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By: ms.alison.burton
Steak N Shake
so far, I have been to steak n shake cali style 2x's. My first time was ok, but only because the waitress was honing the steak n shake attitude; dont remember her name, but she was blonde.. cudos to her!! Anyways, I am a former employee of the chain, and used to work at the Orange City location. I had not had steak n shake in 10 years and had been trying to convince people to go on this drive since I found out one FINALLY opened. I have been there twice now, and can only say ONE thing nice about each visit. The food was not the aame SNS quality the first time, nor the shake, but at least they tried; had my infamous black and white side by side oreo shake -no stealing without credit!- the shake-base is NOT recommended on specialty shakes just fyi.. Anyways, mostly this last time upset me in the drive thru, the food was cooked well, but I could NOT do a side by side shake (i wanted to rry something new as well), AND I was basically told I had to stixk to the menu. I have never known a satisfied customer that has stuck to the menu, nor could I have hot chocolate as an alternative- choosing coffee was even worse because it was old, thats not how u treat ypur customers. I have been bragging about Steak n Shake to friends for years, but if this is the only one we have -which looks like an imitation anyways, then I muat forget about what I know. I am truly heart-broken to see the fresh, faat, and friendly service deteriorate so stupendously. Please open another restaurant and prove me wrong, or please change it into a real SNS!! The service in the drive-thru needed some serious attitude tweaking and customer satisfaction training... Call the Florida Orange City SNS and theyll be MORE than ecstatic to walk you through- ask for Robin, she loves fresh voices, shes suuuuuuuper friendly, and super efficient... HAVE A GREAT DAY AT SNS!!!!!
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Errors and omission insurance covers business-related mistakes that lead to injury of a third party, such as neglecting to file important papers.
While property, liability and workers’ compensation are the most common types of business insurance, other types include property, business interruption, and errors and omissions.
Business insurance does not cover professional liability (due to poorly performed work), the purchase of replacement equipment, vehicle accidents not related to work, or business lost due to damaged equipment.
Factors impacting the cost of business insurance premiums include the type of business, the risk involved, the size and number of employees, your experience in the industry, and location.
No. Business insurance covers general legal issues such as injuries that occur on your property and property damage. Professional insurance covers lawsuits focused on service such as charges of negligence, contractual disputes, etc.

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