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By: Sdfksndkj S.
Timbers At Towncenter
CONS: NOISE, NOISE, NOISEThese so-called “luxury” apartments have no soundproofing. Noise issues #1: You hear everything in the halls Noise issue #2: And every step of your upstairs neighbor. Not just every step, but the entire apartment literally shakes if they run around up there, which mine seem to do often. You can even hear them cooking in the kitchen and taking a shower.Noise issue #3: The highway is RIGHT NEXT to the apartments. You'll definitely hear it (even with windows closed) and smell it in every room too (don't open the windows). Trucks love to use their air-breaks near this complex for some reason.Noise issue #4: Despite this being a brand new apartment, built about a year ago, the refrigerator and heaters makes loud crackling noises every now and then for some reason.Other problems:The management folks are very nice people but VERY SLOW to respond. You may not hear from them for 2 weeks unless you prompt them again. Oh, and did I mention the CONSTANT power outages? You'll be sitting in the dark when that happens, sometimes for hours. Not the apartment's real fault, but hey, it's all part of being in the area. So you might as well know about it.Also, the amazing people that designed these "luxury" apartments forgot one thing: make sure that the dishwasher door can open all the way and not be irreversibly stopped by the oven on the way down, because it HARD TO LOAD AND UNLOAD ANYTHING WITH A PARTIALLY CLOSED DOOR! Did anyone check that before renting these units? Furthermore, when I moved in the apartment was not thoroughly cleaned by any means. For instance, the washing machine's liquid detergent entry bay was caked in a thick layer of the previous tenant's disgusting goo.Finally, the hot water heater gives you only enough hot water for one person to take an average length shower. If you use the dishwasher or the washing machine the same day, you'll barely have enough for yourself. The hot water heater is also rated at over $500/year, definitely not economical for its size by any means.PROS: Brand new. Clean (other than the stuff they forgot to clean, that is). Nice area nearby the apartments (in terms of being close to stores and a good community). Nice neighbors (no "iffy" folks here).If it wasn't for the constant noise from the neighbors and highway I might've stayed here.
By: Erin E.
Madison Square
These apartments are really small and the walls are paper can hear everything your neighbors do. Cindy is the landlord, though not the owner and she doesn't live on site. She is nice enough when you move in but be prepared for a different story when you move out! a portion of your deposit is non refundable for cleaning...normal enough...but they don't apply that to the actual cleaning...they charge extra for things like the drip pans on your stove...we are talking $40 to replace those...I've never lived somewhere where that isn't covered by the non refundable cleaning portion...if you question anything Cindy will become rude and hang up on you. I have a friend who also lived there and had similar experiences...even went so far as to leave a nasty voicemail and then forgot to disconnect and went on for 5 minutes bad mouthing him and how she was going to charge him extra on his move out inspection. Stay away...if it wasn't for her I would give more stars...other than the thin walls they are clean...but small small living rooms
By: lexie.alexander.714
Heatherwood Apartments
its not the best we live here right now an r upstairs peopel who live there r so loud we tell the manger and the ast manger an they really dont do anything we lived here before and we loved it but not reallly so much

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