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By: A O.
Leuridan Live Scan
Great little place! I went in to get my live scan fingerprinting done, the dad did my prints, he was so funny and really fast. I don't believe they take appointments, so walk in only. It seems to be a family business, so they really care about the business and costumer. They also have the newest equipment, and you can watch them work as they take the prints. Extremely fair pricing, like $20 for the live scan and the extra charge that it cost if your getting the live scan for FBI, DOJ, etc..and unlike many other live scan places they take credit cards! You just have to pay $2 to run the card, because it's off the square PayPal app on their iPad. I ended up paying $54 for the live scan for teaching. Cheaper than UPS and faster friendlier service.
Tips & Advices
There are many different types of PIs. The easiest way to differentiate is to break them down into specialties, which include, but are not limited to, background checks (for a potential hiring candidate or investment); civil investigations (gathering evidence for a civil trial); surveillance, (missing person, cheating spouse); insurance and insurance fraud (conning an insurance company); non-insurance related fraud (misrepresentation by a job applicant); corporate investigations (loss or theft of proprietary information); accident reconstructions (to determine cause, location, liability); domestic investigations (divorce, infidelity, drug, sexual or physical abuse); and infidelity and/or cheating spouses.
The best way to find a PI is through a referral. If referral is not an option, begin by researching online  to find PIs in your area. After identifying candidates, check their qualifications such as history, education, and practical experience. Interview the candidate, check affiliations and certifications, and, of course, costs and fees.
In certain instances, PIs can and do work in concert with law enforcement in criminal cases. However, PIs do not have the same authority and, therefore, are limited in the scope of their investigative authority. On the other hand, not being a member of law enforcement allows the PI to work outside some of the strict rules that law enforcement and the legal sector are bound by. Often the PI is working in concert with law enforcement where information sharing is vital to all parties.
It is absolutely legal to hire a private investigator, as long as both parties are operating within the boundaries of the law.
Laws allowing PIs, or any private citizen’s right to carry guns, vary from state to state. Concealed weapons permits are a separate license. Laws on carrying weapons and concealed weapons vary from state to state, so research and understand the laws in your state addressing weapons and concealment.

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