By: 143mike
The Natural Path
Seventeen months ago I was diagnosed with inoperable Prostate cancer. I was losing weight, my energy levels were down severely and I was depressed. After additional scans/tests I was told my cancer had spread making it a stage 4 cancer. Several weeks later I made an appointment at the Natural Path clinic where I was evaluated by Drs Carl and Diana. They recommended a regime of natural products that arrested my weight loss, gave me my energy back and improved my quality of Life.Since taking their products my cancer has gone into remission. I also had my medical doctor’s retest and scan my body two months ago to see where my cancer is as compared to my original scans taken 14 months before. The results were that my cancer had shrunk in all areas by at least 50%. I attribute my well-being, my energy and my quality of Life to Dr. Carl and Dr. Diana. I cannot thank you enough for helping me and being there when I needed you the most.Mike E.Virginia Beach, VA
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By: Sheila B.
wearefit LLC
Sheila is a proven expert in her field by showing me and educating me with a healthier diet, exercise regime, and overall life outlook that not helped me lose 61 pounds, but got me to enjoy the things I like to do like biking, Hiking, and Swimming. I now enjoy my food with the knowledge of what to choose and limit myself on "binge" eating... Thank you Ms. Sheila!!! You have saved my Life!!

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