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By: Mike T.
TowneBank, Branch Office
Absolute slowest drive thru service I've ever experienced, very juvenile tellers with bad attitude.
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By: Elick N.
Hampton Roads Finance Corporation
Horrible Experience ever!!!!!Please if you are buying a car do not ever but ever used Hampton's Road Finance Services it has the most unprofessional customer services team, rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate demanding people that I ever had to deal with. Just for one freaking monthly payment past due they threaten to reposes the car even though you try to make alternative payments they talk to you like you are stupid or they know what is going on your life, also they start lecturing you about of how you have to be responsible to pay on time if you pay a couple days after your due payment. and always talking to you in a very demeaning way possible like you are piece of trash and like they are the owners of the company.Trust all these review all of us have very similar experiences, the worse is that the majority of people with a decent job are in the same situation and trying to keep up with all the payments to be on time but even though if it is not pay on time you still pay and with high interests, it seems is not enough that they have to treat you like you are stupid or you are trying to avoid payments.Seriously this type of situations, that's not give anyone the right to treat people like that. THEY DO NOT EVEN DESERVE A STAR AT ALL!!!
By: Mindyo B.
Coastal Credit
This is the worst company EVER!!! What everyone has said here is completely TRUE!! They sell bad cars and treat their consumers horribly. My husband had his truck not even a week and something in the front end started cutting into the drum. We heard a weird noise and took it to a mechanic ... the guy said if we had waited any longer it would have broken and possibly killed us and whoever else was around. When we tried to get them to fix it, it was like pulling teeth. We held on to the part just in case they tried to do something sneaky and we had to take them to court. Today we didn't answer the phone because we didn't recognize the number ... they contacted my mother, my husbands ex-wife, her father, and her mother, and also a friend my husband used to work with lying to them saying we had used them as references when we had not. We are getting rid of this vehicle tomorrow!!
By: Emily P.
Coastal Credit
This is the worst company ever! My husband got out of the army and we have 2 small children and hit a hard spot! I called them to volenteer to surrender the car and was verbally attacked on the phone and was treated horrible! She lied to my husband about late payments and tried to start a fight between us. Never use this company!!!!
By: Cyrenne N.
Coastal Credit
Wow so i looked this company up to write a review after the incredibly horrendous and unprofessional experience I just had with them and find all kinds of bad reviews. I wish i had done this before signing any kind of paperwork to them. I got a car loan with them in 2012 while i was on active duty and yes they broke my tail with the interests. Now, once they found out i was no longer active duty things were just bad because they called every other day saying that the car had never been paid on time and such things. That we owed a whole year of late fees that according to my bank statements are different all the time. But i had an allotment that THEY set up... How was i late on my payments? Crazy! They called about a week before the payment was due with the most nasty attitude they could possibly have and if the answer was not what they were looking for they would start their threats about repossessing the car. Now they called me december 9th demanding the 2 months i was behind which were nov n dec....but wait dec is not due till the 15th thats in 5 days. I have NO money literally right account -$66 nothing to my name or even for groceries. Its freaking Christmas give me a stupid break!!! I told them i could not make a payment till jan 1st and she proceeded to check some how my husbands job. Called back and said that she verified my husbands employment and demanded the payments. Little nasty attitude lady if you don't know what is going on you shut up. Well after so many threats of repossession within a few minutes i simply what you gotta do because i cant steal. And it might sound irresponsible but i have to put food in my table for my children before i pay your stupid loan. Sure enough like thiefs at night they took the car in the middle of the night. Now im guessing they will want to sue us and even charge me for the keys that were waiting for them by the door! DONT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PEOPLE. ITS AN UNPROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTION UNPROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES NASTY ATTITUDE WILL CALL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY AND FRIENDS BECAUSE YOUR PAYMENT IS DUE IN A WEEK OR Two. One star??? Make that double 0!!!!
By: Jo G.
Coastal Credit
This company is a scam never do financing through them. If you're unable to make a payment they will repossess your car straight away and will sue you for the loan then resell the car right away. This company doesn't help anybody and will try anyway to scam you.
By: auburnlp
Coastal Credit
I am active duty military. I joined in 2003 with no gap in service. My wife and I tried to get a car this past week but were rejected. We got our rejection letter today. Reason for rejection was "employment is part time, temporary or seasonal". Can you explain that one to me?
By: pncishorrible
PNC Bank
I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS BANK!! I have never been a personal account holder but my job used them because they were the closest. Everyone moves at their own pace and are never able to provide you with answers. Not to mention screwing up deposits!! Then just today I needed to deposit money into a friend's account so she could put gas in her car when she got off of work. I wasn't requiring any information, simply making a counter deposit. I wasted an hour lunch break just trying to deposit $10 into her account because they claimed that for security purposes I needed an account number. What?!? I wasn't asking for money nor any of her information. Giving her name wasn't enough even though I could verify her address. It was the dumbest thing ever. Not only was it a HUGE inconvenience, my friend got in trouble because I had to call her job.
By: papit00sexc
Hampton Roads Finance Corporation
I dont know if this company is the worst, but at least my experience has been bad. When you call customer service the representatives always put you on hold, when they are giving you assistance they sound like they don't want to do the job. The acct was locked just because i cancelled 4 transactions, and now i cant ever used the online payment. . A representative by the name of Lorie is the worst employee. Hope anyone else using this company don't experience what i am experiencing.
By: Roger B.
Maximum Funding
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