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By: Darrell S.
Hilltop Pawn
If anyone asked me, I would say that Hilltop Pawn shop’s customer service is just like any other that I’ve been to. The biggest catch they have is that they combine a real pawn shop feel and that of a high end shop. They have a variety of items with diverse price tags that would fit any budget. It would be an overstatement to say that they are wholesale prices and equally an understatement to say they have retail prices. They fall somewhere in the middle, making it an ideal place to pop in to pick stuff. Another notable thing is that my experience with this pawn shop has revealed to me that they know a lot about stuff, yeah, any stuff for a pawn shop. And it isn’t just one employee, but all that I’ve interacted with. I like that!
By: Nancy F.
Hilltop Pawn
As someone who’s literally crazy about watches…oh, I mean changing watches, I always like a place where I can resell what I don’t need to earn some money for the next watch in fashion. I knew of pawn shops, but had a SERIOUSLY crooked opinion about them and the services they offer. My bro told me of a nearby pawn shop called Hilltop Pawn shop. I visited the shop and held a discussion with them about how much they pay for watches and the criteria they use to determine the price. I was happy and that very evening, I sold the first watch to them, which fetched me well over $500. I was expecting something between $350 and $400. Great service, great people!!!
By: Harry C.
Hilltop Pawn
Hilltop Pawn shop is my number one choice store for Christmas gifts. Many shops take their prices to the ceiling when Christmas is around the corner. At some point last year when approaching Christmas, I walked several shops to get a diamond gift for my mom, but all of them had set too high prices. When I was tired and headed back home, I saw Hilltop Pawn shop sign and decided to walk in. I saw some gift that I felt would be the perfect one for my mom and when I enquired about the price, I thought I heard it wrong. That was the price and I bought it. Close to half of what I could have spent if I went to another shop. Yes, my number one choice.
By: Nelson J.
Hilltop Pawn
I still miss my Yamaha MIDI Keyboard, though I console myself that at least I knew when I was taking a loan and more so that I got a good amount in loan. The main reason why many people have a bad opinion about pawn shops is because it’s always a challenge knowing whether what you’re being told is the truth or otherwise. But with Hilltop Pawn shop, the story is totally different as they tell you everything as it is before striking the deal.Plus the way they value collateral makes a lot of sense to me. They look at several things that influence the amount at which they will resale something before they give you a loan. Wonderful!!!
By: Cameron D.
Hilltop Pawn
Whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary, Hilltop Pawn Shop offers the best fit for every celebration. I’ve never gone wrong with any of their recommended products. Every time I buy a gift, they package it so beautifully. And their assortment of diamond products consists of items that are always in fashion and are appealing to the eye. Unlike some other pawn shops I’ve been to, Hilltop Pawn Shop employees people who’ll give you clear direction and expert opinion on whichever product you intend to buy…like that you never go wrong even with colors, signs, and some deep meanings that a gift may have.
By: Jax H.
Hilltop Pawn
Okay, I can’t find a way to that Hilltop Pawn Shop enough. I needed a personal loan…and I checked places to see where I could get the highest with my palmtop. It’s great I got to know about Hilltop Pawn Shop after trying out a few pawn shops in Virginia Beach. This was by far the best I came across…right from the reception, displays, service, to the final sale. I got the money within a few minutes and was given enough to sort out my situation comfortably. Plus it’s the only pawn shop that gave me all the information I needed to help me make a decision while understanding the possible consequences.
By: Andy S.
Hilltop Pawn
I’ve always found it difficult to swap stuff yet I also don’t have money to purchase whatever I need urgently. My cousin told me about pawn shops and I decided to try one out. However, that brought with it another series of disappointments since most of the pawn shops paid peanuts. Something miraculous happened, and I bumped on my friend right in front of Hilltop Pawn shop and he told me he had just come from there to get a loan. I decided to check it out and it was out of this world. Since then, I’ve taken loans more than five times from this very pawn shop and I haven’t experienced any issues.
By: Helen M.
Hilltop Pawn
My fiancé and I set out to get a birthday present for my dad. We didn’t have a lot of money and so we had to go the pawn shop way as opposed to some first class shops. The surprising thing is that we got great quality and an assortment to choose from. The pricing was equally fair…oh yes, we even got change. The most powerful thing about Hilltop Pawn shop is the employees. The employees are available to answer any questions you have. When they advise you to purchase a given product, it’s after analyzing what you need it for so that you don’t buy something that won’t add so much value.
By: sammi0404
Hilltop Pawn
Easily one of the best pawn shops in Virginia Beach. Went to TWO pawn shops before stopping here and even though I was frustrated, they were really understanding of my situation. The other virginia Beach pawn shops were taking advantage of me and giving me prices that were wayyy lower than what I originally paid for my bracelet, which was 10K gold by the way. Their prices were ridiculous!! but hilltop actually gave me a great value, so I'm returning the favor! if you're in the Virginia Beach area and you are trying to sell gold, def stop here. highly recommend. great staff
By: Davide L.
Hilltop Pawn
I got my first Omega watch from Hilltop Pawn shop and it came at great price. It was some sort of luck since I had searched for this exact watch but in most shops it was so so expensive. What I got was brand new yet the price was almost half of the prices I got in other shops. The shop is in a very safe place with several taxi points that enable customers to buy and move with their items easily.The place is very much organized with all the products properly arranged in a manner that makes it easier for customers to identify what they want. Very well done!

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