By: Dr. mel J.
The burger was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I was there on Wednesday, June 3. They were busy - there were only 3 open tables inside. I ordered at 6:22pm and my meal was delivered to my table at 6:34pm. (I've read other reviews that complained about service times - but that certainly wasn't the case on this particular day. I watched lots of orders come out of the kitchen very quickly.)I had the 'no name yet' burger and an order of Zucchini. I honestly didn't realize the portion size on the zucchini would be huge. I brought it home & it was delicious the next day (reheated very well in the microwave). The burger was perfectly cooked. I had to take all the fried onion strings off of it so I could fit it in my mouth, lol. Service was just as stellar as the food. The girls at the counter were more than eager to explain the burgers, point out the 'off the menu' items, and overall provide phenomenal customer service.
By: Kristen T.
I don't know whats up with bad reviews for this store but every time i have gone inside everyone is super helpful and their products are very nice. They have plenty of colors of eyeshadow and they can help you find the right makeup and if you have skin problems they can help you with that too! I think they are super professional and i think people should keep in mind that, just like the booths set up ALL OVER THE MALL, these people do have a sales goal! So yes, they are going to try and make you buy things! Surprise! So far I have had no bad experiences and Freddie has helped me find exactly what I need. I think this is a quality store for it's size and staff and they are doing a good job.
By: Steven D.
Love this place, they have the best/biggest/etc burgers in the high desert. The longer wait is worth it, I rather wait for a quality burger than an instant lousy fast food burger.
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By: Arturo G.
Food took too long to be served. Appetizers didn't come with any plates. Silverware came too late. Mango lemonade didn't taste like mangos. Grapefruit in salad tasted to bitter.
By: tookie.lockhard
Sky's Beauty Supply
I experience cheaper prices...very helpful....and its not workers watching everything you do...they dont rush you!!!!...better than Majestic and the one in adelanto on cactus
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By: Christiann M.
My waitress was Margarita and she is awesome. I am not from the area but, I will be coming back just so I can get great service.
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By: John S.
Goody's Family Restaurant
Best food ,svc,and prices. I can eat there every day and never get tired..
By: bigbrewski
Lil Bit Country Cafe
Chile Verde omlete was awesome

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