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By: truthfulnhonest
Da Notty Roots
I just started my locs about 6 months ago with a loctician that I LOVE and trust. However, my loctician is about 3 1/2 hours away and since I travel often I didn't mind making the trip to ensure that I started this process and maintained it the best way possible. Well I needed my hair maintained but my usual person didn’t have any openings the weekend that I would be in the area. My co-worker recommended Da Knotty Roots and it took me months to give it a try. Everyone knows that when it comes to hair it’s hard to try someone new. I took the risk and was O.K. I went there yesterday. I walked in… was greeted… sat for about 5 minutes before moving to the wash chair. The wash was subpar at best. I didn't feel like it was shampooed enough or scrubbed the way it should have been I didn’t feel any lathered got to the back. The wash is one of the best things about my current loctician his shampoo guys really know how to take their time to make sure it feels good and most importantly that is gets CLEAN!!! So I'd give the wash 1 STAR. I think if you're new to a salon they should talk to you about the products that they use as well as the technique before starting your hair. I have always got the palm roll. So when she started the retwist my locs solely at the base I was thinking what is this so that forced me to have to start the conversation about the technique and the products they used. After some dialogue back and forth she did the palm roll (extra fee). I was then informed on some other maintenance options that I was not so sure about and wanted to talk to my usual loctician before that procedure was performed. She didn't seem too informed on some of the questions that I asked but luckily the owner Denise was called over and offered better insight and explanations which was greatly appreciated!! The product that was used was told to be all natural. I'm not arguing that but the way it left my hair looking I DID NOT like. It looked like white stuff or something. My point is I don’t want to see the product that was used sitting on top of my hair like it is. What’s been used in the past by me and my loctician smells great and does not leave any residue looking stuff behind and is not greasy like what is in my head now. I really feel like I will need to wash my hair by next week because of the product. Today it has dissolved somewhat but is still very noticeable to me. When I touch my hair it has some small gritty feeling stuff in it. Like most of the review the shop is nice staff friendly enough but had the owner not been there probably would not be any chance of me returning unless it was my absolutely last result! I know in this area this probably is the best option for loc maintenance. I would like to see improvements in the customer service and providing each NEW client with information of their processes and products during or before they begin the work not a consultation necessarily but just some dialogue as they work.
By: carolyn.jordan.562
Da Notty Roots
My hair was a mess at the crown,bad twisting and poor choices with hair styling was my cross to bear for 6 months or so.I traveled to VA Beach in July,I could no longer stand to continue wearing scarves to hide my thinning short hair in the crown.At the suggestion of my boyfriend I goggled Locticians in the general area and found Da Notty Roots,which was about 15 min from where we were staying.I spoke to a woman ( owner) who was very pleasant and gave me an immediate appt(next day)Her name was Denise.When I arrived I was met by the most pleasant staff,I was directed to the shampoo bowl immed and re-assured that I would be well taken care of,this young woman's name was Jasmine,the owners daughter.the other stylist's were equally as pleasant,Hi Tia(lol). Jasmine discussed with me what my hair was in need of and suggested products to use and to avoid,she was soft spoken and very polite,by the other stylist's I was referred to as Ms Carolyn,which I thought was so cute.When it came time to do my Loc Repairs,Denise took over.Within 10 min,my repair was done,I was not able to tell the difference from the newly added Loc' s to my original one's.When I saw the finished product I could have cried,for month's I wore scarves,not being able to enjoy my Loc's because of what poor re-twisting and styles had been done.Denise must have felt this because she looked at me stating" told ya I'd take care of you" at which time she gave me the biggest HUG.This experience is the best salon experience that I have ever had,and I've been all over.they respected the fact that I was vacationing and got me in and out.Thanks Jasmine..I live in the Albany area but I plan to return to Da Notty Root by hook or crook.To anyone who needs good hair care/ repair ,Da Notty Root is the perfect place for any Loc maintenance.Ask for Denise or Jasmine you won't be sorry.Hair is to be taken care of NOT just DONE!.If your looking for DreadLock knowledge,repair,maintenance,professionalism,and a friendly atmosphere without having to go into debt,give them a call,your hair will thank you.
By: K H.
