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By: Paul L.
Mobile Mechanix
I used to dread spring's arrival, not because I wasn't sick of winter, but because I had to start all over again trying to find tune-up and repair service for our lawnmowers to keep this big yard in shape. I had tried using the dealers who'd sold me the mowers. They kept my machines for weeks, charged me outrageous fees, and then I usually had to call them back because they'd forgotten to do one thing or another I had requested. My life changed when I found Mobile Mechanix and owner Ray Sexton. If you want the best service from a true professional at your own home, then you'd better put the phone number for Mobile Mechanix on your own speed dial. One call with your questions or concerns, and you're all set to have the finest gentleman and machinery expert visit you and solve your problems right then and there at a truly reasonable fee. Ray is family to my wife and me. Now we really do look forward to spring and summer, and neither one of us minds cutting the grass because our riding mower, push mower, and grass trimmer all work more smoothly than the day we first bought them. Here is our motto for Mobile Mechanix: "Don't delay; call Ray!"
By: Emily F.
Hank's Mower Repair
Have a newer RYOBY weed wackier that the bolt to tighten down the attachments stripped out (never loan your tools) Well after going to three different shops, Home Depot, Lowes, and Land and Coats I found Hanks. explained my situation and found I would have to replace the whole shaft just for the bolt. Now the two young men working the counter were great as they found me a replacement part off a used TORO that did the trick. that saved me the cost of the new shaft and then didn't even want to charge me for the part nor labor to get it off the TORO. These guys are great and curtios folk HIGHLY RECOMMEND them for you lawn equipment needs. Wish I had found them long ago.
By: Giaca C.
Hank's Mower Repair
They took good care of me. I live on a fixed income and told them that, and they helped me work things out financially and delivered on there promise to me. And now I have a great weed eater for my yard work at home. I've known this business since it used to be a bicycle shop on Virginia Beach blvd. I can't thank them enough for treating me well. So I give them 5 star rating.
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By: Cheryl S.
Mobile Mechanix
What a great experience! wish everyone was so honest, dependable & quick at responding. Ray arrived on time and it took him less than 5 min. to determine problem. Would recommend him to anyone. Wish we would have found him sooner to fix various things over the years that we probably ended up throwing away for lack of knowledge. Don't ever retire :)
By: Tommy D.
Mobile Mechanix
Great service; professional, reliable, and fast. Not only did I get the job done quickly, Ray was able to come earlier than scheduled, I received very useful information regarding the care and upkeep of my mower. I'll definitely call Mobile Mechanix the next time I need service!
By: Sam F.
Hank's Mower Repair
Knowledgeable professionals. This isn't a boutique, this is a mower repair shop and they know their business. Fast helpful diagnosis, fast follow-up, and great service.Decent enough pricing that I will be bringing the riding lawnmower back to them as well.
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By: Eileen V.
Mobile Mechanix
Professional, courteous, funny, a good storyteller and a lawnmower that is in tip top shape. That's pretty good considering i ancient and has not had its oil changed for too long for me to say. I will definitely be a repeat customer!
By: Tina C.
Mobile Mechanix
Ray is polite, professional, reliable, honest, and knows how to fix a lawn mower! I was impressed with his service and highly recommend Ray for your repairs. This was far better than schlepping my mower to a shop.
By: Mal M.
Hank's Mower Repair
Always has what I need and prices are the best in town. All I do is email them what I need and I'm good to go. They even have it already pulled for me when I walk in the door.
By: Ali C.
Hank's Mower Repair
Honest, dependable people. When my Brother's weed eater went down, had a good recommendation and he bought one from them and have had no problem since then.
Tips & Advices
When a lawn mower issue arises, it generally results in the either the mower’s inability to start or its inability to cut properly. The most common causes of these issues include:
  • Clogged air filter
  • Flooded engine
  • Dead spark plug
  • Overfilling of oil
  • Dull cutting blade
  • A dirty undercarriage
  • Gasoline or oil that is too old and has gone stale
  • Overheated engine
Reel mowers are those without engines that use a series of vertically spinning blades to slice the grass, much like a pair of scissors would. These mowers are typically smaller and are pushed manually by an operator. But larger reel mowers can be towed behind tractors or multipurpose vehicles, which is how most golf course lawns are maintained. These mowers make shallow cuts and disperse the clippings broadly back over the lawn. This is known as grasscycling. a form of self-fertilizing, and is generally considered to be good for the grass’ health and longevity. Rotary mowers generally have a single blade that spins horizontally and is powered by a small gas or electric engine. These mowers can be adjusted to cut thick or shallow grass and disperse the clippings neatly to one side, greatly easing the process of clean up. Rotary mowers can be pushed manually, ridden by a driver, or towed behind tractors and multipurpose vehicles.
  • Clean blades and the undercarriage of clippings and dirt at least once per year to prevent rusting
  • Change oil, air filter, and spark plug once every one to two  years
  • If the mower is being stored for a long period of time, such as during the winter, drain the remaining gas and oil
Lawn mower spark plugs should be changed every one to two  years.
Lawn mower blades should be sharpened every one to two 1 to 2 months, or around twice each season.

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