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By: Matthew F.
Victoria All-Sports Center
Long story.. knowledgable gentleman helped my wife and I look at a few rifles. Knew everything about them, answered every question, great sense of humor. wife found one she loved.. Being the intuitive guy I am, came back and put it for layaway for her for a Christmas present. Told the lady at the counter that's what it was for. This is where the "mistake" comes in. My name goes down on the layaway ticket. No one points it out and I'm completely ignorant that I've just completely screwed up my brilliant surprise. make my payments, announcing every time that "I'm here to make a payment on my wife's Christmas present." Come today, I take my wife down there so we can register it in her name and make the final payment. She's glowing. I'm a hero. Then the owner and his son get involved. passes her background perfectly. But. Turns out my name being on the layaway ticket means I have to register too. It's her rifle. Its her gift. turns out I know that I can't register right now for a gun. Complicated thing with feds, I'm working with them to resolve. I try to get the owner or his son to work with me. Give me a refund for the $500+ I've already paid and take my name out of it. 1. only do store credit. 2. have to cover their asses and won't do that. I get it. The feds are strict. It's cool. Can we just let her use the store credit and pull my name out of it that way? 1. The credits under my name. 2. can't let her have the rifle now because they believe im attempting something called a straw buy. What happened to Christmas spirit? What happened to caring about the people who come to you? Long story short was given three options. 1. Wait 2-6 months for me to finish my deal with the feds. 2. Take 500 buck of store credit I won't ever use and she can't use.3. Get some cash back minus a 25% restocking fee. simple mistake made me look like an ass and cost me a 1/4 of what I paid. I get they were trying to protect themselves. But there was damn near nothing done to help me out.
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By: Zandi B.
Academy Sports + Outdoors
Glasses station clerk needs to learn more about the glasses because I asked about the ladies Costas "Isabella" if they came in the glass lenses and was told no.... but when I went too the website to customize mine they in fact came in glass.

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