Maverick Locations & Hours Near Victorville, CA -
  • 1.Maverick Company & Associates

    14736 Rincon Rd

    Apple Valley,CA

    3.87 mi

  • 2.High Desert Mavericks

    12000 Stadium Rd


    6.39 mi

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    Awesome :) love these guys

  • 3.Maverick The Barbarian Transport, Inc

    6793 Elmwood Rd

    San Bernardino,CA

    28.09 mi

  • 4.Rancho Cucamonga Maverick

    7349 Milliken Ave Ste 110

    Rancho Cucamonga,CA

    32.44 mi

  • 5.Audio Maverick

    374 Maple Ln


    33.11 mi

  • 6.Maverick Company & Associates

    Apple Valley,CA

    28.93 mi

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By: Silvia H.
Samuels Jewelers
Buying a gift for someone that means a lot to you can be very stressful especially when you want it to be very meaningful. I wanted to buy my fiancé something special to show him how much I appreciated him. But I was lost I had no clue where to start or what to get. Thankfully a friend recommended me to go to Samuels, that was the best decision ever. The staff is so friendly they make you feel like family and like if you've known them for years!!! They really knew how to guide me in buying the perfect gift for the love of my life,and they helped me make it very meaningful . The actually take the time to listen and actually try to deepen the relationship with a customer. This is my go to jewelry store. I recommend it to anyone for any occasion you will walk out completely satisfied !!
By: Matthew G.
Samuels Jewelers
I recently went it to buy an engagement ring for my fiancée. I have browsing several jewelry stores, I've been looking at rings for quality and price. When you're going to make such a big step you have to get the right ring for her, out of all the jewelry stores I've visited both in Victorville and down the hill Samuels jewelers really got me. I got to design the ring for my fiancée, and it came out amazing! The quality of the ring is stunning, my fiancée gets compliments where ever she goes, I think she mainly said yes to the ring :) picking a ring can be stressful but at Samuels they helped me find the right ring and offered great customer service, not only is her ring one of a kind but their customer service is incomparable.
user avatar
By: kathy.todorovich
Penguin Air Conditioning & Heating
This Penguin AC & Heating company responds to our call quickly, and accept to work at week-end also. Within a short time he fixed the problem. We like the service and friendly behavior. We surely will contact this company again in the future, and refer to other people we know. This great business provided excellent service at the first place.
By: Yvonne F.
Ozel Jewelers
Abraham is absolutely amazing and talented! I love the duplicate band he created to my 3rd Generation ring. His skills are incredibly. Go to him for your jewelry needs! You won't be disappointed.
user avatar
By: Heidi P.
Ozel Jewelers
Pop in and ask for the owner. He is wonderful and has great taste in jewelry. I love that this is a family run business, plus the store is beautiful!!
By: cammee
Ozel Jewelers
I had a great experience at this store!! Don't believe any negative reviews on other sites, they just aren't true!
By: emily10
Excellent customer service! Thanks a lot for opening a 7-11 at Victorville, CA.
By: al.lo.1238
Nice place in middle of nowhere with little of everything. Try to be best.
By: anne2813
Samuels Jewelers
they are so friendly and helpfull! we love shopping at samuels!
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