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    Everyone who works there is polite and very helpful. They know their products, and their prices are great.

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By: jenni.laroe
Brugnola Charles & Sally
In 2005 my husband and I rescued 'Rocky' at a vacant lot in San Bernardino, Ca where he was just dropped off and left alone at 3 months old. Toward the end of 2006 my husband went to be with Jesus, I had previously called Mr. Brugnola and was waiting for a phone call to set up an appointment for Rocky as he was a handful at the time. I got a call back to set up the appointment on the day of my husband's viewing, Mr. Brugnola came down to my veteranarian's office and picked up Rocky, brought him by the mortuary to see me before taking him for the week of training at his location up the hill. When Rocky came out of the van, I almost didn't believe it was him, no jumping up on me, very calm and content and he had only been with Mr. Brugnola approximately 15 minutes! I just knew in my heart that Mr. Brugnola was the one person that cared about Rocky and felt very comfortable with the fact that he would be away from home for a week and was in good hands. I would recommend Mr. Brugnola to anyone who wants the best trainer for their dogs as he definitely has a 'God given gift.
By: Dr. mel J.
Farmer Boys
Updating my 2015 review from 3 stars now up to 4. Service has been much better recently. Food is usually very good, although sometimes I'm still served something cold/barely warm that should have been hot. (From 2015).....This most recent visit, the cashier seemed eager to have me place my order. Too curt and abrupt in her tone, and I felt like I was somehow bothering her. Big complaint on the food temperature the 2nd visit. The bacon on the burger was cold. Cold as in 'the natural grease of the bacon was in that white solidified state'. The cheese wouldn't melt. The fries were not hot either. More room-temperature'ish than anything.For the most part, the staff are very friendly, and they frequently go to the dining room area to clear tables, offer drink refills and ask if things are ok. The overall quality of the food itself has been quite good. I just hope to see more consistency in presentation (I guess that's a good way to phrase it).
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By: Mary C.
Yellow Basket
This restaurant is a great family place and reasonably priced. They cook right in front of you and every thing is fresh and made to order. I have had only one issue with an order being wrong when I went through the drive thru out of the many time that I have been there. Customer service is for the most part great, a few times when they are super busy they can't be bothered with indecisive people in the line, other than that great place to eat for the family and great food for all.
By: Jon D.
Green Tree Cafe
Love going here for special events. One of the best places in the city and always a great atmosphere. Thumbs up to the great crew at Green Tree.
By: allaboutdogs6
I take all my dogs to see Carly and April and they know my dogs by name and their pet peeve Prices and ok but it great cause it good work
Tips & Advices
In order to be certified as a therapy dog or emotional support dog, animals need to receive an evaluation/written designation from a licensed health professional: social worker, physician, psychiatrist typically. As for service dogs, which are allowed to accompany their owners into most businesses and pet-restricted areas, they can receive training, certifications, and registrations from several organizations such as TDI and United States Service Dog Registry. These certifications are not required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, but may streamline the process of getting a dog access to typically off-limits areas. Service dogs and therapy dogs are not the same thing. The same dog might fall into both categories, but therapy and emotional support animals are not recognized under the ADA.
Aggressive behavior is the most common reason that people seek professional training for their dogs. Aggressive dogs require careful evaluation from a professional to accurately classify and diagnose the behavior. Puppies that display aggressive behavior are often diagnosed as undersocialized or hyperactive, and may evolve out of that behavior with regular obedience training. However, dogs with real aggression issues require specialized training from a behaviorist or trainer who understands genetic and hereditary factors, types of aggression, environmental factors and aggressive treatment methods. The number one suggestion when seeking an aggressive behavior specialist is to ask a trusted veterinarian. Dog rescues or other professionals may also have good referrals.
If a dog doesn’t meet expectations at the end of a training course, it is as likely to be related to the training course or the pet owner as the dog. A recommended next step would be to carefully research more training methods and local trainers to find a program that is better suited to your dog. Another one is to consider whether lack of commitment, inconsistent at-home practice,  or an inconsistent discipline/reward system may have undermined the training program.
Obedience training generally takes place at 6 months, but you can begin training a puppy to socialize with humans and other animals at 7-8 weeks.
Essentially, dogs learn to respond properly to basic commands in obedience class--and humans learn how to properly give those commands. Dogs and owners will also learn how to communicate with each other, and how to avoid distractions or disturbances from the outside. No matter which method of dog training is used, it is necessary to be consistent and committed in order to train a dog. Also, it’s important that a pet owner understand their dog’s temperament and hereditary factors, and find a class and method that is appropriate.

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