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By: Shasta J.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
I have three grandchildren. All three of them have or are still attending Children R Us. And so is my 2 year old nephew. I love this place!!! I love the staff!!! Best of all, I love what my grandchildren have learned. All of them have learned so much from this school. This school has taught them some Spanish; the solar system; respect; manners; potty training. I can go on and on about what each of them have learned; and they enjoy doing so. At first, I was a little nervous about the bar next door. In the last five years they have been attending, there hasn't been one single problem. I wish they were able to attend this school until they graduate high school. Thank you so very much to each and every single one of you who have helped raised my grandchild and taught them so much!!! THANKS!
By: Tamika S.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
Children R Us (CRU, Ventura) has proven to be the best school that two working parents could have asked for. They're commitment to education is unparalleled. Mr. and Mrs. Tarver strive to teach my two sons the importance of values, such as INTEGRITY, RESPECT, COMPASSION, INDEPENDENCE, and the significance of TEAM WORK. Thanks to CRU, my 5 year old son has surpassed the requirements for first grade and my two year old can speak fluidly and is able expresses himself like no other two year old I have ever encountered. Because of the confidence I have in CRU, I have become a self-appointed ambassador and recommended them to people I encounter on a day-to-day basis. I will always be grateful to CRU for all that they have done for my sons, now and in the future.
By: Von M.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
My 5 year old daughter is going to this school for last 2 years since we moved in the area from Michigan. There is no word to describle the excellence of this program. My child learned discipline and routine work.Their approach to teach reading and writing was very appropriate to her age. She was engaged with the homework and always willing to complete them in time. Teachers were very patient and kind to all the students.She learned lot of new things she didn't know before.We were always informed about what's going on in the school. This school is second to none , when it comes for a choice to be selected as a kid's environment for learning. This is an amazing program!!
By: Blanch C.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
We have experience from private nanny to expensive day care center, Children R Us is the final pick for our two boys. My older one went there since he was 3 years old all the way to Kindergarten. He is now in 2nd grade. His current teacher said that he is a dream student and his reading is at 6 grade level! I credit this to CRU because of their dedication to the kids and to the education! My younger son is there now since he is 18 months old too. We love this school and have recommended it to many of our friends. We really felt lucky that we have found this little school. If you want to build a good foundation for your kids, you must give this school a try!
By: Joy Q.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
My daughter Isabella has attended this school since she was 18 months old. She will soon be completing Kindergarten. She has learned and blossomed so much. Not only has she excelled academically but also in her values and self expectations. I have the piece of mind that she is in a safe environment while she is there and always learning something positive that will build her a strong foundation. She loves everyone of the staff members and has been supported emotionally during difficult times. Thank you Children R Us for being such an important part of my daughters life and thank you for having a fabulous staff!
By: Jax B.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
my son goes to this school currently and he loves it... im really happy with everything he has learned in this school. i brought my son to this school when he was 3yrs old. he didnt know how to talk or anything i couldnt understand him i use to take him to therapy classes because he just didnt know how to talk. he is now almost 5yrs old and he knows how to talk he can count 1-50 english and spanish he knows his abc's spanish and english he knows his colors and he can sing and they teached him manners too and to be polite and of course to share with others. im amazed in everything he has learned. thank you !!!
By: Daisy J.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
Children R Us is amazing. Because of the great start they gave my daughter she is now in Kindergarten and reading at a second grade level. I am currently discussing with her teachers the possibility of having her skip 1st grade. Her current teacher has nothing but praise for the foundation she received from Children R Us and says all the time how she wishes that all her students could have such a great start. The staff is amazing and so caring. I wish I could transport them all to where we currently live so that my son could be a part of their amazing program.
By: Velma B.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
I have 2 children that have attended this school. 1 attended for 3.5 years and is not in public skills, in the GATE program for gifted children, role model student award 2 years in a row and in the accelerated reading program. Now my 2nd child is attending there and is following his foot steps. The teach not only academics, but manners and leadership also. My children enjoy it and as a mother I am at peace when I leave to work knowing my kids are in the best hands. I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants the best for their child.
By: Sammi J.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
My granddaughter was 18 months old when she started attending Children R Us. She attended full time through completion of Mr. & Mrs. Tarver's Kindergarten program. She is now in the 4th grade and is back at Children R Us for after school care. We could not be happier with the Tarvers and their comprehensive program. Our family attributes my granddaughter's love of reading and advanced reading level to the solid academic foundation provided by the Tarvers and their loving, devoted Staff.
By: Lorna S.
Children R Us Child Development CNTR Inc
I'm proud to say, as a parent, that my son has achieved a great quality education from attending your wonderful school program. He has exelled tremendously in so many areas of his higher education. Also he's very positive, has a great memory and his leadership skills are very outstanding due to your school program. Thank you! I highly recommend this school institution to all parents for a higher learning education for their child's needs

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