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By: 4billlewis
Spallone, Family Dentistry & Associates
Having met Dr. Tiffany Spallone - and later Dr. Jan Garcia - after breaking a tooth in the top center of my mouth, I said "enough is enough." It's time to do something about my teeth. 50 years old and my teeth were either breaking or starting to hurt due to cavities. Anyone ever remember being yelled at as a kid by their parents to "brush your teeth?" I do and for the most part, did so. Nevertheless, visiting the dentist as an adult was only a priority when something went wrong or hurt. I was never into the "six-month" rule for visits and cleaning. I paid more attention to the "five-second" rule when dropping food on the floor than I did to scheduling regular dental visits.Initially, I found Spallone Family Dentistry through an online search and very positive reviews. I had a broken tooth and it was a Saturday. I called and was told to come in later that morning. A few minutes later, they called back and said "you can come in now" as someone had cancelled an appointment. Having recently moved to Vero Beach from Fort Lauderdale, I was still "making contacts" and one of them wasn't a dentist.All hooked up at the dentist and Jeanette walks into my treatment room saying "Hi, Bill - we're Facebook friends." I'm saying to myself "who is this pretty woman and how come I haven't noticed her before?" Long story short, Jeanette and I spoke for a few minutes and she noticed that I had "checked into Spallone Family Dentistry" on Facebook and wanted to introduce herself. Turns out that Jeanette had recently started working at this office and had a lot of nice things to say about the practice.After being treated that Saturday morning and doing extensive research, I decided to visit Spallone again for a check up and a potential treatment plan. I met Dr. Jan Garcia who became the dentist in charge of my treatment and decided to move forward with some very extensive dental work. As it turned out, my Cigna dental plan provided some very good discounts and incentives and I decided to move forward with treatment.Talking about personal health or dental issues is hard for most. In my case, I needed very extensive dental work and "I needed it now" as I had a broken front tooth just right of center. Not one known to smile for the camera, you could see the missing tooth when I spoke and that wasn't acceptable to me. I wasn't someone who had bad hygiene practices - I just wasn't good at visiting the dentist. Dr. Jan Garcia and Dr. Tiffany Spallone devised a very specific dental treatment plan and we had detailed discussions regarding scheduling and fees. I decided to go "atomic" and replace everything in my mouth. My biggest concern was I didn't want to grow old before my time. I wasn't looking for dentures and a cup by the bed for my teeth at night. My dental treatment plan must include permanent implants or fixtures that could never be removed. A dozen or so dental visits over the course of several months and I have a brand new smile. That doesn't mean I smile for the camera now, but I did for some of these photos. My Cigna dental plan helped in significantly reducing the cost of a complete new mouth and my night job at Publix sweeping floors pays for the zero percent credit offer from Care Credit. All kidding aside - the dental plan allowed me to "pay as I go" without any real impact on my wallet. While replacing an entire mouth could potentially be expensive, my research indicated I was getting a decent deal at Spallone. They were less expensive than another dentist I visited in the Fort Lauderdale area and I needed the work done. Moreover, I was comfortable with the practice and the support staff behind them. A great family type atmosphere and they explain the process each step of the way. With hardly a wait, it's never more than a few minutes in the waiting room. Friendly and professional staff at Spallone Family Dentistry in Vero Beach, Florida. Bill LewisVero Beach, Florida
By: annettempowell
Palm Tree Dental Center
I have worked at Palm Tree Dental Center for 2 years, and it has been wonderful... The owner of the practice goes above and beyond to meet her employees, doctors, and patients needs. I have been a Dental Assistant for 9 years, and Dr. Fox and Dr. Wituslki are truly the best Doctors I have ever worked for. Do not misunderstand why I say they are the best; Dr. Fox truly cares for his patients needs and doesn't aim for what will make the most production (like unfortunately most Dentist do these days in the economy). Dr. Witulski takes alot of time to explain prevention to his patients, and it shocks me: every patient he see's he carefully explains to them how to brush and floss, what periodontal disease is, and what treatment is necessary. It shocks me because, if you ask someone if anyone has ever shown them how to brush, they either demonstrate incorrectly or say that someone verbally explained to them. Aside from the Doctors, we have a phenominal Receptionist, Crystal, who is an expert at handling insurance claims. Our manager, Julie, is amazing. She keeps us in line and is quick to resolve. I have never seen a patient unhappy with her resolution. Needless to say I plan to continue my employment at Palm Tree Dental for many more years. I plan to become a Dentist one day myself, and when my graduation day comes, you can plan to see me here :).
By: cynthia0518
Palm Tree Dental Center
I really had an awesome experience EVEN THOUGH I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST!!!!! I was told that I needed a root canal a while ago by my dentist but since I could not afford it and the tooth was not bothering me, I did not do anything about it until of course on a Saturday morning .... the pain was unbearable!!! My own dentist does not work on Saturdays, so I went to Palm Tree Dental and the staff was very helpfull and the doctor was amazing. I was really considering extracting the tooth but the front desk told me about their inhouse discount plan with affordable fees and I opt to save the tooth by getting the root canal and crown. I liked the staff and the office and they made my visit a pleasant one that I decided to make Palm Tree Dental Center my new dental office.
By: Gerry B.
