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By: Tessra P.
The Management Group, Inc.
Dave with the maintenance department of TMG came out to fix my water heater and did a great job! He was on time, professional, and friendly.
By: Vincent D.
The Management Group, Inc.
This Company acts unilaterally at ones peril financially, omits facts, misrepresents facts and its employees perpetuate the acts that are in error. There actions are grounds for civil action and possibly criminal action. Go to WA State and Oregon attorney general and federal authorities to open an investigation file. These are incompetent self serving people.
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By: Matt C.
Rj Property Management
Worst management company in Clark county! Judy is rude as can be. They sneak fees in without home owners knowledge. I am posting reviews everywhere to warn people. Contacted my lawyer and next to the local news channels and the Columbia paper.
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By: Lindsay J.
Northwest Management Exclusive
Besides flushing 60K of rent payment over 4 years I would highly suggest you find a more professional management company. As renters, the place was well cared for, and any and all damages , concerns, repairs were always reported immediately. When we gave ample notice and left the place in better condition than was received, we received a laundry list of charges for damages that already existed. Moreover, the management company collected to close out utilities -These companies would never disclose information to a third party. When we called for a repair of appliances purchased in 1996- we were blamed before they even cared to send someone out-WEEKS LATER. ITS 2017 time to buy some new appliances! We had a fence down FOR OVER A MONTH with nails broken boards and were ignored. We have a small child and pets and neighbors with the same, so besides being a hazard, it was also a privacy issue. Another issue we had was with the water hose when they finally arrived to repair this- (2 months and 6 REQUESTS later) they cut and left a huge hole in the wall in the closet.Another repair was with the kitchen sink- they replaced it and again tried to blame us that we caused the damage. Oh and as a bonus they dumped the faucet in the front yard. Th also found it necessary to constantly hound us about the yard and the weeds. One, if you do a search on google maps, you will clearly see that the yard before was a pile of dirt with a few sprigs of yellow and brown something resembling grass and 5 BILLION dandelions and various other weeds. Overall the staff was rude, mostly unresponsive, condescending, and unprofessional. We left the home cleaner and improved condition. As someone in the mortgage industry, I have seen what renters and even homeowners are capable of. Believe me, I have seen the appraisals. We paid our rent on time, were quiet, and rarely bothered the management company- If you have to rent, get an apartment!
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By: Glenn F.
The Management Group, Inc.
Everytime we call for help they send us to someone else to speak with usually Kathy she never answers the phone and we leave messages and she never calls back that's all they do is lie and scam you to get the highest dollar they can they took over while we were living here we went from please to upset so beware
By: Melissa H.
The Management Group, Inc.
RENTERS beware!! This business cares about nothing but how much they can scam you for! Their service call windows have a 9.5 hour eta! Even if you have a valid reason to be present, they will not provide a shorter eta window. NOPE, they just waste your entire day! Choose to speak to someone other than Lynn from the Vancouver office, she will hang up on you!!If you have a leak (yes, water) they take over a month for a service call that you still have to wait a 9.5 hour eta for!There is nothing positivery to say about renting through tmg.
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By: Donna B.
Prime Property Management
Please please do not rent from this company. I signed a 12 month lease then after they found out I had a service animal in which they were not happy about as they wanted no pets they went and electronically changed my lease to a month to month and gave me 20 days no cause to vacate after being there a month. I called after being in my unit 2 days as the building behind me was dealing drugs in my back yard and I asked if I could pay to have a fence built they denied it and sent girls from the office to inspect my unit just about every day and would accuse me of doing things when I wasnt even home at the time but at work. This company is sleezy and the management could careless about u. Nice to ur face but screw you over once ur lease is signed. Run away please.
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By: Donna B.
G & G Property Management Inc
Property we looked at was run down among other things. We called several times about a property and knowone called us back. Then during business hour went to the office and knowone was their, said they would be back at 3pm per door note and knowone showed by that time. The property we were interested in has been listed for almost 2 months so obviously that says something. We won't be doing business nor will my friends or family as I have informed them of the issues.
By: Tilly J.
Northwest Management Exclusive
DO NOT employ this company, ever! They were referred to us by someone we trusted but we got screwed big time. Our home was trashed and we had to spend thousands of dollars to get it repaired. There was very little managing of our property going on and we were shocked to see how much the tenants were allowed to trash the property. When we asked to see the move-out check sheet nothing was produced. There was 48 holes found in a bedroom wall and 53 in the dining room - this was the tip of the iceberg. We could never understand their accounting system - and were even going to be charged to pay for the damage the tenants did. Stay away!
By: Karate C.
Realvest Corp
they r very kind and helpful plus knowledegable about pretty much any thing you need there help with they are always on time with appointments and also have a big smile on there faces
Tips & Advices
Private investigators do not officially have to guarantee confidentiality within the same stringent set of regulations that govern attorney-client confidentiality. Most good PIs will not only have an explicit clause in their written material guaranteeing they’ll keep private information secure, but will have references to corroborate that they’ve done this in their previous assignments.
Private investigators primarily do background checks, perform surveillance (most often to corroborate infidelity suspicions), and gather evidence for civil investigations. They also do research on missing persons cases and domestic/family issues. Some private investigators have niche industry specialties such as process serving and insurance fraud investigation. Then there are corporate specialists who investigate potential business partners and employees. One primary function of private investigators for corporations is to implement other strategic security measures in the workplace, an offshoot of which is the “bug sweep.”  It’s illegal for a private investigator to plant “bugs,” i.e., hidden listening/monitoring devices including wiretaps, but it’s not illegal for them to remove them from the premises where they were planted.
Some private investigators work with police, and with the court system--some highly respected and experienced private investigators even assist state and federal law enforcement. PIs are called upon to support a broad range of functions, including search and surveillance, securing evidence, and giving testimony.
A private investigator cannot wiretap phone lines without consent from at least one of the people who will be having the phone conversation--and in 12 states, a phone conversation cannot be recorded without all participants consenting in advance. Exact laws vary by state, however, a private investigator can legally sweep for hidden audio recording devices and get rid of them.
The limitations to which private investigators are subject depend on the state, but for the most part across all states, private investigators cannot pretend to be members of law enforcement, can’t use illegal methods in the course of their investigations, can’t trespass in a home or business, and can’t place a listening or tracking device without at least the primary party’s consent. In some states, they can wiretap phones if one party is aware, and, likewise, with recording conversations. They also can’t hack people’s emails or private online accounts. Nor can they collect private protected data on their subject without a subpoena. They can only put a GPS tracking device on a car if the owner of the vehicle approves it.

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