Green Thumb Lawn Care in Vero Beach, Florida with Reviews -
By: patrice.brackett
Randy Rollands Lawn Care Service
This is one of the best lawn care services that I have ever used. I can go out of town for weeks and come home to a beautifully manicured lawn. He is always prompt, honest and very reliable. He is definitely a master at what he does. I am the envy of my neighbors, whom bt the way, many of them have now switched to Randy's service. He always blows off my drive and leaves things better than when he gets there. He is a true artist and does the finest work that I have ever seen. When my friends ask me for a referral for someone that can be trusted to do their lawn, even when they are out of town, hands down I always refer them to Randy's lawn care service. You will have no regrets. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. You can reach him in Ver Beach at 772-569-5133 or cell will not be sorry you made the call. Thank you. A very satisfied customer. By the way, he has been doing this since the early 80's after completing college for this type of work. Try it, you will not have regrets.
By: Eric L.
Jimmy's Tree Service
Recently purchased home with many overgrown uncared for native and non-native trees. Staff was able to identify everything growing on the property and discussed the appropriate course of action (removal, pruning and future care). Estimate in writing was fair and detailed. Over the course of several days crews we're prompt, courteous and definitely skilled. Neighbors granted permission to access their properties and were impressed at how clean they left their yards afterwards. Tree and stump removal, oak pruning and all the clean up and debris removal was phenomenal. THE ONLY COMPANY I WILL HIRE FOR MY TREES!
By: Liz B.
Jimmy's Tree Service
We got an estimate to cut down 2 trees, 1 was already mostly down and haul away debris. We did not receive a written estimate. The crew came, cut up the tree that was mostly down already and that was it. When we called to question what was done, we were told that we misunderstood...... Yes, we did... we were told that Jimmy's Tree Service was an upstanding honest company.... We must have misunderstood. Don't take their "word" for anything. Get it in writing!
By: melandmarie
Ryder Services has been the best handyman service we could have hoped for! My husband and I have had a few different people taking care of the lawn and odd jobs, but Steve is a big improvement in both the quality of the lawn care and the customer service as well. He isn't expensive, but he isn't the cheapest either, and we don't mind paying a little more great service. We'd recommend to anyone in need to give him a try. Thanks!Mel and Marie
By: Jody M.
Jimmy's Tree Service
My husband insisted on doing the work the work himself. I have been waiting a long time (We all know that song. Am I right ladies).Called JImmy's they were awesome, knocked out the work and left the yard immaculate. Hubby came home acted upset but we all know he was secretly relieved. Mama happy and Papa does not have to sleep on the couch, thanks to Jimmy's tree service.
By: detroit1
Jimmy's Tree Service
I appreciated the education about tree care and relieved to know that no job would be too small so I will no longer need to hire kock-on-the-door tree workers. I was impressed with safety conscious workers and thorough clean-up. Cost was absolutely to my benefit.
By: mccallister907
Stephen asked us if we'd put a few words on here about the job. It was quality work. We liked the dependability we learned we could count on from Ryder Services, and I plan on using them again soon. Price was about average and I can't complain. Good job.
By: jerryh27
They were prompt in giving us an estimate and the day after I called with the go ahead, the job was done. Did a great job rescreening our entire pool enclosure and pressure washing the deck. I'd recommend him for a good job at a good price.
By: matchandler
Steve gave us the best service we could have asked for! He's definitely a handyman that seems to know how to do just about everything. He does a great job and gave a fair price, we appreciated this. Thanks
By: longislandjim917
Can't say how good of a job we received from Ryder Services. He was here and gone with everything fixed up before we knew it. Much appreciated. 5-Stars.
Tips & Advices
Trees take years to grow and can add value to a property, and a lightning strike can destroy a tree in a instant. Many arborists offer lightning protection systems that can protect trees from being damaged by lightning strikes. These systems use copper cables to ensure that in a lightning strike, the lightning is harmlessly diverted to the soil.
Certain conditions can cause soil to become hard and compacted, and this can make it difficult for grass and trees to access the nutrition they need to thrive. With soil aeration, the soil is perforated with tiny holes, loosening the compaction and making it easier for roots to connect with the air, water, and vital nutrients they require.
Arborists can tell which species of trees are most likely to thrive in your location based on soil conditions and local climate. Also, trees need to be planted at the proper depth to thrive, and an arborist will provide guidance in this area.
Tree trimming can be quite dangerous for the person doing it, and the U.S Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries lists it as one of the most hazardous professions in the nation. Falling branches can cause injury, and electrocution can occur if tree pruning takes place in close proximity to power lines. For these reasons, tree pruning is best handled by a skilled professional.
Tree pruning can have a huge aesthetic impact, and, if artfully done, it can greatly improve a tree's appearance. Tree pruning can also boost the health of your landscape. By thinning a tree's canopy with pruning, the tree and the landscape beneath it will be able to access more air and sunlight, resulting in improved vitality.

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