Cromer & Cairns Dental
I have had all my dental work done in the past 22 years by Dr.John Cairns or Dr.Julie Cromer, and their very pleasant and detailed dental assistants on staff, including their most recent addition, Jennifer, who has significantly raised the bar for dental assistants. From the time I enter their clean and fashionably-decorated office to check in, through the process of having the necessary work on my teeth, and finally to the payment and rescheduling station, I am totally satisfied and with their knowledge and efficiency. I would recommend these outstanding, professional dentists and assistants at Cromer and Cairns to everyone......Gerry Berkheimer-Vero Beach
By: ruthiemaryanne
Palm Tree Dental Center
They got me in on a saturday, i did noteven know what dental insurance i had and the ladies at the front researched it for me and discussed my benefits with me. I cam in without an appointment, waited less than 10 minutes. The nurse spoke with me about why i came in and then the doctor discussed different option i could do for the tooth and the pros and cons financially. i felt a little anxious after i decided to have an extraction but the nurse stayed with me, i blinked, and then the tooth was out. i have tosay they were efficient, proffesional, and pleasant. I have found my new dentist!
By: gail722
Banyan Dental
I broke a tooth. I had a coupon for a "free evaluation" at another office. I went to that office only for them to give me a ridiculous price to correct the problem. I went to Dr. Thomas and this man is the best dentist I've had, by far! Two previous dentists wanted to "root canal" this tooth. Dr. Thomas' evaluation was that the root on this tooth was first of all crooked and secondly had a hairline fracture and a root canal would not hold for more than a year. He pulled it, capped it and I'm a happy camper.
By: barbarah123
Palm Tree Dental Center
I had a complicate and very painful emergency and it was Saturday morning! Luckily Palm Tree Dental is open on Saturday and they saw me right away! Check-in was easy and the staff made me feel comfortable right away. Dr. Fox not only found the reason for my problem but was able to get me out of pain immediately! Instead of a weekend in terrible pain, the wonderful staff at Palm Tree Dental helped me to fix my tooth - thank you all !!!I would highly recommend this dental office to anybody!Barbara
By: pontoon28
Palm Tree Dental Center
I have been a patient at Palm Tree Dental for almost 10 years. The staff are professional, polite and concerned for the comfort of patients. Appointments have always been made to fit my schedule. Most importantly, my goal of retaining almost all of my original teeth, has been achieved. I think this is rather unusual at age 84 plus. In addition the feedback obtained from friends I have recommended has been favorable as well.
By: robert.goodfliesh
Root Dental
Do make Dr. Root your first choice. While technically competent, he has poor diagnostic, communication and medical skills,For example, his recommendation that 3 teeth be extracted was overruled by other dentists including a periodontist and endodontist. He insists on premedication with antibiotics where recent studies say it is not beneficial.He caused my wife significant pain during a bridge insertion.You can do better.
By: danieljoseph79
Palm Tree Dental Center
They put me at ease. My wife made an appointment for me against my wishes as I HATE going to the dentist. They went above and beyond to make me comfortable. They gave me several options such as laughing gas, but I found I didn't need anything once I met the Doctors and staff. It was a relaxing atmosphere, and the appointment was quick. Going to the Dentist doesn't have to be bad, just so you know.
Tips & Advices
  • Pick Your Plan: Most people purchase three main varieties, usually through their employers.
    • An indemnity or fee-for-service plan means you'll have to pay for annual deductibles and co-insurance payments out of pocket.
    • A preferred provider organization is less costly, and you choose from a network of dentists. However, PPOs have some limitations and accompanying deductibles.
    • A dental health maintenance organization plan limits you to just a few choices of dentists, and one doctor handles all of your oral care needs. However, these HMO are usually much less costly.
  • PPO plans and dental HMOs work with only a select number of doctors. While that usually means fewer costs, it also means you have less choice in the dentist who can treat you Before purchasing the plan, you'll receive a list of dentists in each network. From there, you can then pick a plan with doctors who meet your standards and requirements.
  • When picking a plan, you need to look at just how much you'll pay for each and every service. For instance, some plans won't cover your fillings or X-rays, while others may charge more or less for a crown or tooth extraction. You don't want to be caught off-guard by unforeseen charges.
  • If you're truly comfortable with a dentist and you feel he or she can be an ally in your ongoing oral care regimen, then consider signing a plan to just keep that dentist available. That means potentially deal with costs and other insurance-related factors that you might have wanted to. If need be, you might be able to work with the dentist's office to address some of the plan-specific concerns.
  • Ask family, friends or colleagues for recommendations. They will be able to provide details about a dentist's demeanor, operating style and approach to patient care
  • Meet with any prospective dentists to ask about what treatments they perform most often, procedures they're not as familiar with, what accreditation they have or any organizations they belong to and how their offices handles insurance and payments.
  • Consider driving distance, location and office hours.
  • Check With Your State Board: The state board can outline what requirements your dentist must meet and offer information about any discrepancies in the their background and if he or she has faced any disciplinary actions.
  • Remember Your Angles - When brushing your teeth, always place the brush at a 45-degree angle..
  • Don't Forget the Tongue – Your tongue is the largest source of bacteria. Brush it front to back and don't forget the sides.
  • Floss Everyday - Each time you floss, have at least 18 inches of floss available. For optimal control, hold the floss between your thumbs and forefingers.
  • Watch What You Eat - Sugar, alcohol and coffee contain phosphorus. While some can prove beneficial, too much of this chemical can eat away at your teeth and gums.
  • Keep in Mind the Mouthwash - Mouthwash can be helpful if used to supplement proper brushing and flossing. Most mouthwash brands contain chlorine dioxide, a chemical that targets the majority of oral bacterial strains.
Yellow teeth are the result of a number of bad habits, mainly smoking, drinking too much coffee and improper nutrition. Many dentists will treat with a whitening procedure.
These painful bumps are the result of irritation to the soft tissue of your mouth. These sores can make brushing almost impossible. There are a number of different causes for sores, including anemia or a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Your doctor will have to examine the bump, find its cause and then develop a specific treatment plan, including the use of corticosteroids to reduce inflammation or antimicrobial mouthwash.

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