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By: Jessica F.
Tommy Serra Salon & Spa
This salon colored then highlighted my hair. They burned and dried out my hair I couldn't get the burnt smell out of it for days. My hair was falling out in chunks for 2 weeks. If that wasn't enough my blonde turned brassy red. I paid $300 for that night mare. 3 weeks later I asked for a partial reimbursement because I had to go else where to fix my hair. They said no because they wanted to fix it. Why would I go back to them. Do not go to Tommy Serra they are unprofessional , have cheap products, and Jeffrey who did my hair had a bunch of broken outdated brushes,they are very cheap but over charge customers.
By: Dawn M.
B & B Corner
Furniture is Sooo Beautiful I need everything 4 my 1 Bdroom apt its a small apt. I need badly in my price limit please can u help me thankyou truly Dawn Moran....
By: C M.
True Beauty Salon Lcc
Botched coloring my hair Botched the redoNasty and dishonestI went to get my hair bleached and toned. When I got back home to my well lit bathroom and it was very clear that some roots were still black and there was one dark spot on the top of my head.Went back two days later for an agreed upon redo. Karen had a major attitude. She had to use two batches of bleach on my roots-right there it confirms that she id not do it right originally it normally only takes one! Then she didn't want to tone it but told me she would. She told me she was putting toner in but when I washed my hair it all washed out because it was a temporary rinse. So after Karen performed three coloring processes in three days I was left with hair that had some black roots, some hair burned off to the roots, some hair burned off with only a little stubs, bleached white roots and golden blond hair at the ends. TOTAL FAIL!!!
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By: Sylvia B.
Gullo's Hair Salon & Beauty Outlets
To all our friends and relatives in Vineland NJ, please do not patronize Gullo Hair Salon. My niece worked there until Friday. Her husband surprised her, returning from the Middle East for a 5 day R and R. Stephanie was fired for spending three days with her hero husband before his return to duty. How ungrateful is this establishment! How truly unAmerican! How unpatriotic !Her boss said she was happy for her but was running a business ( Stephanie is basically a shampoo girl three days a week gaining hours of experience before she graduates in May). The manager told my niece if she didn't show up she'd be replaced. I say to Gullo Salon, "Your customers will not show up!".
By: lw9193
Alta Peluqueria
The ladies at this salon are very unwelcoming and rude. I made an appointment and when I came into the salon, there were no other clients. After waiting there 15 minutes, the stylist said I have to wait in additional 20 minutes because she's going to do the other stylist hair first. What type of service is that? When it was finally my turn, she rudely pointed to the chair. I guess that was her way of greeting me. When she was styling my hair, she burned me several times. Not one time did she apologize. In addition, they were making racist remarks about the black clients that came in the door. The stylists found this funny because the black clients did not know what they were saying. Overall, it was a terrible experience. I would advise those who are considering to come here to seek out another salon that treats its customers with respect and professionalism.
By: donna.warriner
Mimi & Kelsey's
I've been going to MiMi & Kelsey's for a few years now and I love it! Kelsey is my stylist and always does an amazing job on my hair without bankrupting me. It must be good for me to drive 45 min to get there! They are all sweet, kind and talented!!! I always get complimented on my color and cut. Go, just once! You'll be glad you did.
By: mlby79
Mimi & Kelsey's
I have been a client here for almost 5 years. Kelsey is my absoloute favorite and I always leave happy and feeling pretty! I have very thick hair and I can be very particular about what I want so when I find a place I like, I stick with it! I truly enjoy my time in the salon- everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I would describe the atmosphere as professional but without feeling stuffy. One of my favorite things about the salon is they are always doing a fundraiser or event for a good cause or a specific person in need. I have NEVER been dissapointed in my service there and have had my hair done by several of the stylists, with no complaints. I constantly get asked who does my hair cuts and color! I reccomend Mimi & Kelsey's to everyone I can and have earned lots of money in referral cards to prove it!
By: writermags
Mimi & Kelsey's
I LOVE Mimi & Kelsey's! My very first time there I came out with exactly what I asked for and wanted. That has never happened before! Not to mention, I could easily do it myself at home, which has also never happened. I like the atmosphere there. Everyone is easy-going and friendly. My most recent visit was their fundraiser for Sandy victims. Even though it seemed at first like it was going to be chaotic, it was so well organized and I had another great experience, and yet another great style. I would send anyone to them in a heartbeat!
By: mamaevaleo
Mimi & Kelsey's
I have been a client for basically my whole life and I am stunned by the previous review. This salon is always ahead of the current trends and they always work their hardest to make you feel beautiful! They are all so friendly and educated, you can rest assured you will leave feeling AMAZING!
By: emokoalas
Todayz Trendz Inc
I called this place and they were very rude to me. I won't be giving them my business again.
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