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By: Rudy S.
Habitat for Humanity
I shop the store on Ogden Road for used building supplies mostly and usually just wait for the half-price sales, which usually end up being a bargain! As far as I was told, they price many used items at half the store prices when in new condition, thus at 50% off days you pay about 25% of store prices, again, a bargain! As far as the review below about Mr. Chancy Bolo, I have had quite a few occasions dealing with this gentleman, and he is just that, a gentleman! He is professional, polite, and you can talk to him. I've never seen him in anything but a good mood and going out of his way to help customers. As far as someone calling him a "racist", that is pure rubbish. I wrote this review mainly because i was upset seeing Mr. Chancy Bolo be slandered by a previous post. There's one in every crowd!
By: sue.taylor.77964201
Bay Indies
If I were to describe one word for my Mother’s experience here at Bay Indies it would be (horrific). From the day she moved in nothing has been right. Most that was promised when she got here was not done. From electric wires hanging out of walls, windows not working, needed new blinds, no microwave over stove as promised by Barb, sink holes in yard, at least 4 receptacles didn’t work, water leak in Florida room, floor decayed and falling in. Many leaks in master bedroom, shop light above sink in kitchen mounted facing at you and was blinding, railing was loose, exhaust fans did not work in bathroom. Mold grew on master bedroom ceiling and after contacting Bay indies about it and my mom feeling sick for a while they finally sent someone out. They closed off bedroom and removed the mold. When we mentioned windows did not function properly their solution was to screw windows shut permanently. This is just the beginning of an ongoing nightmare. Now we have added rats to the scenario. When we first saw rat droppings in linen closet, the then manager Steve said to keep an eye on it and if it got worse or continued to let him know because extermination fees are expensive. After things being moved and knocked over in the trailer, and candy missing from candy bowl on table. We asked bug guys who come out to spray what they thought. They looked around and picked up couch and saw animal droppings and said we had a rodent. They set small trap under couch because she has a small dog that was all they could do. Two days later there was a rat in trap under couch. I contacted Bay Indies and told them about it. Nothing happened so after 5 days I contacted my attorney and he said to take a letter to office stating she felt the place was uninhabitable. An exterminator was there that day. The exterminator came once a day for a week and then once a week per month. After going home for personal business we returned to trailer. After a couple days we noticed things in the house being moved and pet food on couch. Our dog cannot get on couch. We went outside and looked around trailer and found a hole dug underneath the trailer. I called Bay Indies and Michelle said she would contact the exterminator and he would be out. I asked if he would be out today and she said she couldn't promise that. I stearnly said that someone needed to come today because i was not going to spend the night with rats. She then assured me he would be out today. We waited and no one came. She told a flat out lie just to get me off the phone. My mom’s rent was raised $25 a month. I wonder if that is because of her new tenant, the RAT!! I am so disgusted as i do not trust this place to look after my mom’s well being!! A couple months ago her phone didn't work only to find wire was cut. Venice police confirmed it was cut. Many people have keys to these trailers in this park. This is a 55 and over community and it saddens me that senior citizens could be put in the same situation as my mother. I contacted Equity Lifestyle Property management in Chicago, this is who owns Bay Indies only to be told to leave a message with customer service. Who never returned my call. Please if you are considering buying or renting here, reconsider!
By: josiew
Habitat for Humanity
The Venice FL Habitat for Humanity store is fantastic. It is deservedly well known for its selection of furniture and building materials at great prices but it also offers household goods, electronics, appliances, and clothing/shoes/jewelry. And there are daily discount specials. The store is well maintained and well managed. I've read the 2 previous reviews and can honestly say I have never seen nor had any similar kind of incident with negativity from the staff. Use my charge card all the time - no problems. Like a previous reviewer, I too once had a donation turned away - but they explained that they knew the item wouldn't sell in its condition and they pay tremendous dump fees because they do take so many "iffy" donations. So what did I do? I put it out on the street the day before garbage collection and someone happily picked it up, put it in their car, and drove away. No donation to a worthy cause, but recycling at its finest. I once saw a good condition Ethan Allen couch sit for months before someone finally bought it for $50 - they need to turn things over faster than that to make any kind of money for their cause, so to me, it's understandable if they sometimes feel they have to turn something away. And 300% markup? No! Please check it out for yourself - it's really a great store!
By: disgruntedbuyer
Habitat for Humanity
I'd say be careful using your credit card in this place!! Theres some shady activity in the ogden road venice store!! The employees price there items off of ebay!!! then say there helping people!! Be careful using debit card in this store!! there prices are a 300% mark up!!
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By: richard.martin.359
Fountain View Villas Clubhouse & Pool
Don't move here!! Ever! The home owners association likes to threaten and abuse it's power along with Argus Management service. They've already forced out 2 families with bogus legal action. It may seem like a nice place to live, but these people will make your life a living hell, all they do is posture and bully the people they don't like in the community!

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