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By: roughtnasty88
B&B Automotive
Always fair prices and backs up to work. Anyone looking to have their car fixed right and get exactly what you want. Then you found the place.
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By: Sommer N.
Mickey's Auto Repair
They were just amazing they helped me out with everything and they did what they felt was need to be done with me car and the end results were amazing
By: Kay L.
B&B Automotive
I highly recommend B&B Automotive for any car problems you might have. Gordon Baker has handled all my repairs and my families for years. He has years of experience and has always done an excellent for all of us.
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By: Chris M.
Mickey's Auto Repair
They kept my vehicle for over a month to rebuild the transmission. Complete rebuild, all parts, and labor cost just over 1000 bucks. Fair enough. Except the transmission went out within 500 miles. Now I can't get a single response from them.Its unfortunate since they seemed like nice people during it all. I hate to do it but I will see you guys in court I guess.
By: Walter B.
B&B Automotive
I recently had some automotive work done by B&B Automotive. In dealing with Mr. Baker I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable about the problem my vehicle was having. He repaired my car and I was very please with the outcome. I was very pleased to hear that he warrantied his work. I would highly recommend B&B Automotive.
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By: Angel J.
Midas Auto Service Experts
took our car in there to have the a.c fixed, had a few minor problems, but it was resolved quickly and professionally.
By: Denver C.
B&B Automotive
This is one of those horror automotive places that will scam you out of every dime you have. I called and asked these people if they did rv inspections for an rv I was looking to purchase. I wanted to have the engine inspected to make sure there wasn't any major damage or repairs. After being at their facility for 6 hours, they told me that there were no major repairs to the engine, it just needed the taillights and some transmission fluid. They told me I could leave it there and they would do a tune up and check the engine and let me know if any other repairs were necessary to get the unit safe and on the road to make it to San Antonio. I received a call a week later saying they had fallen behind but it looked like I just needed a few quarts of oil and transmission fluid and I would be on my way. I asked for an estimate and he said he would call me back. I never got a call back until the owner, Gordon Baker, called me and said that my unit was ready and my bill was $2,100.00. !!!!!! Yea.. He went on and on about how it was a mess and that he didn't need to authorize any repairs because the employee i was working with quit and it wasn't his fault. I asked how in the world is this possible, and he went on telling me what parts he put, etc... and said that it was definitely fixed and ready to drive to San Antonio. He said if I paid cash I could get a discount. I paid this man in cash and took a friend to pick it up. I asked him if everything was ok and he said "it's fixed" and "this is as good as its going to get". I left with the unit and broke down at a gas station 10 miles out of town. I called him and he showed up an hour later, in which the unit started. I mentioned that the engine had gotten hot and would turn over more as the temp went down and asked if it was a problem. He said "If you're concerned about it not turning on then don't turn it off". 45 miles down the road smoke is coming from the front and my temp gauge shoots to boiling over. I pull over and find coolant spraying from the front. When I open the hood I find that there was "duck tape" on the coolant tank repairing a crack. The tape had come off and the coolant was spewing everywhere. I had to have the unit towed to a new repair shop. Upon arriving at a new shop, they were able to diagnose within the first hour that my fan motor clutch was broken and that my radiator had holes and was bad. Not only that, they found that MY HEAD GASKET WAS BLOWN. This man charged me $1800 to fix tail lights and an engine "tune up". He said he couldn't get to the engine because of the "cover" which is a complete lie and he did not check ANYTHING in the engine and let me drive a death trap on wheels. When I call him to tell him this, he blames all of it on me and said he couldn't say if there was duck tape because "he would have to see the unit again". I drove a COMPLETELY INOPERABLE vehicle away from B and B after being told that it was ready and FIXED. I am doing anything in my power to let it be known about the scam this place is running, please do not fall into this trap!!!!!
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By: Joy K.
Victoria Certified
Not customer oriented, suppose to be first come first serve, I was told it would take an hour and a half and no one was there. Did not feel comfortable waiting was subject to business phone calls on speaker do not recomend
By: Victoria M.
Midas Auto Service Experts
A friend of mine took her car here thinking she needed a major brake repair only to find out it was simply something she ran over was dragging from her car. These guys at MIDAS really had their act together, The manager got my keys and asked permission to test drive my car and didn't even get out of the parking lot when de drove her car into the service bay.carol said within 8-10 minutes the came into office and handed carol the keys and said Maam your car is ready have a nice day.wodering about the charges, the guy explained it was a piece of barbwire somehow lodged under neath
By: Kara H.
Advanced Autocare Specialists
Never fail me and never charge me over what the price should be.
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Using a variety of tools and processes, many of which require specialized training, auto body mechanics primarily repair cosmetic and structural damage to vehicles after accidents occur. They can also enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance by replacing and adding new parts to a vehicle’s body.
This depends on the severity of the work that needs to be done. Something such as paintless dent repair for a few small dents can take an hour. Whereas auto body repairs for damages caused by a major accident can take multiple days to correct.
All auto body parts can be repaired but there is a threshold for the level of repairs possible. Parts can be damaged beyond repair and would need to be wholly replaced.
Auto body parts can be made from a wide variety of materials, usually based on what the part’s purpose is. Vehicle frames body panels, bumpers, roof racks, and other items that need to be strong and durable are usually constructed from steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust and high temperatures. But aluminum is quickly becoming a popular material of construction due to its lightweight yet durable nature. Body kits and other aftermarket parts like spoilers and hoods can be constructed from one form of plastic or another.
Yes, the vast majority of car makes and models have aftermarket parts available for many of their components. But higher-end vehicles typically have less aftermarket parts available since they often use specialized materials and manufacturing processes that are difficult to duplicate for many aftermarket manufacturers.

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