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By: Nick S.
There are two main reasons why I love this club so so much. Number one is the feeling while in the club...whether ate the VIP or not; it's just warm and it imbues some comfy. This makes one really get loose and dive into that moment of fun; and of course that's what clubbing is about, right? The other thing is the attention that the employees give the customers. Anything to do with an order or commotion is attended to instantly, making the customers very safe and comfortable. Forget about those clubs that tell you about VIP yet there isn't really anything special. My evening at the Mermaids Gentlemen's Club VIP provided me with the real meaning and feeling of VIP. The lightning alone plus the seats are so definitive. Drinks? Haha, order whatever you want and it will be served in a very special way by properly groomed waiters and waitresses. Sit back, relax, let loose, and have real fun. I love their women..literally!!
By: Ivan F.
I used to tell my friends about this club because of their music, food and other niceties, but most of them just dismissed me saying that I’m just a strip club fanatic; that I only go to watch the women do their thing. If I do my counting right, 3 quarters of them are now regulars, let alone the ones who visit occasionally. The most striking thing about this club is the interior design and the lighting. It adds some level of beauty to the dancers as they go about their business. Plus the different cuisines and drink specials just sum it all up. Because of their good job, I’ve become their marketer off the payroll.
By: Tracy F.
With all due respect to other so called clubs around Virginia Beach, Mermaids Gentlemen’s Club makes them look like some local pubs. They have great sound so music is good to the ears. They have activities almost on a daily basis, giving customers a reason to have a unique experience every time they visit the club. While some clubs are just known for great music and dance floors, Mermaids Gentlemen’s Club also provides some cuisines that you don’t get anywhere around. The club is all round, meaning you get everything you need to give you a fabulous evening out.
By: Caden Y.
I went to Mermaid's for a bachelor party and was so impressed by the service that I just had to write this review. First of all, the staff was so attentive and constantly making sure we were good with everything we needed, the women went above and beyond with their dancing and were even great and fun to talk to, bottle service was on point and the food was nothing short of awesome. I was kind of worried at first about having the bachelor party there because I thought it was too small but I'm so glad we did! I will come here again for sure.
By: Corbin Y.
This is the first strip club I’ve visited since I came to Virginia Beach and there isn’t a doubt that it checks with some of the clubs you get in some of the biggest social cities. I have to admit that it isn’t as big as some of the main ones, but it definitely competes them when it comes to the clubbing experience it offers. They also don’t have the kind of women you pick on the street for $100; they are women of class with bodies that would make every functioning man’s heartbeat increase pace. My choice!!!
By: euro_k2me
3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant
Recently went to lunch at 3 Amigos, was my favorite place for a long time. Dont know what happened, but the mexican flavor was not there, the service was slack, and the waitstaff was loud. (the waitstaff was sitting in a booth beside just goofing off and laughing, while several tables were dirty and needed tending).Not going back for a while. Obviously the owners have grown tired of the place, or maybe its just new owners without a clue.I'll give it a few years and try again.
By: Danson S.
Was just trying out my luck by filling in a form on their website and I won myself a VIP party package. That was the first time; the second time I literally had to pay for the package because I felt that having it just once wasn’t enough for a GENTLEMAN like me. The comfy and ambience that meets you there is just out of this world. The ladies are themselves intoxicating and every second in there is a time well spent. There isn’t a way to say it all in words.
By: John W.
An evening at the strip club with a family? Oh, I mean a family of adults…what an experience we had after my brother won a VIP package at the Mermaids Gentlemen’s Club for ten after registering on the website. We had a great moment as a family…lots of drinks, some of which I was downing for the first time. The kind of service that we received from the waiters was one of a kind. It became a great way for us to learn of a new place for our next party.
By: Pedro K.
I love strip clubs, yes, but I think I love Mermaids Gentleman’s Club more. They have the friendliest attendants I've met out there. When it comes to ordering drinks, they've everything for every occasion and they always have someone to help you make the right choice. I got to know about the place when I joined my friend for his birthday party, and I got hooked. Now I've gone there well over 10 times and, you know what? It’s still counting.
By: Ismael P.
I’ve never felt so addicted to clubbing like I feel after being introduced by a pal of my to Mermaids Gentlemen’s Club. Surprisingly, I haven’t gone back to the club with my friend, but I’ve been back well over 10 times; at times just for food, for a drink or the evening events. This is one of those clubs you go into and feel like you are spending your money on something worth it. I love the booty too as they give life to my favorite club.

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