give another star for the friendly customer support at this father-son shop.
By: phillip_k.
Rory & Son Transmission and Driveline
Don't let the name fool you, these guys do a hell of a lot more than transmissions and drivelines. I've had a few performance parts installed into my car by these guys and they have done an excellent job each time. These guys are very professional with their work and customer service is excellent. Plus they have an awesome pitbull. I would recommend this place to anyone who has car problems or just wants to upgrade their vehicle.
By: Wesley B.
Rory & Son Transmission and Driveline
I brought my 06 Jeep Liberty here to switch to 4:10 gears because my lift and tires that I added are more than the stock gearing can handle. These guys did a great job. We had one small hiccup with the parts but it was taken care of accordingly. I would not hesitate to go back again. Rory and James are great to deal with and do excellent work.
By: Jacop S.
Alpha Transmissions & Auto Care
I was recommended by and friend to come here and it was a great decision. I had an estimate from another shop that was double the price alpha charged me. Great work and they check over everything 2 weeks later to ensure the vehicle is still running strong.
By: charityb.
Mr. Transmission
Take your vehicle to Mr. Transmission. They did a great job on my car and saved me a ton a money over the dealership! Everyone there is very professional and very nice to deal with. Thanks for all your help!!
By: pskennedy
Rory & Son Transmission and Driveline
These guys are great. They are knowledgeable and helped me with all my needs. Resonably priced and will go out of their way to help you get the best bang for your buck. Would reccomend them to everyone.
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By: Renee P.
Mr. Transmission
Thank you for helping me with my 2009 Lexus! You fixed my car what the dealer wanted for more money!! Thank you and the financing helped. Great service and over the top

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