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By: Caitlin W.
Thee Dog House
If I could give zero stars, I would. DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG HERE. It is a swamp of infection and disease that will promptly infect your pet. The facility reeks of urine, the stench smacks you in the face as soon as you walk in. Being a training facility and home to many dogs, an odor was expected... but this is just ridiculous. My 7 month old puppy went to Thee Dog House to go through their basic training program and potty training ($1200 something total). She was there for five weeks, despite me being told originally it was a three week program. Every time I called to check on her I got the same answer "Oh she is doing great"... getting any real information about my pet was like pulling teeth, and answers were full of attitude as if I was such a nuisance for caring what was going on. On the day I was supposed to pick up my puppy, I called to let Dan know I was coming to pick her up to be told "Oh no, she is not ready yet". After having a big go-around with him about not being kept up to date on what was going on with my dog, and being completely disrespected over the phone, my husband and I decided to let her stay the extra week and a half because we thought that is what would be best for her and her training. There was no mention during the phone call with Dan of whether she had any food left or that I should bring more in... until I said something and was told "Oh yeah, she will probably need more at some point". I was dead wrong for letting her stay. When I did go to pick her up, my baby was terrified. She cowered on the floor in their presence, ears down and tail between legs, looking up as if she thought she was the worst animal alive. She was extremely skinny and shaky her first few days home... not to mention that she was not potty trained, making that clear as she peed and pooped on the carpet as soon as she got home. Once the pinch collar comes off, all of her "training" goes out the window. The only reason she ever listened to commands was because they were pinching her with the collar repeatedly and she wanted it to stop... not because she was actually trained. I felt that something just wasn't right with her, so I took her to our vet on the third day home. Among other things, the vet informed me that my puppy was underweight (which she never has been previously) had an extreme case of kennel cough, as well as Giardia. This not only cost us upwards of $500 in vet bills plus the $150+ for the medication, but put us out of taking her to puppy day care while I work, which cost an extra $55 a day for "hospitalization" at the vet because she had to be quarantined to keep her from spreading kennel cough. If I haven't made it clear enough yet, TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!!! Take your puppy somewhere they will be as important to the trainers as they are to you... because Thee Dog House is NOT that facility. Your beloved pet is just another four paws in their facility, not to mention that they are happy to take your money and not train your pet effectively.
By: shawnda.tisor
Thee Dog House
I just recently got my chocolate lab trained at thee dog house and all I can say is THANK YOU. I called them after having tried for months to train my lab through one of the big store classes to no avail. I felt horrible. Was it my fault, I wondered. Now I know it is well worth the investment to save yourself the time and frustration only to fail in the end. Coco loves going back to see her new friends at thee dog house and I LOVE seeing her pictures on their facebook pages. My whole family are now fans of thee dog house but none bigger than Coco and me. Thank you again.
By: lauriew24
Thee Dog House
I had signed my girl up for a 6 week obedience course where I would drop her off and pick her up daily. When I first dropped her off, the stench of urine was overwhelming and I should have turned around right then and there but I gave the place the benefit of the doubt. I figured with that many dogs, that there would obviously be an odor- but this was ridiculous. The first day she came home, she smelled like urine BAD. I asked them to rinse her off before I picked her up the next time. Instead of doing so, they just sprayed some conditioner on top of the smell. Day 3 she gets home and repeatedly licked at her paws. Upon inspection, I noticed redness between her toes. When brought to Dan’s attention, he said it was most likely a yeast infection from the pool and to give it a couple days to clear up with her staying out of the pool. Day 5 she gets home and she has green goop in her eyes. By this time, I finally smarten up and take her to the vet where I find out that she has in infection between her toes AND conjunctivitis. Needless to say, I called Monday morning to inform them that she would never be back and requested a full refund as well as reimbursement of the vet bill. He agreed to the refund, but not the vet bill initially. It has now been a month since I first requested reimbursement and still have not received it. I am receiving excuse after excuse after excuse and now need t o resort to legal action. This place is not only disgustingly unsanitary but the owner has a serious attitude and awful customer service skills. I’m so mad at myself for not following through with my first impression of this place and not reading all the reviews on this horrid place. Check Yelp! and other reviews! Even Wavy 10 did a story on this disgusting place!STAY AWAY!!!
By: susanf655
Thee Dog House
This is the best place to train your dog and for daycare. They all really care about all the dogs and take great care of them. And the training is wonderful I wouldnt have been able to get Brady where he is today without them!
By: janetblackman57
Thee Dog House
The most caring and professional doggie day-care for a Weim or any dog! Wish every dog had the chance to play here.
By: greenday.fan52
Thee Dog House
Thee dog house will bring peace to your house through dog training. I have had dogs all my life and this place has been the best thing I have done for my dogs and my family.
By: nikkyhill93
Thee Dog House
Very pleased that we can bring our puppy to a place where they know her and take great care of her. During the day she gets the care and exercise she can't get when we are at work. The training has helped so much. Thank you.
Tips & Advices
In order to be certified as a therapy dog or emotional support dog, animals need to receive an evaluation/written designation from a licensed health professional: social worker, physician, psychiatrist typically. As for service dogs, which are allowed to accompany their owners into most businesses and pet-restricted areas, they can receive training, certifications, and registrations from several organizations such as TDI and United States Service Dog Registry. These certifications are not required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, but may streamline the process of getting a dog access to typically off-limits areas. Service dogs and therapy dogs are not the same thing. The same dog might fall into both categories, but therapy and emotional support animals are not recognized under the ADA.
Aggressive behavior is the most common reason that people seek professional training for their dogs. Aggressive dogs require careful evaluation from a professional to accurately classify and diagnose the behavior. Puppies that display aggressive behavior are often diagnosed as undersocialized or hyperactive, and may evolve out of that behavior with regular obedience training. However, dogs with real aggression issues require specialized training from a behaviorist or trainer who understands genetic and hereditary factors, types of aggression, environmental factors and aggressive treatment methods. The number one suggestion when seeking an aggressive behavior specialist is to ask a trusted veterinarian. Dog rescues or other professionals may also have good referrals.
If a dog doesn’t meet expectations at the end of a training course, it is as likely to be related to the training course or the pet owner as the dog. A recommended next step would be to carefully research more training methods and local trainers to find a program that is better suited to your dog. Another one is to consider whether lack of commitment, inconsistent at-home practice,  or an inconsistent discipline/reward system may have undermined the training program.
Obedience training generally takes place at 6 months, but you can begin training a puppy to socialize with humans and other animals at 7-8 weeks.
Essentially, dogs learn to respond properly to basic commands in obedience class--and humans learn how to properly give those commands. Dogs and owners will also learn how to communicate with each other, and how to avoid distractions or disturbances from the outside. No matter which method of dog training is used, it is necessary to be consistent and committed in order to train a dog. Also, it’s important that a pet owner understand their dog’s temperament and hereditary factors, and find a class and method that is appropriate.

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