By: Eve C.
Executive Protection Group
What an amazing company and owner David Goldberg. First I need to apologize for the delay in this review, but better late than never. I am an older woman who had hired a cleaning service to clean my house and had this service for several months. Over the months I noticed missing items. I questioned the cleaning service in my house and they told me no had not seen the items. I knew I was not losing my mind. I was told by a friend a lawyer of mine to call a lie detecting service and get the cleaning employee tested. I called the company in Norfolk first as they are closer to my house. This person who claimed to be the owner did not want to entertain my issue or hear my story. He basically told me the cost and he could give the test and he had been doing this for a while. He would not answer much. I was not impressed and basically upset as to how I was treated. I called the next business in line called Executive Protection Group. What a breath of fresh air. I spoke to the owner Mr. David Goldberg. He was understanding and took his time and listened to everything I had to say. Matter of fact we were on the phone for an hour. That to me said a lot about the integrity of Mr. Goldberg and his company. I booked the appointment and had the cleaning service bring in the employee. I was overwhelmed once again with the extensive exam and the information that Mr. Goldberg was able to obtain. He was able to not only get all the answers I needed, but was able to get the employee to admit to the theft and to a ring I did not even know was missing. I called the police made a police report and called the insurance company immediately. The cleaning service cooperated with the investigation. If it was not for me calling Executive Protection Group and going with them and getting Mr. Goldberg I would not have ever gotten my answers to my theft. I am so thankful to Mr. Goldberg and his company. I am old, but wise and so I urge those out there reading this and needed a lie detector test for whatever reason. Go with Executive Protection Group only. The others don't care about you or your issues. Gd bless you and your company Mr. Goldberg. Eve.
By: Dennie J.
Executive Protection Group
I wanted to write a review for a few reasons. I too went to the same examiner and polygraph business that Ciara P went to with my then Fiance at the time. I will tell you I called Executive Protection Group first and was told that he could get me in the afternoon, but I was so desparate to get in the morning, that I rushed. Mr. Goldberg told me not to rush and to ensure that all my questions asked will be asked or I would be sorry later. Well I did not listen of course. My Fiance and I got to this examiner and he was very uncaring, very rushed and appeared after the testing that he truly did not know what he was doing. He said I failed my polygraph and I knew I had never ever cheated on my Fiance. Plus the examiner told us it was Inconclusive on one question. Which when he left feeling confused and very upset and not knowing everything. We both left that business crying and upset and felt we got ripped off big time. Well I immediately called Mr. Goldberg back and he was calming had me and my Fiance come to his office that same day, but later. Mr. Goldberg looked at our one page report, which was not even a report made by the examiner himself. Mr. Goldberg reviewed the report and told me and my Fiance what inconclusive truly meant and it had nothing to do with the me, but the way the questions was made up by the examiner and therefore it was the examiner's fault. Mr. Goldberg gave me an extensive exam and I passed it with flying colors which I knew. This time the tears were of joy and total exoneration. Well the awesome news was me and my Fiance got married that weekend. Mr. Goldberg saved our relationship my integrity and my reputation. I would never ever go to any other polygraph business in Hampton Roads area for anything and I would never recommend any other examiner ever other than Executive Protection Group and Mr. Goldberg. Do not do what I did and rush and do not do what I did and others have done and gone elsewhere. I am ever so grateful. RWJD.
By: Stan M.
Executive Protection Group
I wanted to write this review for several reasons. First there are many companies out there that claim they offer the same services, but do they really. The answer is a flat out NO. the second reason is people need to truly understand that when their chips are down and they need to get answers and prove they are telling the truth polygraph testing the best way to show this. The final reason is I had a situation and did my research and wanted others to know who to go to. Yes I called another polygraph business first because that business was first listed. So I called. The examiner was asked many questions and he only had 2 years experience. Yes he was cheaper and he made sure I knew this as to say why pay more. But I called Executive Protection Group. I spoke to that examiner the owner and he had 12 plus years experience and over 3000 exams. Why would I even consider paying cheaper for a less experience examiner especially for my serious situation. Paying more to have more peace of mind meant so much more to me. Executive Protection Group was so professional and when I arrived I felt like my issue was important and I was not rushed. The matter was resolved and yes I did prevail in the end. The last part is not all companies that offer the same service are the same and I will tell you no one gives you what Executive Protection Group does. Glad I checked around. Thank you David. Mr. M.
By: Dr. C.
Executive Protection Group
I am Doctor that deals with a lot of clinical polygraph exams in my area and state, but this time I had to get a polygraph outside of my state and I turned to referral service that deals with Polygraph exams. I found them on the website, which was professional and I was immediately assisted with a polygraph examiner and business in the state of Virginia in which I needed. I was so impressed with the owner and examiner at Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service David Goldberg that I knew that I had gone to the best referral service and would not go wrong. This matter was a court matter directed by a judge and I needed to ensure that the exam would be handled professionally and the examiner knew exactly what they were doing. Well I was not disappointed. The examiner called me with the results immediately that day and mailed a superb detailed report. The findings was exactly what I needed. If it was not for referral service and their assistance in finding the correct examiner I would not have been able to complete my case. I will recommend Executive Protection Group and the examiner David Goldberg to my colleagues and anyone else. They are an outstanding Polygraph business and I can see why the referral service called Global Polygraph Network has them on their network. Thank you to Both very much. Very Respectfully Dr. C.
