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By: robertaguilar
Family Chiropractic
I've been going to chiropractors since I was 12 for severe migraines. Even though they have helped me sometimes going to one doesn't make sense when you're body is hurting and out of alignment. Cracking, popping and twisting just doesn't make any sense if you're in pain. That is what I love about Dr. Dominique Manasson who is a Non-force Chiropractor in Ventura, Ca.Her technique is painless when re-aligning your body. It's very interesting how she can properly align your body with gentle thumb thrust. I also feel I'm really getting my moneys worth because she spends about 30 minutes with me compared to a regular chiropractor which takes about 5 minutes of cracking and twisting.It was an easy decision choosing her because she used to be a regular chiropractor so it shows that she is evolving and staying up to date with newer and better techniques.I highly recommend her if you're looking to feel better.
By: Louis J.
Ventura Family Chiropractic
Going to Dr. Adam was one of the best things I could have done for myself in the last 5 years! My sister and I initially got his info from a friend of hers and found this office. We immediately got appointments for the next day and both went to see him. Not only is Dr. Adam incredible at what he does, but he also cares. You know just by the way he treats you and talks to you that he doesn't do this for the money, but because he really truly cares about helping people, which is equally reflected in his prices! I have gone back multiple times since, each time he has fixed exactly what I have needed help with. I will forever and always be grateful for Dr. Adam and the way he has made going to the chiropractor a regular thing, not just a once a year treat!
By: davidmillerstar
Pure Chiropratic
When I came to Pure Chiropractic in September 2012, I was hoping that the doctor could relievie the pain I was feeling in my neck. I injured myself in a fall and I could barely turn my head and I had a stabbing pain that was quite unbearable. Dr. Dhillon was able to not only rid me of the pain, but my neck feels great! I have gotten back full range of motion.Once the pain from the injury was gone, I started to notice other changes that I wasn’t aware of before. I had stiffness in my shoulders that wouldn’t go away; Dr. Dhillon was able to release the nerves in my spine that had been causing me so much discomfort.I continue chiropractic care because I believe that it is an important past of maintaining my health and not just relieving my pain.
By: Debbie R.
Pure Chiropratic
I have been a patient of Dr. Syd's for about 2 years now. I was suffering from migraines that became so bad I ended up in ER seeking relief. At this point I was given a shot which did help temporarily but didn't keep the migraines from coming back. I started seeing Dr. Syd and after just a few visits the migraines were gone! I see him regularly and will continue to do so. I had almost forgotten what it was like to enjoy everyday life. What a difference a great chiropractor makes. His office staff is always friendly and their patient's are known on a first name basis. Thank you Dr. Syd for running a "family feel" practice.
By: sobhan32
Ventura Family Chiropractic
Dr. McKillican is a true professional in his field and because he believes in his work he will always be a healer, without the use of “Medicines”, but with the healing properties he has learned performing chiropractic principals with his patients. His medicine is his love for his work and his belief that the body has the ability to heal itself, this being the best healing prescription I’ve ever been prescribed. A true quality that would benefit the traditional world of western medicine!
By: davidwilsonpro
Ventura Family Chiropractic
Ventura Family Chiropractic is the best chiropractic experience I have ever had. I used to have back pain because of the job I had and I could not take the pain any longer. I went in for my visit and immediately felt welcomed. I could not remember a nicer office I had been ever been to before. The entire staff was so warm and welcoming and really made me feel very welcome. I got a gentle spine adjustment that helped make my back feel much better than before.
By: robertsanders9
Pure Chiropratic
I was referred here by my cousin and couldn’t be any happier. Dr. Syd was able to help me with so many health problems as well as getting my allergies correct. It’s unbelievable how quick a chiropractic adjustment can make pain to go away.    His practice is very patient based and tailors your course of treatment in a relaxing environment. I highly recommend Dr. Syd to everyone I know or anyone seeking a healthy and happy life.
By: diazusofia
Pure Chiropratic
Before I felt depressed a lot due to pain and headaches but since I came here I feel like there’s hope without taking pain pills.Now I don’t have to take pain meds as often as well as my headache meds. I want to thank you for being so kind and caring the whole staff here is great. I love walking through the door and can’t wait to come back!
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By: Betsy H.
Cash Chiropractic Care
Dr. Leah has helped me so much. She has a gentle touch when I was in severe spasms. She took care of my knees up to my hips and neck. She adjusted my ribs back into place so I can now breathe with ease. I was so out that she took extra time to also level my pelvis so I can walk without pain. I would recommend Dr. Leah to anyone.
By: niksonpam
Pure Chiropratic
My husband and I have been coming to Pure Chiropractic for a little over a year. We work construction type jobs which create lots of stress on the back. Since coming in to see Dr. Syd we are not as tight and have had more flexibility. We feel better and it is easier to do everyday activities better.

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