By: ab1975
Mimi's Cafe
Basic, you cannot be excited nor dissapointed either. The chain in general needs some ""facelift" I used to go to the one in Valencia when I used to live there it was very good. Somehow they need to bring "something" on the table to follow the competition, newer restaurants offer more choices on the manue and fresher look. Staff is nice, this is why I gave it 4 stars, I would give it 3.5 stars if I could. Nice place for lunch, fair for dinner.
By: nick.a.
Andria's Seafood Restaurant & Market
This is a reference restaurant for the area. In front of the ocean, hard to find. Fried calamari, perfect. Their soup too heavy, my stomach had to wrestle the soup. They need to hire more crew to clean after the tables, the place is very very busy, so the budget for it should be there. Their prices are a bit high, but well, you eat by the ocean. Otherwise, go to a local Mac Donald's and look at the parking lot while you eat your processed animal.
By: nick.a.
Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery
The way a burger supposed to be. I read a year ago they were facing buncruptcy (of course I am talking about the main corporate office). Same time, Mac Donald's was doing very good. Shame. People do not want to spend $4-$5 more to get something descent and they feed themselves rabish instead. I am not saying Marie Callendar's is perfect, but for what you pay you got top stuff.
By: ss8686
Mimi's Cafe
Basic chain restaurant. Nothing is great just fair. No one was at the host table when we came in and it took awhile before they acknowledged our party. Tried the spicy bloody mary it tasted good but needed more vodka. Not the best and not the worst.
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By: Sue T.
Andria's Seafood Restaurant & Market
This place came highly recommended.... Basically the food we ordered was awful, fish and chips was supposed to be famous?... Dining room was noisy and crowded... Do yourself a favor, Skip it!
By: wakelandjerome
Cappelletti Tratoria
Great place for a dinner out or a night out. My friends and I always make sure that we dine here every now and then, this place became our favorite place for a bite.
By: Lex S.
Pete's Breakfast House
I love this place. Great selection of breakfast and lunch food. This restaurant was on food network's show dinners drive ins and dives.
By: slyfoxsherri
Mimi's Cafe
Staff is very nice. Food was great

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