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By: Tina P.
East Coast Beach Carts
I never really enjoyed lugging in all the things that you need to make the beach comfortable and fun...And now as a first time mom, we have to carry in even MORE stuff while also being cognicent of where my son is while walking in and his safety. Also, I never took into consideration him walking on the hot sand to get to a good beach spot once he's able to walk greater distances! So now i was in "Worry City" while still wanting to do beach activities within. And also, especially when I am by myself and my husband is frequently out of town, there was only so much I could carry on my person! However, my East Coast Beach Cart gave me the opportunity to use my son's carseat when I wanted to bike the beach (and boardwalk) while also carrying my gym bag, his diaper bag, my umbrella, our beach seats and a bunch of other gear. The coolest thing is that the wheels are SO very sand friendly! And many days, I don't want to use my bike, so I simply pull the thing around from my truck and to the beach (yes, through soft sand which is so hard to walk across with a stroller, this cart is SSSOOO much easier). The option to put my son's carseat in it was so nice and very important to me because I'm constantly worried about his safety; but I also want to get out there and have little adventures with him while we do outdoor activities on the beach and other things. I am so buying my mom in FL one for her Bday later this year because she loves the beach and usually backpacks her stuff in via a couple trips from her car; with this thing, she would only need one trip and its also a ground for the beach umbrella! You need one of these in your life if you even remotely like the beach.
By: Haunani K.
Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy
This location is my MAIN STORE...you always hear of people walking in a store and trying to walk out with unpaid merchandise. I was recently in my store and witnessed a man trying to exit the building as NOT 1 but 3 associates approached the gentleman and requested the merchandise be returned. I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD to shop in a store. I am so PROUD of these gentleman for not turning the other cheek with the attitude that they dont get paid enough to stop people. I strongly feel as if every single employee should have this attitude and take pride in where they work and protect it. THANK YOU, Tim, Mike and Kevin ( I believe they are the Meat Dept)
By: Stacy M.
Zero's Subs
Have been coming here over the years and I must say the subs are to die for. The pizza isn't all that, but then again, they are called Zero's Subs for a reason, right? Great people, the blonde surfer guy really knows how to make the subs to perfection and very timely. All employees are great with customers, and the food is usually finished rather quickly. The only bad thing I can truly think of about this business is the fact that they do not deliver! Im not sure why they do not, as I'm sure it's a very good idea business wise, but they don't.
By: hauteswan
Tienda San Jose
Excellent, our family goes here quite often. The servers are friendly, fast, the food excellent always! We have watched this place grow. It is the most authentic you can get here on the East coast and we are from San Diego originally so we lived very close to the border. Love, love, love this place! Very affordable too!
By: Meechy G.
Defense Commissary Agency
I love this store and the prices I can always find an amazing deal. We have a family of seven and it pays to shop here four our family. We enjoy the benefit my husband being in the Navy and serving. This is my happy place.
By: Joanne W.
Whole Foods Market
Love the customer service and the many different organic foods that are offered here. They also have a few different events throughout the month - cheese classes, wine classes, etc...Good place to try new things.
By: r-barrett979
Trader Joe's
We enjoy shopping at trader joe's. They offer quite a selection (a different selection) versus your regular grocery stores. We shop there often for the variety of fish that they offer.
By: kimmybrunner
Whole Foods Market
I shop here, often, for the gluten free items. They also offer many organic items, beer, wine, food, etc...a great place to shop with very friendly, helpful people. Thank you!
By: Suezie S.
Quick Food Mart
This place also sells the Kerusso brand tee shirts printed in USA. They have Christian themes and are inspirational.
By: B L.
Whole Foods Market
Friendly people, excellent prices on organic items I needed. Thanks!!

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