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By: 4billlewis
Cap's Pizza
Fast becoming a family favorite in the Lewis house, Cap's is a once-a-week stop for a double cut pizza, french fries - for my son, William - an eggplant hoagie, beer and wine, and I almost forgot - garlic knots.Moving to Vero Beach from Fort Lauderdale last year, we were quickly in search of a new "pizza joint" to satisfy our culinary needs. After all, every family needs a pizza place, Chinese restaurant, dry cleaner, barber and a new favorite Publix.A great experience from the Capobianco family - the food is awesome. New York style pizza, crispy unbreaded chicken wings, excellent meatballs, an eggplant or Italian sub, etc, etc, etc. Cap's is home of the best Spinach pizza I've ever had. Whether it be John Sr. - a former boxer, his wife Colette, John Jr., Niki, - and even Tina - their top server, the service is always 5-star as well.Typically a very busy place, I was initially drawn here by the Yelp reviews. Cap's is a hole-in-the-wall and tucked into a strip center on 27th Avenue in southwest Vero Beach, just north of Oslo. Curb side appeal Cap's is not known for - I came here for the food, fast service and relaxed ambience. They have been around over 28 years and are a fan favorite among the locals.Cap's is very kid friendly. More often than not, my children will attempt to break a paper bill for the Ms. Pac-Man machine, counter-top games, or jukebox in the corner. Whether it be Cap himself (John, Sr.) or one of his staff, my kids are usually given some quarters to play the machines and the paper bill comes back to the table. I guess owing the machines does have privilege. On one occasion, Niki told me that the Ms. Pac-Man machine was bought used for a $150 years ago. Surely a money maker that machine must be. My preference, though, is Galaga. Hint, hint.Like most pizza joints, Cap's has a weekly pizza special - $8.99 for a large cheese pizza on Monday and Tuesday nights. Other specials include their chicken wings, etc. I prefer eat in to take-out, but we always have food to go home./s/ William E. Lewis Jr., Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida.
By: Dave S.
The Jungle Club
The problem, as I see it with the JC, is ownership and poor mgt. They don't seem to really care about the members, just how they wish to run the club. The latest shift in the equipment rooms clearly illustrate this. Now the machines are so bunched up there is often little to no room to get from machine to machine. I was trying to use one of the legs machines, and in order to change the sit location, I had to put my butt in the face of the person using the machine next to it. The music is often so loud that I have to pump up my earplugs to drown it out, which of course is bad for my own personal hearing. Since new changeover, it is crazy going form one Mac, to another without having to sneak one's way across the floor The smith machines are so close to the wall that my knees hit when doing bench presses, so I have to change the bench around, if there is one, and of course lack of room to shift it without putting it on end. No one, and this is more users fault, seem to take weights off the machines when done, but of course no employee ever goes around to straighten up, at least that I've seen. There is lots of equipment at the gym, but it is too cramped up, better to rid the gym of some of the least used stuff and create a better atmosphere. Heck, I seem to leave the gym more stressed out than when I entered. I don't use the pool, classes, courts, or food service so I cannot comment. Seems to me that the club spends more time tryng to get new members rather than asking the one's there how to improve.
By: Dave S.
Planet Fitness
I'm a former member of about 4 yrs. The reason that I left was simple, too busy, all to often had to skip exercises because of sitters on the machines, who talk to someone else or take too long to complete their sets. Secondly, too many who use the cardio equipment talk too loudly to their friend on the equipment beside them, or talk on cell phones. I had to wear bose headphones to block them out. The price is right, but too busy, and I went during the day. Cannot imagine the nighttime crowds. Staff was good, clean, water bottle holders on most machines, and plenty of paper towels to wipe down after use.Just to make sure, I left as it was too busy and did not care for the users misuse of the gym.
By: lovinlife7
Pizza Mia
OMG!!! Finally, a great, fresh tasting pizza with a crust that has not only a good chew, but is still crispy & doesn't flop over! Get the roasted red peppers! They are INCREDIBLE!!! I don't know what he does differently, but THIS one is different! A customer was eating as I was waiting for my pizza to be made & he even said the two different slices he ordered were better than another "favorite" he goes to, it filled him up, with a drink, for $8 and change! My wife asked me, "Where did you get this???" Happy wife, happy life!!!...
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By: John P.
Vittorios Pizzeria
Vittorios is one of the best pizzarias in town for several reasons. First the food is over the top delicious. Pizza is true, authentic Italian style. 2nd is we came to eat dressed up for Halloween and were treated like royalty. 3rd reason is i accidentally left my wallet behind at our table and the staff kept it safe there until I could retrieve it. Service was friendly, prompt and efficient. employees were happy to be working. WE LOVE VITTORIOS ! WE WILL BE BACK !
By: andrea2947
Star Quality Air Conditioning, Inc.
Noah and Richard, repair men, were professional, on time, and courteous. Justine, office personnel, was especially nice with scheduling and emailing of my receipts. I purchased the yearly maintenance program on Noah's advice which saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend the company. Star is a good name because they all are. Andrea, Vero Beach resident
By: Lynn T.
The Jungle Club
This place is quirky, fun, completely comprehensive, and not a GYM at all, but a wellness center. The staff are very invested in your health and fitness. Ask for either Jordan or Dan. They will take better care of you than ANY "chain" gym ever would. They also have tons of kid activities - an especially great thing during school vacations.
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By: 4billlewis
Papa Luchie's Pizzeria
Great food and excellent prices. My family and I recently visited this tucked away pizza place outside the Indian River Mall and were delightfully surprised at not only the food but the prices. I recommend the fresh eggplant and believe it or not - the plain cheese pizza. /s/ William E. Lewis Jr. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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By: Phillip B.
Advanced Air Conditioning And Heating
We have hundreds of Happy customers and have an A+ Rate with the BBB, We are family owned and will stand behind our work. Call us and we will be more than happy to put a smile on your face as I have for my customers going on 17 years in business and another 8 years in the field personaly . Sincerely,Phil Brantley
By: sharonrice
Christi's Family Fitness
nice clean place with all the equipment you need. Classes for everything under the sun including water-aerobics. (free towels and lockers with locks) Staff friendly and looking for ways to help you achieve your goals. Best Place in Vero Beach. It has a cafe too. Best of all it is not noisy and always cool.

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