By: Dr. mel J.
Farmer Boys
Updating my 2015 review from 3 stars now up to 4. Service has been much better recently. Food is usually very good, although sometimes I'm still served something cold/barely warm that should have been hot. (From 2015).....This most recent visit, the cashier seemed eager to have me place my order. Too curt and abrupt in her tone, and I felt like I was somehow bothering her. Big complaint on the food temperature the 2nd visit. The bacon on the burger was cold. Cold as in 'the natural grease of the bacon was in that white solidified state'. The cheese wouldn't melt. The fries were not hot either. More room-temperature'ish than anything.For the most part, the staff are very friendly, and they frequently go to the dining room area to clear tables, offer drink refills and ask if things are ok. The overall quality of the food itself has been quite good. I just hope to see more consistency in presentation (I guess that's a good way to phrase it).
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By: Mary C.
Yellow Basket
This restaurant is a great family place and reasonably priced. They cook right in front of you and every thing is fresh and made to order. I have had only one issue with an order being wrong when I went through the drive thru out of the many time that I have been there. Customer service is for the most part great, a few times when they are super busy they can't be bothered with indecisive people in the line, other than that great place to eat for the family and great food for all.
By: Jon D.
Green Tree Cafe
Love going here for special events. One of the best places in the city and always a great atmosphere. Thumbs up to the great crew at Green Tree.

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