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By: onedodd
Tony's Personal Training Zone
I came to his gym at 214 lbs. A lot for a 5' 8 in frame. You couldda called me chubby. I met Tony jogging down a road behind his gym. Got to talking and he suggested I come in and checkout the gym. I signed up for a two week plan. For two weeks he pushed me so hard and I wanted to quit. He convinced me to hang in there. I did not quit and after that first 2 weeks I went from 214 to 198 and it felt good to be under 200 lbs again. Needless to say I signed for a longer workout plan. Tony is 100% professional and knows his business. As for a trainer he is the best in Virginia Beach. IMHO Thanks Tony!
By: diana-7
Kosama Virginia Beach
Kosama is a great workout if you are looking for something different. The workouts are timed and the instructors walk around and motivate you and correct you on your form. Most importantly, Charles and Katie are AWESOME and truly care for their customers! They are always there to answer questions and follow up with you to make sure you are doing good. It truly feels like you are part of a family when you join Kosama! THANK YOU Kosama, Charles and Katie!
By: Kate F.
The instructors and entire class make you feel very welcome on your 1st day. The first 15 minutes of class is the most intense, once you are done with that you can get through the rest of class no problem - it's fun - and I look forward to going to the next class. My friends have complimented me on my physique and increased strength and I am feeling great. I have also greatly improved my flexibility. Thank you ILKB!
By: Amber J.
Chizzled Nutrition - Herbalife Bar
Debra at Chizzled Nutrition is awesome!!! The fact that you have the chance to try all of these different herbalife shakes before buying them to make at home is SO cool. The health assessment is also very cool and breaks down all that you need to lose or gain the weight you want. I definitely recommend any of the coffee flavored shakes for those morning people looking tio escape those starbucks frap calories!
By: Justin M.
Ideal Fitness
Ive lost 17 Lbs and 10% body fat in 4 months. Its enjoyable, fun, a great workout, and he'll help you create a personalized nutrition plan. The atmosphere is fun but very challenging however its really approachable regardless of age or fitness. Its a great mix of all shapes and sizes there and we all have fun but we all work hard. Ive been to several gyms and trainers, and nothing like this. Its awesome!!!!
By: Jayasree K.
It’s such a welcoming and positive environment. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient and will teach you step by step how to properly execute kickboxing techniques such as jabs, uppercuts, etc. I look forward in going to class every chance I get. Becca, Sam, Kenny, Morgan, Bianca, some of the instructors whose classes I have taken are phenomenal. They keep you challenged and motivated.
By: Sarah L.
ILKB VA Beach is awesome! The staff is friendly, the facilities are clean, and the classes are awesome. The class schedule can accommodate almost anybody’s schedule so there’s no excuse to miss class. The instructors are more than willing to help you, whether it be techniques, fitness tips, or nutrition. They are there to help you achieve your goals. Definitely worth every penny!
By: tomanthonydotcom
Face The Pain
I love Face The Pain Gym - great people - great equipment - small and personal. Billy Yancey is the owner and Personal Trainer. He is a really good personal trainer on lots of training levels. The people who work out at Face the Pain Gym are really friendly too, no attitudes at face the Pain Gym.
By: Carrie M.
Natural Bodyz Fitness Center
Nothing but good to say about this gym! The trainers are amazing. They keep you on your toes to help you lose weight and tone up! I look forward to going in every time. The facility is clean and well put together. I recommend everyone join!
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By: Iesha S.
The Little Gym
This is a great place for kids to engage in fun activities while excerising and growing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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