Da Notty Roots
made an appointment for the same day. When I got there I explained what style I wanted I was informed that they could do it. I paid an extra 10 for the honey treatment I don't think she used a lot on my hair but ok whatever. My stylist Shi sat me under the dryer with a old shower cap on I could smell it when  she was putting it on my head. I sat under the dryer for 10 minutes while listening to them talk about love and hip hop while using foul language. After I came from under the dryer she began to do my hair I told her I wanted them small but was told I don't have to have them that small due to me getting them twisted out but I told her how big I wanted them because I know how big I want my final curl to be but was told that I shouldn't get them that small. I don't understand if I'm the client and I tell you how I want them they should b done how I want it. When she was detangling my hair it wasn't so bad I just wish she would've been a little bit more easy on my hair... so while she's doing my hair she dropped the comb on the floor then tried to use it on my head without cleaning it or anything I had to tell her to clean the comb before using as the day when on she took my hair a loose and it was a DISASTER!!!! I hated my hair when she was done another stylist by the name of Melissa stepped in and said she would try to fix it my original stylist just left and didn't make sure I was good or anything needless to say I was there for over 9 hours to get a 3 -4  hour style. But I do plan on coming back I'll just be sure I make my appointment with Melissa not with anyone else!!!
By: classyguy101
Da Notty Roots
It was definitely the best dread place i have seen when i started going last year but has definitely falling off since the i went in october. i always had Fatima do my dreads and she did an excellent job taking her time to really clean them up and trim them. came in last week and they said she no longer worked there so they gave me a different stylist brown skin young chubby girl. i was a little reluctant bet decided to let her do it any way she did a decent job retwisting them so i decided to let them braid it. Bad idea She does 3/4 of my with small braids runs out of hair cause of her bad parting and then puts two big braids for the last 1/4 then has the nerve to try to hide them behind my ear and put em in a pony tail.She is Scratching her da*n scalp and then putting her fingers in my head what Kind of unsanitary sh*t is that. putting the rubber band in her mouth to open them come on you dont do stuff like that. definitely will be finding another shop. If your new to the shop definitely ask for denise and DONT LET THE YOUNG BIG GIRL BRAID YOUR HAIR.
By: stephenhightower
Da Notty Roots
I had a lot of trouble and wasted a lot of money trying to find a place that actually knew what they were doing when it comes to Caucasian locs. Others claimed to have experience and great techniques, but I was always disappointed, and the costs were never clear up front. As soon as I walked in the door the first time at Da Notty Roots Denise had my confidence. She and her staff create a great fun atmosphere, they call me by name and treat me like I've been a friend for years, and I always know exactly what I'm going to get and how much it will cost. If you want locs - Caucasian or otherwise - in the Hampton Roads area, Da Notty Roots is the place to go.
By: jdstith86
Da Notty Roots
I recently moved into the area from Richmond. I was worried because I didn't know anywhere that I could go to keep my locs maintained and was no longer interested in driving back and forth the richmond. When I came in it was a great atmosphere and everyone was very friendly. My appointment was with Jasmine who did a great job on my hair. She was very fast and my appointment was on time. I have officially found my new home for my hair and I'm very excited about it. If your in the area and need anything done to your natural hair this is the place to be.
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By: Adefunke J.
Queen African Hair Braiding
This is d best African braiding I ve ever been to in the whole of Virginia Beach d environment is so cool quiet clean and see the owner she's a wonderful person always making sure u re ok and d girls dat work wth her too dey are all cool headed I like my braids so fine its over a month and still feel and looks like I just fix it.well-done ester.
By: monique.dunnington
Hair 4 the Grown And Sexy
I been going to this hair salon since 2005 and Maisha Harris has always been very professional. She loves what she does and she treats your hair as if it s her own. I would recommend this salon to anyone. The prices are very resonable and affordable and the service is great. This salon gets five stars from me!!! Thanks Maisha
By: Pamela L.
Da Notty Roots
I got my caucasian locs done there a week ago and I'm loving it! I would definitely recommend this place. Friendly environment and they did a good job. My only issue was that too much wax was put onto the finished product and it was hard to get out and made my head greasy for awhile. So, just tell them to hold the wax.
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By: E F.
Starz Braids
The owner and her daughter (CoCo) do an extraordinary job! This is the only place that I will go to get my hair braided. I have tried a few other places since I started going to Starz Braids about 6 years ago. I have been disappointed every time when I compare the quality of what I get. I definitely recommend them.

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