By: eshanks5
Five Points Inn
I have been dining here for quite a while-the food is good, prices reasonable. They have different specials nightly,and we like the Italian night and the complete dinner night.. We have gone about 6 times in the last few months. I printed a Restaurant.com certificate about a month or two ago,and went with my girlfriends for dinner. Right off, I told the waitress I had one,and she told me they were not accepting them. We ate anyway. The company issued me a refund. Much to my surprise when I went looking for a replacement certificate-I saw 5 Points on the list again! I called the restaurant and was told that they were accepting them up until August 18. I gathered my friends together on August 14,and we went for dinner. As I was telling the waitress I had a Restaurant coupon,my friends had already come back from the buffet with soups and salads. The waitress told me I couldn't use it with the buffet. I asked why,because the only exclusion was Holidays and Special events. This was neither. The man who told me the certificte was good on the phone came over and said it wasn't good for the Italian dinner night buffet. I asked him to please show me where on the certificate it said that,and he couldn't. Meanwhile,my friends were all enjoying their dinners and I was being aggravated and lost my appetite. I was told I could order off the menu and take food to go and if it totalled $50, I could use the $25 off certificate. When I asked,curiously, why I was told it was no good a month ago,the man said "Oh, it was good she shouldn't have told you it wasn't!" The other waitress who we have known for years came over to try to calm me. The point is, we are regulars there(or were-I will not be returning), and they should have given us the value of the certificate. They were extremely rude, did not explain to my satisfaction why,mostly how they were unsatisfied with Restaurant.com. Well-hey-that's not my problem. After I calmed down,my friends insisted I eat. This is not how you treat customers! I called Restaurant.com this morning and got my money back,and they also issued me another $25 credit,and took down everything I told them.
By: brandy421
Romeos Amore Pizza
I went there and their food was great! Try the hamburger sub. Great deals, great prices, and really good food. Service is a ten! It was also very clean :)

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