By: Steve E.
Mark Gonsenhauser's Rug & Carpet Superstore
My wife and I would like to express our pleasure in finding the correct rug during the past weekend tent sale. Mark and his staff were extremely patient and helpful in allowing us to view hundreds of rugs in which to choose from. Ultimately we feel that the correct rug was found for our dining room with the help of Alex Luongo. His expertise and knowledge was exceptional and we can not express our pleasure and enjoyment in dealing with this exceptional employee. Of course Mark was a pleasure meeting and it is rare that the owner takes such a personnel involvement with clients while helping us make a decision on a rug for our house. We definitely highly recommend Mark's store and his entire staff for their help, knowledge, kindness, and patience in helping us make our selection. Thanks again and we look forward to our next purchase.Donna & Steve Emrick
By: donna-dennis
D & N Carpets, Inc.
Hi Donna....we wanted to express to you and Dennis how happy we are with our recent experience with D&N Carpets. reflecting on the numerous carpet/flooring companies we met with for estimates, your company was the most professional, on-time, and prepared. Bottom line you "said what you were going to do, and did what you say." This in itself is a very critical part to superior customer service. We appreciate your keeping in touch with us, always being on time, and performing a wonderful install job! We look forward to working with D&N Carpets for our future flooring needs. Thank You!
By: tweety56
D & N Carpets, Inc.
Having witnessed hundreds of my husband Dennis's installations over the past few years that we have been together, I can not say enough about the pride he has, and I in him at his perfection in having completed another job well done!Everything from his "fancy" cuts in dropping a room to repairs that I am amazed at, Dennis gives 150% to his installation. Ensuring that each and every one of our customers homes are installed the way we would want it done in our own home.
By: rock4jumper
Carpet Professionals
One thing for sure, ever since I found Carpet Professionals, carpet cleaning headaches are gone. Before it was such a hassle, I had to spend my time and look for the carpet cleaners and then compare their prices, read testimonials. But now that I know carpet Professionals, I don't need to do all these. It's the best carpet cleaning company in the area, great prices, fabulous quality and simply nice people to work with. My vote is for Carpet Professionals!!!!
By: faifai
Super Steamer
They called & asked permission to come a couple hours early, which I gave. They then arrived right on time in the new time window, and worked very efficiently, in & out in less than half an hour. They did a fantastic job; the carpets in this apartment look better than they did when we moved in 3 years ago. I will definitely be using them again. (Note: when they came to our house, the guy said they take cash or check, not card.)
By: elisebr39
Carpet Professionals
I am very happy I went with Carpet Professionals. They did an outstanding job cleaning my carpet. The technician arrived right on time and got to job right away. The result was spectacular, the carpet is super white and smells very nice and fresh. The price was great too and also he gave me some free spot remover, which I've already tried and it works great.
By: Eldora S.
Carpet Professionals
My carpets and furniture were completely cleaned and looked brand new once he was done. The carpet tech was extremely professional and went above and beyond to ensure that I was 100% satisfied. I will use their service again and again. I will also strongly recommend there services to everyone I know. You will definitely be please with there service
By: temeka.hathaway
Tornado Cleaning
I wanted my carpets cleaned before Christmas. I looked around and found theses guys online and on Groupon. I called and was able to get service next day. The guy that came did a great job in my opinion. I've used other companies before and this one by far was the best. Great price and great results. Will use again.
By: Max B.
Tornado Cleaning
This was my first time using this service and I am completely satisfied with my experience!They arrived on time and cleaned my 6 year old sofa and area rug in about 1 hour. After they were done both looked brand new!Would highly recommend this business for any upholstery cleaning needs.
By: Milana V.
Carpet Professionals
Carpet Professionals have definitely exceeded my expectations. One word- EXCELLENT! The carpets look absolutely clean, not even a small stain is left, also they did a complimentary deodorizer for us, so it smells great too. No doubt 5 stars!!
Tips & Advices
Newly repaired carpet should be left alone for a few days so that any adhesives applied can settle. After this time the carpet can be used and cleaned as usual.
In some cases this is necessary, but not all. Many professional repair services can acquire and provide the new carpeting patch, but for an additional fee. It is possible to remove a patch of carpet from an area not normally visible, like inside a closet or under a large piece of furniture, and then use that to repair or replace a problem area.
There is no limit to how big a patch can be. However, the larger the patch, the more noticeable it will be because it isn’t the original carpet. Use discretion in determining if a carpet area should be patched or if the entire carpet should be replaced altogether.
  • Vacuuming frequently, especially in high-traffic areas like stairwells and hallways.
  • Cleaning stains as quickly as possible – the longer a stain rests, the more permanent the damage becomes.
  • Cleaning stains efficiently – do not scrub the stain but blot it, and use mostly water-based products to remove any residual staining.
  • Placing mats in places like doorways to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the carpet.
  • Get a professional, machined deep clean every 12-18 months.
Wrinkles or waves can develop due to poor installation, excessive water damage, and general wear and tear over long periods of time.

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