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By: doglover
What a Good Dog
We've lived in several different states and have boarded our dogs a lot over the years, and never had a problem with most of the kennels we've used. But, when we moved back to PA to this area in particular, we were VERY disappointed with the "luxury kennels" around here!!! They nickel and dime you to death! Everything is extra! You have no chance if your dog is on medications or has any special needs at all! Plus, I found that I just didn't trust them!! Reading the reviews of most of these places also almost gave me a heart attack!!!! I read things like, "they LOST my dog!" I read two reviews like that for the SAME kennel! Wow, can't say the thought of them LOOSING my dog even crossed my mind until I read those reviews. And I don't think people would make up something that outrageous!Then, I happened to stumble across WAGD online by accident. And I just want to pass the word that I think they have competent, caring, and well qualified staff. I think that the fact that all the staff are also trainers and not high school and college kids is amazing!! They are people who truly know how to handle dogs!! The cages that the dogs are kept in are unlike any other kennel I've seen. They're HUGE! They definitely aren't little cages all in a row like other kennels! I have a a rescued puppy mill breeder dog with crate anxiety. And when I saw the cages in this kennel, I was so relieved! Also, the dogs are BY FAR the calmest kennel dogs that I've ever seen. Sure, there's some barking here and there, but they settle down very quickly and they all look pretty calm and happy! They get plenty of outdoor time too! And they have a live-in staff member who's there all night to let your dogs out late at night (10pm) and early the next am (6pm). I've boarded at kennels where the staff leaves at 5pm and doesn't return until 7am the next morning! I think if you have realistic expectations of what a kennel can provide, a safe environment where your dog will have very little anxiety while you're gone, you'll find WAGD to be wonderful place to board your dog. These "luxury kennels" that have popped up around this area really can't compare. These are dogs for Heaven's sake, they don't need a "spa"! They just want to be in a place where they feel safe, are fed their normal diet, and can stretch their legs and get some sunshine every day!! They also have daycare, training, grooming, and a pool for those dogs that love to swim. The prices may look expensive when you first look at them. But, if you consider that most other kennels charge extra for most everything else, including something as ridiculous as the size of your dog, I think you'll find that what you pay for what you get is much better than most kennels!

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