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By: Greg T.
Global Pain Care
Dr. Loomba was a nightmare. He said that my extensive medical history of aggressive Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease was "nothing." I've had 8 major abdominal ops and 3 kidney stone ops with chronic kidney stones. My rx record is clean and flawless, no red flags anywhere in my narcotic history. Yet he called me a drug addict just because I've sustained a high opiate tolerance which is completely normal due to 12 years of being sick. Dr spoke down to me just because I spoke up for myself and shared my opinion in defending myself. If you are in need of strong meds with higher doses than normal, do not go to this loomba. He will not work with you in trying new, different meds. He asked if I was on cocaine, heroin, or any other street drug and also said that I should be employed and that my disability was a drag on the economy, complete jerk, one day this guy is going to offend the wrong person, if he suprisingly hasn't yet. Never again. Made me feel guilty for being ill, like as if I gave my ileostomy bag to myself.
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By: Rebecca R.
Global Pain Care
Today 09/23/15 was my first and last appointment with Dr loomba I went in because I have multiple pain problems my biggest one being fibromyalgia.I also have degenerative disc disease,endometriosis,chronic lower back pain,sciatica,small slippage in the disc in my neck c4-5 c5-6 c6-7 with Anterolisthesis, I have arthritis in my hands, feet,right knee and arthritis in my lumbosacral facet joints and the joints in my neck. Today I was told by this dr that fibromyalgia does not exist that it is away for Drs to have an answer to our pain problems and to keep patient coming back for meds and gives us the sense that pain meds are our only choice. He also told me that my neurologist was wasting her time with the test she ordered because he knows that I have nothing wrong with me. That test I haven't even taken yet but that have been ordered by my neuro will show up that every thing is fine. How would he know this if I haven't even took the test yet?? I have MRIs that already shows reasons unknown to me that I have brain damage. In 2013 a MRI showed one area of damage and my new MRI shows two. He also made the gesture with his hand like a person using a needle asking if I was a street drug user and that could be the reason behind my problems. He drug tested me that day. He also asked that how at my age 32 and my husbands age (same) where a able to buy and own my own home? When both me and my husband are disabled and we have 4 kids??? What gives him the right to assume I use drugs and there people my age that have their own home with or without a mortgage. I felt that was none of his business to how I bought my home. He was rude and at one point got angry and yelled and smacked the table because I kept trying to understand why he believed fibromyalgia was not a disease and why he kept asking me over and over if I used drugs and what did me owning my home have to do with my health care. Why He don't treat people with fibromyalgia. I also asked what about myself made him think that I used street drugs. I told him I lived with my mother who was a disabled vet with bad PTSD and this dr again said a very well known medical problem didn't exist in his eyes and that women who claimed with PTSD because they where sexual assaulted or abused while in the arms forces where only trying to take advantage of doctors and get compensation and drugs that when he gets referred veterans from the VA that claim PTSD he won't treat them either. My questions just caused him to tell me my problems were in my head that I needed to seek Psychiatric care that my pain problems are in my head that my other Drs were not real doctors . The last thing he told me was he had seen me for no no reason for me not to return to his office and that he would be sending his finding to all my doctors that way I wouldn't get meds or anything until I got psychological care which I told him I already see a therapist once a week and a psychologist. My psych told me and said that I needed to get my pain under control before he could give me anything so he could see if my issues where do to my out of control pain or something else. So with all this said I wouldn't take my dog to him more or less have him treat my medical problems I will be making a report to the state medical board and a may just find a lawyer if his ignorant affects me in any other way because he claims I use drugs and needles
By: Larry C.
Global Pain Care
Absolutely the most useless doctor I have ever encountered. My wife is in constant severe pain since falling in the shower several years ago. I convinced her to go see this doctor because we had moved to the area and he was supposed to be a "pain specialist". He poked at her back a half a dozen times (that is all he did) and said she was not in pain and should have no pain medications. This is outrageous. According to several reputable doctors in our old location, she has nerve damage in her upper back that is very hard to detect even with x-rays. Based on a few pokes with his fingertips, he says she is not in pain. I am trying to get her to the "Spinal Clinic" but she has to survive until then. This guy is totally arrogant and the worst representative of the medical profession possible. He would not explain his position at all but walked out of the examination room. If you go to this guy, you deserve what you get.
By: jamielynn0721
Global Pain Care
DO NOT EVER GO HERE!!! I have a rare condition that makes my body reject all pain medication except a few. Dr. Loomba was made aware of this but then called me a liar(said that was impossible. I told him to review my medical records) Dr. loomba said if I had seizures on the meds that I must be an addict withdrawing. Long story short....Dr. Loomba's staff was unprofessional. Dr. Loomba insulted me, refused to review my medical records, tried to prescribe meds that I am allergic to and when I told him I couldn't take them due to allergies he told me i was untreatable and he couldn't help me. In addition to all of this my APPOINTMENT was for 2:30pm and I was not even taken to a room until 4:15 pm. Very unprofessional office.
Tips & Advices
The most common reasons for hospitalization of children and adolescents, according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services are: pneumonia, asthma, acute bronchitis, fluid and electrolyte disorders, appendicitis, affective disorders (primarily depression), epilepsy, urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, and noninfectious gastroenteritis.
There is a long list of side effects from cancer treatment that can vary depending on the type of treatment (chemotherapy/radiation/surgery, etc), the severity of the cancer, and an individual's own unique physical and psychological variables. The most common side effects are nausea and vomiting, fatigue, hearing loss, hair loss, decreased sex drive and fertility, diarrhea, constipation, skin and nail changes, anemia, appetite loss, bleeding and bruising, memory and concentration problems, mouth and throat problems, and disturbed sleep.
Yes and no. There are many variables, including how early someone is diagnosed, how far the cancer has spread, how the body reacts to treatments, etc. Cancer treatments CAN stop the spread of cancer, but it is not guaranteed, and it does not mean the cancer cannot come out of remission later. As with any post-treatment scenario, regular consultations with a physician can increase the chances of keeping cancer, or any other disease, in check.
Alternative cancer treatments are a source of much debate. Alternative treatments have been known to have positive effects on cancer patients in a complementary manner, but there is no scientific or medical evidence that proves alternative therapies can cure cancer. While some provide relief and offer real benefits, some alternative therapies are not safe and can cause harmful side effects.
Proton therapy, also known as proton beam therapy, is a form of radiation treatment.  The advantage of proton therapy is the physician can control where the proton releases the bulk of its cancer-fighting energy.  As the protons move through the body, they slow and interact with electrons, releasing energy. The highest energy release point is called the “Bragg Peak.,” which a doctor can  designate, causing the most damage to the targeted tumor cells, while sparing healthy tissue and organs.

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