By: Henry L.
Executive Protection Group
I would like to thank David and Executive Protection Group for a wonderful experience and for putting closure on a very difficult situation for me and my significant other. It has been a very long time and if it was not for you I am not sure what would have occurred. I want everyone to know that I chose to go to a cheaper priced examiner prior to seeking Executive Protection Group. What a poor decision that was. Me and my significant other left that other office completely empty, issues unresolved and no answers to our questions. We fought, argued and cried. We sought Executive Protection Group paid more and yes we got more. The professionalism by David and explanation and the way things were from the beginning was like buying a Mercedes versus a Volkswagen. The issues were resolved and all questions answered and different results. It was like night and day. If I learned anything it is that I will never ever go to any place that is cheaper to buy anything and will never go anywhere that someone has less experience. Do not shop around for your issues. Go to Executive Protection Group and see David. I am changing my real name and don't want the other business to bother me as me and my significant other are very happy now. But I will tell Executive Protection Group I am very grateful.
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By: Ciara P.
Executive Protection Group
I called on David Goldberg after failing a lie detector test that I knew I should have passed with another agency. My boyfriend had suspected infidelity on my behalf. We met with David and in the middle of the process I showed him the results from my first lie detector test that I had failed. He reviewed it and immediately told me that I had passed the test with flying colors. He broke the numbers down from the vague report. David Goldberg even took his time to talk with my boyfriend and I together and separately to give us advice and words of wisdom. He could have been untruthful and had us go on with the test to get his fee, but inside he told us the truth and let us decide what we would pay him for his time that did not require another polygraph test. David Goldberg is a SAINT and he has been a blessing to my family. If we had not found him who knows if my boyfriend and I would be together right now raising our 18 month old son. I thank you for your genuineness and God bless you. If anyone is in need of a polygraph David Goldberg is your guy.
By: Ny S.
Executive Protection Group
Hi am I am father of a Teenager daughter. As a father communication with my daughter was not going well. We have had serious issues and I truly needed answers I was not receiving. I called a few polygraph businesses and was given answers from call a therapist to maybe you need to send your teenager to a treatment facility. This did not go well with me. I then called Executive Protection Group and spoke to a Mr. Goldberg. This was a true professional. He listened to my concerns, and told me he could help me in the polygraph sense. The issues she and I were dealing with were drugs, boys to theft to school. Mr. Goldberg gave my daughter the most thorough examination and was able to get answers that I was not getting for years. I can not thank Mr. Goldberg for what he has done to repair this relationship with me and my daughter. I recommend you and your service to everyone. I know there are parents out there that need answers. Go see Executive Protection Group only. Thank you. Ny.
By: T J.
Executive Protection Group
How many fathers and mothers have been accused of things that they have just not done. I know I have been accused and I was just sick of it. I am a loving father and my ex- kept accusing me of doing things to my child every time my child would come for a visit. I had enough. I decided to put a end to it. I called up some polygraph companies and one was in Norfolk, one in Portsmouth and after speaking to the owner of Executive Protection Group I went to them. They sounded like they had more experience doing this kind of issue. I took my test and I passed. I knew I would. My report was sent to my attorney and we won in court. It felt so good to hear the judge tell my ex- to stop making these false claims of abuse against me. This polygraph did more for me and my child than you can possible imagine. I am thankful. I suggest every mother and father out there being accused by their ex. to get a polygraph and call Executive Protection. Thanks. T.
By: Pettyoff N.
Executive Protection Group
I am in the United States Navy and I have served my country very well for 8 years honorably. I have taken many Urinalysis tests while in and passed all. This one time I tested positive for Cocaine. I dont do drugs. My Legal Officer suggested I call Executive Protection Group for a polygraph Test as they have a most outstanding reputation and the Navy refers them over any other polygraph business. I called and took a polygraph and passed. In my Administrative hearing I was found not guilty and the Polygraph was a huge help and I saved my career and family. I will tell you I know many Sailors, other buddies in other armed forces that have tested positive and have not done things. I tell them go see Executive Protection Group. It was the best thing I did and I I know the Urine testing is flawed. Go see them if you test positive you wont go wrong. Thank you for saving my career. IO am very grateful. USN forever.
By: Human R.
Executive Protection Group
In reference to Adazia comments let me set the record correct. Adazia arrived with her application packet for a corrections position that ensures authority and accountability, which was not filled out with one word on it as directed by her perspective employer ahead of time. Whether she arrived 30 min or an hour early the examiner and the polygraph business has a set schedule and does not have time for applicants to fill out their packet. Adazia was advised via letter and phone to have the packet filled out upon arrival or the examiner will not test her. Therefore when she was told to reschedule that is correct. The time frame is up to the employer not the business. When she states she wont get the job not her fault well that is a LIE and this is why we polygraph test all applicants. Executive Protection Group is always professional and ethical. Human Resources Dept. of Corrections.
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Group counseling is when one or more counselors lead a group discussion, usually between five and 15 people. The group may focus on a shared experience or situation, and provide support and encouragement to the other attendees.
Each state defines its own requirements for what licenses and education are needed to be a counselor. It's common for counselors to have a bachelor's degree in psychology or a similar field, as well as a master's degree. After that, counselors should obtain their state license, and can move on to achieving other licenses like the:
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