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By: christopher.nickolai
Acredale Saddlery
I'm born and raised in VB. I used to pass by this place when I was pre-k attending children's world. At 25, I've past this place so many times it had become background noise. I have a very wide foot and have always had trouble finding a comfortable fit. I've been getting by for 3 years wearing secondhand boots from a friend in the military. They were the only shoes I've ever owned that fit right. I had beaten them to the point that the tag had fallen out, several sets of insoles had been worn out, and the outsoles had cracked to the point that I could stick my finger inside my boot. I made several trips to well-known shoe stores, including redwing shoes, and many of your big box stores with no success in finding a good quality boot that fit. I was in the area and stopped by Acredale. I was helped immediately upon entering and she eyeballed my size. She got it close on the first try and perfect on the second. After she had me try about 3-4 pairs we had found the perfect pair for my work use. I was told to sit in a chair and remove my boots while she danced around pulling boots from the wall. I felt pampered, which is a very foreign feeling for a working man like me. I later looked up the priced for the boots I purchased. I found them on amazon prime for $10 more than I paid at Acredale. I'm sure some items are more expensive than you'd find elsewhere but it is an independent specialty store. Overall, I feel incredibly satisfied with the level of service and the value of the product. Sorry about the length of my review. It's my attempt to emphasize how impressed I was with this place. I will be returning

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